What is The Legend of Zelda About?

ZI: Among the most essential elements of the Legend of Zelda seems to be the past. Almost every game in the franchise has some aspect of the game grounded in the past, some even more so than the present. Events prefiguring those of the game are constantly emphasized more than the storyline they presage. There are some exceptions to this trend, but they are the games like the original Legend of Zelda or the Oracle games (individually, of course), where little happens story-wise, anyway.

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TheLyonKing2010d ago

Gametrailers timeline is better at explaining.

claud32010d ago

The hyrule histroy book is far better

Ilovetheps42009d ago

I didn't really like that explanation. I have been a huge Zelda fan for a long time. I bought Hyrule Historia the first day it came out. It did an amazing job of describing the games and gave some great background to some of the games. This article though, just didn't really work for me.

BullyMangler2009d ago

Ive noticed The Legend of Zelda series following the footsteps of those who controll the power of mother earth .the illuminatti.

The master sword gots a residual consciousness, which is a HINT of soul in a body metaphor. also courage is deemed necessary for a healthy advancement of the human species. and with wisdom comes power . zelda hence GanondorF
the tri-force seen in the Legend of Zelda and it's holy triangular shape seen in the masonry tunnels of agalath?? .

and the collection of mirrors like in a link to the past ? =

Here is a Ritual performed by THME that they don't want you to know about having t do EVERYTING WITH KIDDY ZELDA . for the invocation of the “Beings Without Human Head” - that is, the Oannes and the “Fish-headed Ones” from Sirius. The legend of Zelda and its witches, different REalms and Keepers.

From just a teenie kiddy game to this actual ritual of how to summon "THEM"

Holding a black mirror so as to catch the Light of the Sirius Star System at its rising.

To Invoke the Stellar Beings, form around yourself the circle of protection, assume the Dragon Asana, gaze at the Image of Sirius in your mirror, and say:

I call thee, the one without human head, that did appear upon Earth from the heavens, that did come by day and go by night, that came in the light and disappeared into the depths of darkness.

You are an Adept of Kawi, the bornless, from the Knowledge Star whom no human hath seen before you arrived; you are the Fish Joshua, called John, called by the sacred word “Kazik”.

Listen to me!

and make all Beings subject unto me, so that every such Being of the sky and from beyond this dimension and beneath the surface of this Earth, on dry land and in the Water, of Whirling Air and of Rushing Fire, and every spell and scourge of that Vast, Active, Living Intelligence System may be obedient unto me.


Listen to me!

I am your Prophet in this time and space. Come in the Power of the Light of the Sacred Star, as now I behold it! Come in the Wisdom of the Stars; Come in the Benevolence of your Presence! The Light comes to me with healing in its wings.

May this serve the Greater good, let the influence of your Celestial Companions descend unto my head, and teach me the value of Teaching the Wisdom as you have taught our ancestors, in such a way that I shrink not in the hour of testing, but that my name may be written among the stars, and that my wisdom may stand in the presence of the Great Adepts, in that hour when the Sun of humankind is manifest before the Gods of Sirius, and their names shall be known as in the most ancient times.

Out of the darkness, let that Light arise. Before I was blind, but now I see. I am the Dweller in the Invisible, the Reconciler with the Inefiable. Let the blue white brilliance of the Celestial Beings Descend!

[The Oannes appears.]

I am he, the Being without Human Head, having sight and feet, Strength, and the Fire of Immortality from the very Stars! I am he, the Truth. I am he who loathes that ignorance and disaster shall be wrought in your world. I come with roaring and flashing, showering down my light upon this Earth. I am he whose mouth seems to shoot forth flames, the Giver and Shaper of the Light of Star Knowledge. I am that grace which descends from the Heavens unto your World. The Heart Girt with a Serpent is my Name.

tweet752009d ago

a hero sets out to rescue a princess from a great evil.

The first zelda set the tone. The greatness of zelda is the gameplay going through the overworld finding exploring the dungeons finding the special items and use them where they are needed to advance.

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