Destiny: leaked promo flyer provides first details

Tomorrow, Sunday the Activision and Bungie want to use to the sci-fi title "Destiny" closer imagine. The first information but make the rounds today. A promotional flyer in the hands, which some unconfirmed details about the new Bungie game are given.

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stage881854d ago

Why try and squeeze this in before the PS4 announcement? It'll be lost in a few days. They should have waited until at least March.

Zoron0071854d ago

They said they are showing it at GDC and I'd imagine E3 as well.

BuLLDoG9091854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Releasing for PS3/360(and next gen), check out neogaf for leak

BuLLDoG9091854d ago

Dont disagree xbox fangirls, its multiplat

MikeMyers1854d ago

Perhaps to show the power of the next Xbox early?

The game looks amazing.

KMCROC541854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Love reposted news articles that are not reread for small changes.but he tomorrow is Sunday.t

1Victor1854d ago

LOL "leaked" and I bet the game will be "delayed" till a day/week before the release of PS4

DigitalSmoke1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Microsoft is reaching, specially because this game is a MULTI PLATFORM TITLE with a timed release, which is bound to turn out even better for the Playstation.

Microsoft really has nothing else to show but this?.
I get a sense that they might be having a Wii U on their hands this generaion.

StrongMan1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Ms don't have any exclusives so they are forced to buy "timed exclusives". They can say it's "exclusive" for a short time and they are happy with that. Notice Sony and Nintendo don't have to rely on "timed exclusives". There won't be any new core IPs next gen so MS will rely even more heavily on "timed exclusives". The only new IPs will be casual Kinect 2.0 games.

WildArmed1854d ago

You'd be surprised how much marketing can change the perception of the public.

I remember hearing that Assassin's Creed was a Xbox 360 exclusive again and again. MS does marketing well, by advertising the game with a 360 logo only -- people start believing the game is only available on their console.

So if MS does back Bungie by paying for the ads, I won't be surprised if most of the public starts believing that Density is an exclusive.

I've heard the same for CoD. If Nintendo and Sony start advertising the games as well, I think they can negate this effect. But I've yet to see any ads for Sony/Nintendo on TV.

nikrel1854d ago

Bungie is just silly for going with a timed exclusive, they will alienate a large portion of potential buyers.

stage881854d ago

Agree with you there, since I heard it was a timed exclusive I've gone right off buying it. I don't want to buy an old game months later.

Zechs341854d ago

Inclined to agree. A game of this magnitude, Bungies development since Halo, now under Activision(ugh), and you are going to splint the launch between current and next gen consoles AND withing a years timeframe...

Something smells foul there...

dcbronco1854d ago

Bungie doesn't have a choice. Micosoft didn't let them go for free. One of the conditions was right of first refusal on future Bungie games in addition to Microsoft retaining the rights to Halo. MS might have the right to pay for exclusivity to Bungie titles, they might be able to just claim it outright or they might just automatically get timed exclusivity on them. But there is some mechanism in place where Microsoft still has some rights to Bungie's games.

Maybe those rights are temporary, but they are apparently in place for right now.

Zechs341854d ago

Kinf of a Sh***y practice for a company of whom they owe their very success to IMO.

Oh well only a bit longer to see what this is all about!

Lvl_up_gamer1854d ago

@ Zechs34

That's a pretty narrow minded negative look.

MS could have kept Bungie, forced them to keep pumping out Halo's and never allow them any kind of freedom to try other ideas and IP's. Instead MS showed their appreciation for what Bungie has done for them and so allowed them to break off and work on their own ideas.

Bungie gets to try new ideas and creativity and MS gets first dibs on the IP.

It's a win win for both parties.

You think Sony or Nintendo would ever allow any of their 1st parties to break off and become independent where their titles could end up being on the competitors console? Hell no.

MS's practice with what they did with Bungie is GOOD for the industry. Now Sony only console owners will be able to experience the greatness that Bungie is with Destiny.

dcbronco1854d ago

Zech you will find that companies do things like this all the time. Wasn't it revealed recently that Sony demands the rights to some of the IPs that they sign exclusivity deals with. And other everyday companies force individual employees to sign non-compete cluses. They may not be able to work a similar job in the same city, same state or same business period for a number of years.

Lvl-up is right. MS did Bungie a huge favor. Both companies won in that deal. Bungie can go on and make millions and MS still has Halo. And the hundreds of millions Bungie made for them. But most employees never get to leave and keep their name. That ain't Infinity Ward working at Activision.

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