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What GTA V Has To Do To Regain Its Open World Crown

Samuel Horti: ''With a the release date just around the corner, the GTA V hype has begun. Here's my tips for the franchise to remain king...'' (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

ApolloTheBoss  +   925d ago
I don't recall GTA ever losing it.
ArmGunar  +   925d ago
Neither do I, GTA V will be awesome and to able to play with 3 characters differents just switching is pretty cool !

I understand the delay the game even if I was pretty sad ^^
xyyyr  +   925d ago
To be completely honest GTA 4 didn't grab me as much as the previous games. A part of me thought Rockstar had lost that quality that made their games stand out. That was until Red Dead Redemption which was fantastic, I am actually much more excited about a sequel to that game compared to GTA 5. My expectations are lower but I think that is a good thing because when the game comes out I will be even more satisfied with the end result, because everybody knows deep down it will be a great game... hopefully!
parkerpeters  +   925d ago
Actually, I would say that while not "losing" the crown, GTA is slipping slowly. GTA IV was quite a disappointment after how great GTA: SA was.

And with games like Saint's Row 3, and Sleeping Dogs, Rockstar has to really step up or GTA could really lose it's spot as number 1.
yess  +   925d ago
Niether do i, but Just Cause 2 gave GTAIV some serious competition.

But again as they each have their different style, i don't see them trying to beat eachother.
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Mr_cheese  +   925d ago
Should say, maintain, not regain.
dboyc310  +   925d ago
It never lost the crown as an open world game. The only thing I ask myself if it will have the same impact that it did before? GTA is a strong series but this Gen multiplayer has been a big component. I'm curious to see who wins this yr in sales COD or GTA. My money is on COD just for the fact that the series is the most selling this generation.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   925d ago
Then you didn't play Red Dead redemption
ApolloTheBoss  +   925d ago
I did play it. Twice in fact. But what you should understand is that GTA IV set the foundation for RDR's great gameplay mechanics. If it wasn't for GTA, RDR wouldn't have existed.
KillrateOmega  +   925d ago
They haven't lost it yet, but they are losing ground. Saints Row and Sleeping Dogs are in a serious position to overtake them.
porkChop  +   925d ago
It's not that they've really "lost" it. It's just that with the Saint's Row series and with Sleeping Dogs, the genre has moved forward quite a lot. Those games do a lot of things better than GTA, or do things that GTA doesn't do at all.

Some examples:
- kickass melee combat (SD)
- coop (SR)
- tight story that doesn't lose its focus (SD)
- customization (SD & SR)
- buying cars (SD & SR 1/2)
- upgrade abilities (SD & SR)
- cars that don't drive like boats (SD)

It would be great if GTA V could take some inspiration from some of these things. I mean, we've seen GTA borrow features from other open world games before. The cop system in GTA IV was ripped straight from Scarface: The World Is Yours (great fuckin game).

But the main point is, a lot of people were disappointed with GTA IV. It was a good game, but it paled in comparison to previous GTA games, and there was a huge reduction in content. Rockstar needs to step up their game and really push themselves. Unlike the PS2 era, they have some serious competition these days. So while they haven't "lost" their crown, it isn't safe/secure either.
claud3  +   925d ago
this article makes no sense
steve30x  +   925d ago
GTA V didnt lost the crown because its not released yet.
ShugaCane  +   925d ago
That was one boring read.
phinch  +   925d ago
all it has to do it release
napalmbrainmusic  +   925d ago
you beat me to it ;)
DigitalSmoke  +   925d ago
GTA never lost it.

These wanabe journalist need to imagine issues to have something to write about.

cleverusername  +   925d ago
Regain from who exactly? GTA4?
juandren  +   925d ago
Rockstar could charge people for a demo and still retain their crown. It's GTA. There is just no comparison to the impact it has on gaming
jaymart2k  +   925d ago
Saints Row 2 >>>GTA 4

Alot of people gave Saints Row 2 praise. GTA 4 not so much. Unless you got paid to give it a perfect score.

I terms of a GTA game goes it was a downgrade from Vice City & San Andreas.
DigitalSmoke  +   925d ago
Saintrows car handeling just put me off.
No physics on anything, the same flat screeching left and right.

They did have some cool things going for it though.
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jaymart2k  +   925d ago
I prefer the car handling in Saint's Row. GTA4 while more realistic was too slow.
maniac76  +   925d ago
Pleeze baby jesus. Can we Eradicate jaggie edges next gen
Tonester925  +   925d ago
"With a the release date just around the corner, the GTA V hype has begun. Here's my tips for the franchise to remain king..."

It says remain in the story.... looking for hits?
giovonni  +   925d ago
GTA need to improve on the small elements in the game, and make it more realistic to life, for example revamp the notoriety system, yes, keep the five star system but make a notoriety system that elevates awareness. For example, Police should be more aware of my notorious actions if I continue to steal cars in certain areas, and I haven't been caught yet. This means more cops patrol the area, and depending on how many times I've been caught in the area automatically gives me a certain amount of stars once I enter the area.

I kill a lot of people in the area steal a lot of cars, and been arrested in certain areas, as soon as I enter 3 stars should pre-fill. However, that doesn't mean I have to start running because cops are after me, it just means we are not as free to do what we want and once we break the law in those areas we become the prime suspect,we can get caught in a high speed chase, or the cops identify where I live and come arrest us at home even when I'm resting. Meaning we'll be constantly on the run. we should also be tailed by cops riding around in stolen vehicles reported.

The same should go for enemies, like the old GTA If I favor a certain gang, the rival should come after me, Traps should be set. I'm not safe at home etc.

To balance it out, you should be able to change your appearance, pay cops off, watch the news for reports surrounding your crimes, steal percent radios to keep track of whats going on.

while still keeping in other elements of classic GTAs
BLAKHOODe  +   925d ago
It just needs to release GTAV. The game could suck and would still sell 5 million copies.
WeAreLegion  +   925d ago
It needs a grappling hook and unlimited parachutes.

It may not make sense with the story, but it DEFINITELY keeps me playing Just Cause 2.
Riderz1337  +   925d ago
LOL, what has GTA done to REGAIN the crown? Who the f*ck stole the crown from GTA in the first place...LOLOL
squarecircle  +   924d ago
GTA 4 is my favourite GTA to date, I just can't even go back to the older games now. The physics in GTA4 allow an unlimited amount of unpredictability, and the only reason why content was lacking; like planes, was because of the Xbox360 and it's DVD's

Now developers have found out how to utilize multiple disks we will see GTA 4's physics with much much more content, I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of a game

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