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Never did we think that so soon after the Wii U's launch, we would see a third party controller release. Not only that, but we would never have imagined that it would combine elements of a Wii Remote, Classic Controller and even a SNES gamepad. Well, Interworks have done it, and we'd say they've done it very well.

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Jadedz2008d ago

I can play Donkey Kong Country Returns with this controller! I wonder how Skyward Sword would work with this (though I enjoy SS's primary method of control).

BullyMangler2007d ago

have u tried SS "Hero Mode" ??

Jadedz2007d ago

Though I heard it's the best way to experience the game.

Shnazzyone2007d ago

WHoa, actually much cooler and useful to me then i thought. Wonder how well this works for homebrew emulators

WiiUsauce2007d ago

this thing is quite terrible actually. I bought one at Gamestop and the d-pad is almost entirely USELESS. it is the most unresponsive d-pad I have ever, in my 19 years of gaming, ever used.
Don't waste your money, it is serious garbage.