Three Reasons Why Sony Exclusives Don’t Sell Well

JakeJames of writes: Many of the titles on Sony’s PlayStation platform are considered by some to be games with the best quality offered in the industry. They are viewed as games that set the bar for other studios in the areas of quality content, innovation, and experience. Yet despite the great quality that many of Sony’s exclusive titles provide, they don’t always sell well after release. This is mostly due to forces outside of the control of developers that create many of the games every PlayStation fan loves.

A poor combination of bad marketing, neglect, and lack of focus are responsible for many PlayStation exclusive games under-performing in sales and ultimately becoming less than stellar releases. These are the reasons why Sony exclusive titles have not reached their full potential in recent times and why things need to improve in the next generation of gaming.

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dangert121797d ago

one thing ive noticed, is sony games are highly skill orientated, ratchet and clank is quiet a hard game (on the harder settings) killzone,socom.MAG are not noob friendly etc

BanBrother1797d ago

Well, I agree with the last 3, but Ratchet and Clank has always been easy. My little brother was like 8 when he had them on PS2, and he could beat them no sweat, so could I ( altough I was older....).

Gears Of War is like Killzone (2) online. Very skill based, so is Halo. Don't know why you mentioned the skill part as this is about sales but oh well...

dangert121797d ago

Because it's easier to learn halo and gears, then it is to learn socom,kz2, not saying its easier to become good at them but easier to start doing reasonably well at.

Tonester9251797d ago

The first time I played Halo I dominated. Halo 3. The first time I played Killzone 2 online I got dog walked man handled destoyed.

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AngelicIceDiamond1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I think it has to do with the competitive gaming market between Sony, MS and 3rd party. 3rd party play the major part of whats "hot" in gaming as well.

This market is filled with shooters and racers and casual up pick and play games. COD, NeedforSpeed BF3, Just dance. Games like those are hot sellers in their genres.

MS just so happens to have GOW, Halo, and Forza. Those games right their speak to the "regular" hardcore gamer. GT6 will always be a hit seller, its one of the original racers to ever release.

Out of COD, Killzone, and Halo, Killzone out of those games will get overshadowed due to what the market wants. Killzone will succeed on its own however. But when it comes to that "popular or "hot" shooter out on the market, consumers turn to COD and Halo because its "Familiar". I know, its ridiculous.

GoW shares the action market on its own for the most part, MS has no third person action titles besides Crack Down ( which sold well Btw) Bayonetta, and the upcoming Metal Gear Rising is their only competition.

GoW out of those games, of course GoW takes the cake in the third person action market. Seeing how its a relatively small market anyway.

I could go on but it depends on the individual market and advertisement.

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JBSleek1797d ago

Simple Answer: Marketing

It's suicide to expect a game to sell well when there is close to no marketing or advertising for a game.

Example I could imagine Twisted Metal selling like 5 million if the average consumer knew about it.

Sony should be ashamed fr making cool games and then setting them out to fail outside of their huge titles: Uncharted, GOW, GT.

neoMAXMLC1797d ago

Lol Even Twisted Metal 2 wasn't close to 5 million. The game has a very secific fanbase and will only sell to us... Which is just fine really.

Marketing won't always change anything. Why advertise the crap out of Call of Duty? Microsoft is advertising Surface like crazy but I can't imagine it being very successful.

mcstorm1797d ago

Companys need to advise there products if they are not going for one type of market.

COD is now known by most people but only around 3 million propel on each console will be core gamers and will know about what new games ect are coming out. Nintendo always put big marketing into there big name games like Mario, Mario kart ect as they know its an everyone game and want as many people to buy there products.

Its the same with the surface at the moment. Everyone thing of an iPad when you say tablet but tablets have been around for a very long time. People think of a pc when it comes to windows and not a tablet so Ms now pushing the surface on tv, newspapers, bill boards ect will also make people want to see what it is about and now that shops are starting to get them to people will come across them more and more and you will find people will start to pick them up over a laptop, iPad or android tablet if they are explained right in the shop.

For example I have a surface and since getting one and people have had a play with it in the last month I now know 8 propel who have gone out and got one and these were people looking at an iPad or a Droid tablet for home. I also know a few people who are looking at getting the pro for the business after seeming mine but they had seen it on the tv and wondered what it was.

If something is advised the right way to catch the minds of different people and the product is solid it will sell well.

Cod games are not bad games when all said but it is never the best looking game to but what it offers users is fun and the type of fun that now the mass market pf gamers want.

The core which is most people on this site is now a very small market and we still get our core games like halo, get, forza, mgs ect but these types of games are now big name games and the none core will also pick them up where if you look at some of the best games this gen lbp, kz, Alan wake ect they were not pushed in the Same way as gt, halo, cod ect and because if this the main market did not pick up the game.

Sony are doing well with there new ips in terms of what they offer but I do think some times like with Ps all stars and lbp karting that the core gamers will not pick this type of game up but the none core market would and of they push the games to the none core like Ms did with Kinect sports or Nintendo do with Mario kart that people would take note of these games and we would see better sales of the game.

But that all said Sony having lbp, lbp karting, Ps all stars, kz, uc, gt, mgs and more could help them be strong from the start of next gen as they now cover core and none core with those games and if done right then they could pull people away from Nintendo and Microsoft but Ms are starting to cover this to now so for me I can't wait for next gen but I do think my biggest problem for next gen is going to be on what games I Miss out on not as ill own all 3 home consoles but I think all 3 will offer a strong Line up for core and none core from the off.

DOMination-1797d ago

Lets not also blindly forget another reason: many of them are crap. Metacritic doesn't lie.

gillri1797d ago

Cause Gears And Halo are geared/aimed towards the american crwod where the Xbox sells extremely well

firelogic1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The big sony exclusives sell just as well as the 3 exclusives on xbox, Halo, Gears, and Forza. Just look at the numbers for God of War, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet.

Games like Twisted Metal, Sly 4, Starhawk, Warhawk wouldn't have sold appreciably better had they put crazy marketing dollars behind it. They're all mediocre to merely good games. Sony would be stupid to waste more than they need to in trying to push those titles.

TM is a car combat game. How many car combat games have there been this generation? That's right, because no one wants to play a car combat game.

Starhawk is a sequel to an online only MP game, Warhawk, which is a remake of a PS1 game.

Sly 4. Archaic old school platformer/collect-a-thon. Sony had such little confidence in the title, they sold it for $40.

WeAreLegion1797d ago

I think you're getting disagrees for calling Starhawk, Warhawk, and Twisted Metal "mediocre to good".

Starhawk is one of the best multi-player games of the generation. Warhawk is, as well. The community is just smaller.

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