Complements Through Competition: The Relationship Between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft

Its amusing that the fans draw divides between the three companies far more than Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo actually do. It is the fans that say Nintendo is all about gimmicks for the kids and it is the fans who say XBox and Playstation are all about the graphics for guys. In reality, all three companies target all audiences.

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Chaostar1951d ago

I love the analogy of Metallica and Justin Bieber fans :D I have to admit that I have and would still say Justin Bieber produces crap music. I'm a big metal fan...


...but I have respect for many different kinds of music. This is where it differs from consoles, I hate Justin Bieber because I niether respect him as a musician nor can I tolerate his mindless 12 year old fans. With consoles though I have respect for what each company is trying to achieve and there are good games on every platform.

That said it's all down to personal taste really, if I were as disgusted by something Sony/MS/Ninty were doing as I am with Bieber I might end up disliking/hating them and that would come across in my opinions. It's when you let the things you hate about a console/musician cloud the facts and disregard the good things that you become a fanboy/girl.

sarshelyam1951d ago

Get off here with your logic...and reason...and...sense making.

Seriously though, you summed it up perfectly.

Knight_Crawler1951d ago

My wallet is happy that we have 3 big players in the gaming industry.

Here is hoping that all 3 have good sales next gen and we can see them for another gen after the one that is coming.

Competition is good for us gamers so all you trolls wishing death on either of the 3 can think about how much you would be paying for gaming if only MS or Sony were around.

MikeMyers1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I'm not disgusted with Bieber because I am not a 12 year old girl. That market does not pertain to me. Game systems are different but also the same because each of the big 3 bring much more familiar games. Plus they too want to capture a larger audience. Nintendo may have a different approach to hardware and it's own games than Microsoft and Sony but the core remains. The Wii may have been a bit of an oddity because it was really trying to be drastically different from the other two but now they seem to be going after more of the same market. Each of the big 3 also have games that are synonymous to Biebers type of music. Just Dance, Singstar, Dance Central, Wonderbook, are just a few trying to tap into other gamers out there.

I just find it totally hilarious how the Sony fanboys and Xbox fanboys act with one another. They are the ones who make all of us look bad because they look for any little discrepancy between the two companies and make them larger than life. The reason why it's so heated is because they are more alike then they are different. So those fanboys feel threatened. Is there really much difference between playing Killzone than Halo? Not really. They attract the same type of gamer but they are on opposing platforms so the loyalist will make it seem like the two camps are from different worlds. call of Duty is the prefect example of how similar the two systems and owners truly are. They play awfully familiar and look awfully familiar and it's the #1 franchise on both systems.

Now Nintendo is trying to capture those gamers and appeal to those same gamers on the Wii U. They want to show that they too can have the same online experience and the same gameplay and looks. Yes they may fall behind on a technical level once the PS4 and Xbox 720 comes out but the actual gameplay may be the same.

TheLyonKing1951d ago

Believe it or not that despite their rivalry they do help one another.

sarshelyam1951d ago

I wonder how much Microsoft would be helping Sony if every Durango sold truly does have Blu-Ray hardware inside of it, and every game is on a Blu-Ray disc.

Almost as funny thinking that Sony owns one of the largest BD replication lines, meaning that Microsoft could potentially be paying Sony to master and replicate their Durango software... much love going into this generation! <3

1951d ago
sarshelyam1951d ago

...which is more than they get with the sales of current Xbox 360 and its software.

I don't care about percentages, but I can still find the humor that Microsoft would be lining their pockets, even if it's pennies on the dollar!

SlapHappyJesus1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Innovation through competition is the only thing that keeps companies on their toes and, at least to a point, catering to their fans.

Zha1tan1951d ago

Fanboys just make a competition out of everything because they have this obnoxious belief that the thing they purchased was the the best and people will defend their purchases to the death.

Nobody likes being told money was not well spent.