Pachter: Next-gen consoles & Battlefield 4 will impact next Call of Duty Game Sales

According to analyst Micheal Pachter, the next Call of Duty Game Sales will impact by Battlefield 4 and the next-generation consoles.

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Automatic791796d ago

I like Michael Pachter always seems to have a good comment. I disagree with him on Call of duty. The only way sales can be impacted is if the game gets stale with gamers. Call of duty needs to take a break and come back with an impact in the next generation of systems.

Gildarts1795d ago

cAll of duty will die out nextgen trust me. The next battlefield will outsell The next COD. Mark my words this Gen is CODs last

darthv721794d ago

Next gen is all about the future. What better way to show than with Star Wars Battlefront III.

No offense to CoD and BF fans. I have been patiently waiting on a new SW Battlefront game and it seems like a given to be coming to next gen.

unchartedxplorer1796d ago

That makes sense since in this gen alone BF3 made an influence on cod on consoles and it didn't even run at all well in comparison to pc.
But when BF4 will be running beautifully on next-gen consoles (I hope) with 64 players and huge maps with epic warfare it would pretty much blow anything cod has to offer out of the water.
But COD's death won't be instantly caused by BF4. It will be slow and painful

mcstorm1796d ago

I agree and disagree with you on this. The one thing bf won't have over cod is the speed. Cod games are very fast games in terms of how it playa and this is what alto of cod gamers like. Bf even though for me the game is far better in terms of looking map sizes ect its just to slow in the way it plays for cod fans.

I don't hate cod games I just don't buy it every year and this time round I decided to grab it on the Wiiu and even though its not as good as halo 4 for me its still a fun game to play and modes like gun games is fun as a pickup and play game mode.

To me games like bf are more about skill and the joy of winning where cod is more of a pickup and have a bit of fun without being to serious. Unfortunately the masses of games out there like this over skilled games and for me that is why bf will not kill off cod.

vickers5001796d ago

I have to disagree a little bit with you there. Battlefield 3 has team deathmatch now. Go ahead and play a round of team deathmatch on Norshal canals and tell me it doesn't feel strikingly similar to playing something like cod4.

The gameplay is much more fast paced than it used to be, and it's much smoother than it used to be, both of which are a good thing. It's still not quite as fast as cod, but I think it fills the void of that fast paced reaction shooter that cod provides that almost no other shooter does.

BF3 reaches both crowds I think, the hardcore and the people who just want to sit back and shoot things, though both of these are pretty much exclusive to just BF3, the other Battlefields are pretty much entirely skill based.

mcstorm1796d ago

I see what you are saying but to a cod player it dose not feel like cod. For me bf is a game ide get every year but I don't see it being a game the none core would go for every year or if it is made to be like cod then the bf fans would not get it and look at a different fps game. For me the only game that has felt like cod was homefront and if the new team can get the next game right homefront could be the one that takes cod on next gen as bf is a different beast to me.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1796d ago

The only way this is going to happen, is if BF4 is JUST LIKE IT IS ON THE COMPUTER. If it's running at 60fps, and looks like the PC version of BF3, that can take sales away from COD.

I'm a HUGE COD fanboy, and I like BF3 a bit. On console it's pretty sucky.. COMPARED to it's PC brother, but next gen it should be at 60fps.


COD will also be improved with next gen consoles, and I fully expect COD to copy BF with destructible environments and all that jazz.

It's gonna be great.

Whymii1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I agree with you 100%. I was a mad MW2 player, but when I discovered BF bad company, I stopped playing CoD games. I put away BF3 the middle of last year and moved on to other games. I recently picked up CoD on the Wii u for cheap and love how well it plays on the platform. Now I've started playing BF3 again and can see how the two fulfil 2 different needs. CoD is great for a quick blast where nothing really matters, just have fun, whereas BF3 rewards the strategist and patient player. Both games are different enough to do well in the future provided that they stick to their core strengths and not try to become 'be all' software, as that rarely works out.

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Hufandpuf1796d ago

FB2 will look incredible on next-gen systems. Just look how good it is on PC and the interior of buildings with the lighting effects and SFX. I have no doubt that BF4 will wow people with how it looks sounds and plays.

I just wish BF4 was like BF2142 and not set in modern combat. They should leave BF3 to be it's own game and create a new BF with it's own appeal and uniqueness.

Skizelli1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

If Activision were smart (and they're not), they'd focus on the next-gen Call of Duty. But, I'm willing to bet the one due later this year is for current gen. The next CoD needs to have as much of an impact as CoD4 did, and I don't think they're capable of that now.

That being said, EA's first person shooters have always felt clunky - especially Battlefield. That's one of the reasons it will never win over most CoD fans, no matter how fantastic it looks.

Skate-AK1796d ago

I'm sure they won't release next gen COD this year. Activision loves money and by that time PS3 and 360 will have a even larger install base.

DeadlyFire1794d ago

The team responsible for CoD4 no longer works for Activision. They are mostly now Respawn Entertainment. :P

Activision will release on all platforms this year new and old. If PS4 is out it will be on it. If X720 is out it will be on that too. I can't say if the engine is upgraded or not. Personally I don't believe they will update it. BF will slap it with sales running over it and then Activision will invest in a new engine for 2014.

While true in a way there is some clunkyness in some EA shooters. There is a degree of weight your character should feel in a game. Some devs do over do it and some have none at all.

Skizelli1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

"The team responsible for CoD4 no longer works for Activision. They are mostly now Respawn Entertainment."

That's why I don't think they're capable of making something better than CoD4.

I have no doubt they'll release a CoD for next-gen platforms. That much is inevitable. But I have my doubts about seeing one in 2013. Who knows, maybe the one they recently announced IS for next-gen. I'd be quite surprised if that were the case.

I don't mind a sense of weight in a FPS. That's not the issue at all. Their games just feel clunky overall. Especially in the animation department. I'm not saying their games aren't fun. But there's always a lot of rough edges.

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