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Submitted by GribbleGrunger 1016d ago | article

PS4 Will Not Be The Biggest Announcement At Playstation Meeting.

We are all ready. Our cores ache for the inevitable announcement of the PS4 on the 20th of February. We have a good idea of what to expect. Leaks have been frequent and in most cases similar, which suggests a certain degree of accuracy. Sony have been reticent on the matter, with not a single response to the rumours. This also augers well for the coming event. Leaked images of the prototype controller have hit the net to resounding positivity and the hype can get no louder. Although there are still many questions to be answered — and I doubt all of them will be answered this coming Wednesday — one thing is for certain: Sony are about to do something BIG. (PS3)

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dangert12   1016d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(15)
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1016d ago

You are aware that the PS Vita has cross game chat right?

On topic
I think the article makes some very good point. PSTV as the puts it could very well be the next big thing for Sony, though I don't see it overshadowing the announcement of the PS4.

Maybe in hindsight we will look back and this was the moment when all Sony devices started sharing one brain "Gaikai".

And I think that's the way Sony will phase out the Used game market. Not by making the PS4 unable to play used game, but by eliminating the need to go out to midnight launches at GameStop. Imagine you get access to the game the very minute it is out, right from your living room. Now that's a pretty big advantage over the competition if you ask me.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1016d ago
Yeah, that's how I'm seeing it. I think it will only be in retrospect that people realise how big Gaikai is and what it means for the future of playstation. Of course, I'm also excited for the PS4 but I honestly think that the Gaikai infrastructure could (and will) change gaming forever.
miyamoto  +   1016d ago
GG, I called it before.

PSN, PS Mobile, PS+, and Gaikai will be the soul and spirit of PlayStation that will transcend the limitations of hardware present in the traditional video game market model.

All these services rolled into one across multiple platforms and hardware devices will be what Netflix did to movies and TV.

This means more people can experience PlayStation games on their devices where ever or whenever.

Nintendo tried to get more people to gaming but it was physical hardware based and it was limited and short lived.

Software can be anywhere.


Sony have a clear vision & knows where its going.

It will continue to nurture & cultivate video gaming industry as a new but enduring form of entertainment of the 21st century.

Sony will not let video gaming industry die for its best interest and of course all the gamers.

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clearelite  +   1016d ago
I'm okay with it as long as physical copies(at least SP games) are still available. Sort of like when I see an awesome movie on Netflix, I often want to add the dvd/bluray to my collection.
OccludedGamer  +   1016d ago
Gaikai may well prove to be used for a lot more than just demos and I agree that it could change gaming forever but I wouldn't benefit from it due to internet speeds so I personally hope it's a long way off as yet.

Also, did nobody else notice this article is not listed as an opinion piece and the author repeatedly states his assumptions as outright fact? The article projects itself horribly and I'm glad everyone here knows enough to realize it's speculation as the less savvy may think these things he's saying are confirmed.
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francis1marcucc   1015d ago | Spam
darthv72  +   1015d ago
the biggest announcement will be...
its available in stores the very next day.

Yeah that would be huge. people knowing it was coming is a tough thing to hide. The actual release date, that would blow their minds if it did happen like that.
BitbyDeath  +   1016d ago
Hopefully Sony mentions the PS4 has Cross Game Chat on the 20th so people can quiet down about it.
GribbleGrunger  +   1016d ago
Who's not to say that Gaikai can't offer a solution for that too?
SAE  +   1016d ago
What i think will help the vita is get access on all ps4 features by remote controle and using gaikai to play ps2-3-4 games on it any where they want. That would amazing features ..
neoMAXMLC  +   1016d ago
People won't shut up about it. The Vita has cross game voice chat and people still don't shut up about it.
Ju  +   1016d ago
Gaikai! The new secret sauce. Sounds great. Obviously it is the solution for the world, the universe and everything. It even can cross game chat!
xursz  +   1016d ago
You guys are probably getting ahead of yourselves with psvita playing ps4 games and all.
darkpower  +   1015d ago
I wouldn't want a game system that would restrict used game playability. There are several good things that come out of being able to resell your games when you've played all you can play out of a game, and locking people out of doing that would strike as being nothing more than a complete lack of consumer goodwill. It's the copy of the person that bought it. If they want to sell it to someone else or let someone else borrow that copy, then that should be their right, and our "hatred" for one particular retail chain shouldn't be misused in a manner like that (there are other places you can get used games that are not named Gamestop), and we shouldn't excuse a likable company if they do something like that just because we like them.

That being said, I do agree that digital distribution would be very good. Steam has proven to be successful. Why can't a similar option for any game system be just as?
wsoutlaw87  +   1015d ago
Sony could have helped the digital distribution this gen if they only made buying it on the psn at least the same price as other places but it is usually more.
azurechaos  +   1015d ago
You could echo the same concerns about Steam, yet you're praising it as a great platform. Digital distribution is a way of eliminating re-sale, and does anyone complain about not being able to sell their steam games? Ultimately it's a benefit for publishers and developers to phase out the used market.
darkpower  +   1015d ago
The big difference between Steam and the new tech that was patented is that with Steam, you still have the option of going out, getting that hard copy, and (assuming there's no draconian DRM involved on the disc) do what you think you should do with the disc without incident. Steam doesn't stop you from doing that, and I want to say that they have some form of allowance for game sharing, but I can't say that for sure. Also, keep in mind that many PC games have user created mods that extend the lives of those games (not every PC game supports it, but its widespread enough, even more than enough, to bring it up as a plus because there's a lot of great mods out there for games like Skyrim).

But the patented thing that could be in the next gen platforms wouldn't give you even that option, which should be a given option. What if the game has no replay value? Once you squeeze every inch of fun out of a game, what use do you have for the game? In a console's case, there's no room for user created mods as there is on the PC, and console makers have made zero effort to delve into this possibility. So that means that once you beat all the offered DLC and game data, then the disc becomes an expensive coaster.

With the ability to resell the game for a fraction of the cost, what do you gain? Plenty. You get some money back, and the person you sold it to now can experience the same thing you have with the game, and might become a fan and wish for a sequel along with you. It creates exposure for a game that you wouldn't rather play. And keep in mind that there are some older games that cannot be bought any other way (especially on consoles), making such a market even more worthwhile.

And really, is this us complaining about a market in which devs don't see a dime out of (which is more short term thinking than long term), or is it us being taken advantage of because we seem to loathe Gamestop's involvement in this market, and we are just willing to step on the toes on the entire used game market just to troll Gamestop?
wsoutlaw87  +   1015d ago
I agree with the article and the potential awesomeness of gaikai. However he is painting a picture of sony being the sole owner of the tech in the future with others licensing it out but if streaming catches on big there will probably be as many companies streaming games as there are streeming movies. The eventual streeming only market will be tough for sony to stay on top of. It will be interesting to see sonys plans for the future or gaming. Im excited for the 20th
ApolloTheBoss  +   1016d ago
Lol yeah sure it won't.
jay2  +   1016d ago
I really wish BT did a FULL ROAD when they did their fiber not leave half of it. I won't be using Gaikai any time soon.
hardcorehippiez  +   1016d ago
fiber is getting connected to houses direct within the next 2 years when infinity 2 becomes more popular . my house is very near the switch box in our area so i dont have a long copper connection to my house but id say even ones in our area further away from the switchbox doesnt slow down that much because the distance used of copper is minimal compared to when broadband started. gaikai will be fine with your net
kneon  +   1016d ago
Fiber to the home isn't needed for such streaming services. I get 75Mbs over cable. The wire running into your house isn't the bottleneck.
OccludedGamer  +   1016d ago
Agreed, it's the exchange that is the cause of the internet speeds and it's something that BT have no intention of fixing soon here in the UK.

Their previous plan was to upgrade the entire country by the end of this year but its not happening anymore. In fact most rural areas are at least 2 years from being put on the list, let alone actually upgraded.

Honestly I doubt streaming will be viable for a long time. If here in the UK were lagging behind I can only imagine some countries will be even further from having the necessary speeds country-wide.
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kneon  +   1016d ago
Often it's not even the exchange that's the problem, it's the local concentrator/hub and the bandwidth between it and their CO/headend. The cable/twisted pair/fiber into your house is dedicated to you and can carry plenty of traffic, but if the bandwidth from the local concentrator back to your ISP is too low it doesn't matter how fast the last mile is.

But as you say much of the world won't be making use of such services for a while.
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Aceman18  +   1016d ago
i have Verizon FIOS at 75/35 so i'm good.
aiBreeze  +   1016d ago
Only thing bigger than a ps4 announcement for me would be them announcing a FF7 remake exclusive for the ps4.
Gamer-40  +   1016d ago
Man, Final Fantasy 7 remake -Luminous Engine- exclusive for the ps4...incredible surprise, but i think this only a dream.
TheSurg  +   1015d ago
Why would you want it exclusive? Obvious fkin fanboy. You guys make me sick! Oh wait...this is n4g...consoles are for gamers, not for you!
modesign  +   1016d ago
square enix would have to make that announcement not sony, since square cant finish FFXIII versus for ps3, what makes you think they would even attempt FFVII.
ILive  +   1016d ago
Nothing is bigger than a ps4 announcement.
Knight_Crawler  +   1016d ago
How about Sony announcing that them and MS have merged and they introduced the PS720...crazier things have happen so who knows.
southernbanana  +   1015d ago
@ Knight_Crawler,
That would be awesome, but it would never happen. :-(
Sarcasm  +   1015d ago
People, let it go already. FF7 re-make isn't going to happen.


FF Versus XIII, never happened.

And Square Enix sucked this generation. They made some really poor decisions. I blame it ALL on Youchi Wada.
DivineAssault  +   1016d ago
Gaikai is going to open up A LOT of opportunities for PS services to be accessed through MANY different devices.. However, PS4 is what i want to see.. Apps, older games, etc are secondary perks for my new toy.. The latest n greatest games are what im itching for
supremacy  +   1016d ago
I agree although, i also wish they would announce the acquisition of another studio, perhaps level5 or some other studio. But nothing i think is bigger than the ps4 announcement this 20th.
M-M  +   1016d ago
Kingdom Hearts 3 better come out on the PS4, would be too epic. CG visuals = real time gameplay and some lol.
Rumor  +   1015d ago

I can't believe they skipped a generation
EffectO  +   1016d ago
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1016d ago
PS4 will be the biggest announcement to me. If Sony bought another studio that will be big too. I really hope Sony bring back the old classics like Syphon Filter, Jet Moto, and Cool Boarders. I miss those games.
babis1974  +   1016d ago
i think that they will demonstrate the power of the the new console with a video from quantic dreams or naghty dog that will shake the playground of consoles and the gaming industry.
Panthers  +   1016d ago
The only announcement bigger than the console itself would be the upgraded online service. Sony is probably going to try to shore up any weaknesses they had this gen, with most complaints coming from PSN. I thought it was great, but it was the one thing XBOX fanboys always tried to hold over others heads.

I think the whole streaming PS3 games service will come into this as well if ture. Sony is not going to let the PS4 have any weaknesses. God Im excited.

The console is going to be a beast. I cant wait. Might be the first time I ever camp out for anything.
RevXM  +   1016d ago
Well to me ps4 will be the biggest thing.
Gaikai is going to be part of Ps4 and perhaps the whole PSN/SEN network and its tech is prolly going to be used between PS3/Ps4 and Vita for remoteplay.

Damn you sony I still want to play all my Ps3 games on the vita! (watching KZ3 on vita remote play video on youtube)
DOMination-  +   1016d ago
How would that work? The Vita is missing two buttons. Four if you don't include the touchpad. Which I've tried to use as a sub for l2/r2 in ps1 classics and it was practically unusable.
Thirty3Three  +   1016d ago
"Which I've tried to use as a sub for l2/r2 in ps1 classics and it was practically unusable."

Then you must just suck at it. It's very easy for most people and it's very beneficial. It'd work wonders.
DOMination-  +   1015d ago
Well I don't know what to say. I mean, I have literally tried it in several games and it just doesn't work very well. Most of the time it doesn't even detect and on the occasions when it does, its really sensitive and acts like some sort of 'rapid fire'.

Regardless of your opinion, you are still missing L3/R3. These buttons are not always used but they perform important tasks in many games, so my point still stands. How exactly are you going to play these games on Vita?
KrisButtar  +   1016d ago
I know gaikai is huge and will do many things, I just do see Sony using it for backwards compatiblity for ps3 games on the ps4. Why because it is going to alienate potential customers. Just looking at the US market 119 million people don't have Internet, that's a 3rd of their population. Now think about the other countries. Why would they limit themselves to only a fraction of said markets?
GribbleGrunger  +   1016d ago
I can see what you are saying, but how many people have mobile phones, laptops, pads, TVs (nothing stopping Gaikai being part of Sky for instance), consoles etc? There are many ways of receiving data. A broadband connection isn't the only option.

It won't stop physical sales of games because Sony will not want to stop the momentum of the PS3 and PS4. You'll get PS1/PS2/PSP/PSMobile games for certain, and older PS3 titles, but they'll want to make sure that there is only one way to play the newer games (until of course they too are older)
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KrisButtar  +   1016d ago
Very true, I personally think they will offer movies,tv,games,demo,music, etc. I just think BC will be offered in hardware, whether it is build in or an add-on as well as them offering with gaikai
profgerbik  +   1016d ago
They will have them digitally in Gaikai and to purchase as physical disks still there is no doubt about that, it will only increase software sales having more platforms for people to play their games on.

You are right they probably wont intend to use it for backwards compatibility exactly but for other devices they should be able to play PS3 games through Gaikai, I honestly see no reason why they would limit the PS4 from that though, some people prefer cloud gaming, takes no hard drive space, no download and it's just quick and easy for the most part if you have good internet.

That is what Gaikai is for, it's far from a tool to alienate individuals it was created to do the exact opposite and give people the freedom to play a game on the device of their choosing or to have access to games in a new way (well not technically new but you know what I mean).

I just see no reason why they would not allow PS4 users to use Gaikai and have access to the PS3 games that no doubt will end up in it.
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mav805  +   1015d ago
I doubt they'd be missing out on much in the US. Of that 119M, (which may actually have internet, it just isn't broadband according to the report) I think you're talking about groups of people that are unlikely to be engaging in such markets anyway, older generations for example.

This report says 90% of computer users do have broadband, and if you don't have a're unlikely to be interested in a PS4, Gaikai, or other newfangled devices I think.
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Twinzclipz  +   1016d ago
PS4 will be the Biggest Announcement
INehalemEXI  +   1016d ago
Yup, I mean what could be bigger then ps4...
ozzywazzy  +   1016d ago
Rumor  +   1016d ago
Ps4 ...

For free
tachy0n  +   1015d ago
Playstation 9.

watch the video for more details:

Related video
KrisButtar  +   1016d ago
I believe they will offer BC with gaikai but I also think they will have some sort of hardware option, select models(like the 60GB ps3) as BC is wanted by a lot of people. As long as gaikai is an option and not forced, like if "you can ONLY play ps3 games using gaikai"

Some people do prefer the cloud for many different reasons, having it there as in option is better than not having it at all. I don't want to see it as only in the hardware or only in the cloud. It should be offered on both
hardcorehippiez  +   1016d ago
correct me if im wrong but didnt sony not so long ago hire more people to do emulation software to be able to run said games . i doubt they would do that if there wasnt going to be any sort of backwards compatibility on the ps4. how they acheive it is a different matter but thats for sony to sort out but i do believe it will be there
Punch-o  +   1016d ago
hmmm google Tv...
ElitaStorm  +   1016d ago
what? why would i google TV? its not like i dont know what tv is
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1016d ago
Jakens  +   1016d ago
This is one of the better comments today.
Dlacy13g  +   1016d ago
If you dont think Gaikai will play a major role in the PS4 you are mistaken. they bought that company for a very specific reason, they see it as part of the future. they wont be fearfu, of broadband issues either... technology is moving fast as is broadband to a level that they can easily succeed with this even if it leaves some consumers out.
KillrateOmega  +   1016d ago
Nope, sorry. The PS4 IS going to be the biggest announcement on the 20th. The internet hasn't been shitting itself for the past few days over Gaikai.

Granted Gaikai and what it can potentially promise are VERY interesting, but it takes second place here.
pody  +   1016d ago
Hehe well said.
EskimoPress  +   1016d ago
A doubt many people read this very well written and interesting article. Let alone comprehended its content.

I think they may be onto something. PlayStation 4 + Gaikai implementation.
NaiNaiNai  +   1016d ago
nope the biggest announcement is there is no PS4 and sony is shutting down there gaming devision.
sonic989  +   1016d ago
says the guy with a one bubble
fsfsxii  +   1016d ago
Oh god, i want to facepalm full force.
from now i will not underestimate the stupidity of you.
And by the way, could you please stop commenting???
jmc8888  +   1016d ago
Horrible idea. So much wrong with streaming games it's unreal.

You living on cloud nine if you think it doesn't have major flaws. From reliability, to ownership, to devs going under Sony/MS, to devs not getting paid, to losing many devs, to some genres having payment advantages over others, to devs making their games 'longer' with mobs of obligatory written text that cannot be forwarded to skew the 'metrics', to so many other problems. Get ready to pay triple for some games, and other games get almost none of your money. Of course you won't know because you'll be paying a subscription, and the devs won't have the right to their money because Sony is the new overlord determining who gets paid and how that is even determined. THEY determine how much of a cut to take as well. When to pull games off, what to put on. All your gameplay is governed through new and expanding rules, and if they aren't followed you lose everything.

People are denying these problems are real, just like the morons who repealed Glass-Steagall said they were smart enough to overcome the problems with combining deposits with hedge funds and insurance..that they could make derivatives safe. That they were smart, and we'd learned alot since the 1930's. Whoops. Now, as predicted by anyone with a brain in 1999, we'd be back in a great depression within a decade, and sure enough, we are.

Well while this is only gaming, the same hubris is applying itself to streaming games. Get ready to upgrade your internet to the $100 a month tier, because now instead of just using internet to ferry some data in multiplayer, or to download a game, now you'd literally be downloading EVERYTHING that is loaded up, when it is loaded up, over and over and over again. Talk about bandwidth waste.

The biggest announcement would be the PS4, the biggest mistake would be to announce a streaming service. If it's limited to PS3 games it isn't so bad, but it is a knock against backwards compatibility.

People are just fools for 'new' things, they assume they'll be 'good', because there are plenty of morons who think anything 'new' by definition is 'good'. Not everything invented, created, or built is progress.

If you ask me this will push devs right back to competitors that don't have this, and PC which is open. Still see many devs shutting down.
dcbronco  +   1016d ago
I think this is a little different than the situation with Glass-Stegall. We're in another depression because the American people don't get that markets, banks and government are all corrupt. They are out for themselves and look for every exploitation they can find to screw people over.

Streaming games will become cheaper. In many major cities it is already pretty cheap. In DC you can get 30/5 for less than $30 a month in a bundle. And that is without a major competitor. Verizon is moving in and Comcast have started to up the speeds. 50/10 is now pretty standard. Verizon is supposed to be coming back with 75/35 so Comcast will bump up soon. And they don't charge more when they bump it up. On top of that they are both giving you Visa cards worth as much as $350 to get their service.

As more and more things demand bandwidth and competition continues, they will raise the speeds and lower the prices even more. Streaming games aren't a problem in this area and that will be the case in most of the country soon.

Where I disagree with the article is on this being a hardware replacement. I think it can be one more option. This is no different from what Gaikai was already doing. There are several problems. Sony has already drilled into the heads of it fans that infrastructure should be free.

Gaikai wasn't flourishing as a company, PSN is already held back by giving it away. So making that the whole system is not the best idea if people already feel it should be free. If they can sign contracts with the developers for a flat fee per copy and then sell for $60 per game, it might be workable. But there are no guarantees that the titles will sell enough to support the infrastructure.

They could sell to hotels, hospitals and airports. But as hardware gets better and storage gets smaller even that becomes less of an option. They might have been better off shrinking the Cell and RSX and combining them for BC.
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Ju  +   1016d ago
Thank you. Someone with a brain here. I have the feeling that Gaikai is also responsible for making your brain mushy. I'm not sure why we are all so hyped about Gaikei which nobody has ever used and was never part of Playstation before. Now it's the second coming of Christ? Weird.

Well, on the plus side, I am convinced these people will be disappointed because a) it won't work and b) it doesn't even make sense.

Neither from a business standpoint, nor from a technical perspective.

It would cannibalize PS3 game sales and render their own next gen platform obsolete before it even hits the market.

I can imagine this tech will be used in one or the other way. But I think it will be assimilated into whatever Sony is cooking up and not "just another stream solution". So, can we please move on and not make Gaikai the most talked about topic because it is in fact a side story.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1016d ago
I don't think I've ever seen this much hype for a console for at least a decade!

Feb. 20th. P-Day.
ricksjames83  +   1016d ago
So they need B/C without internet connection for me to jump on board which i want to do so bad. Then the fact that all these systems keep breaking this gen. on my 3rd ps3 and my 11th xbox this gen. hell i have even been band on both consoles this gen for things that weren't my fault. once on ps3 cause i bought socum confrontation and my wife had lost the credit card i had on file. and sony let it go thru anyway. then a week later when the system corrected my whole ps3 was banned. couldn't sign in under any name on my ps3 and all my psn games i had long before purchased wouldn't launch. And Sony wouldn't let me just put my new card in as payment or even let me do it over the phone to fix it. i had to send them a money order to get my psn ip unbanned. then to top it off socum was garbage and still didn't work right after i got unbanned. guess u guys didnt know sony could ban ur whole ps3 not just your user name. I got banned on XBL cause at the beginning u couldn't take your credit card out without calling them. well banks have been going out of business so the bank card i had needed to be replaced. Washington mutual turned into wells fargo. XBL use to automatically go into auto renew if you bought XBL online thru your console. Well my xbox 360 red rings so i send it to Microsoft. they send me a refurb 2 yrs older than the console i sent them. its moving slow like a windows vista computer booting up and things like that. then it just shuts off and powers up to red rings. so im pissed. i send it back. not gonna take any chances on it being messed up too. so i send it in again. then i keep getting the same crappy refurbs over and over again. So my 1 month subscription runs out and Microsoft have had my 360 for most of my subscription. by then my credit card info is no longer valid. But my xbox live keeps working. So long story short. lol. instead of my live just ending because the credit card info is no good. Xbox lets it stay on for 3 months. so all of a sudden i get banned. then i call to see whats going on then that's when im told i owe them $60 bucks for 3 months of xbl. So they basically ran me a tab. the only way i fixed it was to read off all these serial numbers of the xboxes i had sent them and the one that was currently on its way to them for them to revert my account to a silver account. when u get banned on live all your games turn into demos. so this streaming crap and this always online crap and this digital only crap is not ready yet. too easy for big brother to take everything u paid for. cause when u get digital stuff u really get nothing. then there is games like Fight Night Champions that were great when they released then sorry cry babies complained til ea destroyed the game with these mandatory updates. that rendered the game unplayable. so all of a sudden all this money i spent to make my online champion guy able to compete is wasted. sure i could trade the game to save some of my money from the initial purchase. ( because at this point the game is not what i played on the demo or experienced the first month). but the $30 i spent on dlc is in the wind and according to Sony and Microsoft once its on your download list it's permanent and can't be removed.
ricksjames83  +   1016d ago
crazy how i get a disagree for telling the truth. Streaming and always online gives companies and law enforcement too much power. people get arrested and suspended from school already because of youtube and Facebook uploads. government is already pushing to make laws to take away your constitutional rights everyday. the 1st , 2nd, and 4th amendments are already under attack. imagine getting arrested for saying something to your friend online in a game. hell i saw a guy on TV get arrested for shining a laser light in the sky at a helicopter. he got a felony. something that takes away your right to vote.
ricksjames83  +   1016d ago
now a days any time you disagree with politics or policies you are labeled a terrorist. I don't need someone with millions of dollars and body guards telling me i can't say what i want and carry a gun for my protection. and telling me its for my safety. cops are always around when you don't need them and can't be found or don't care when you do need them. A guy stole my xbox and went online a played a game under my name and i still never got my xbox back. nor was anyone brought to justice. yet they trace pedophiles to their door steps everyday from comments left on a website
ricksjames83  +   1016d ago
I hope they tell us whats up soon. I'm so tired of these pc nerds talking about all these things that i don't what to hear. Streaming ps3 games is a bad idea in my book. i have 15Mb/s and netflix still comes in blurry at certain times. Then i hear that 30fps is max on a streaming game. And most of the games i like from this gen run at 60fps. I could just see all the lag now in a game like mortal kombat. it lags now and the only thing it streams is the button inputs and voice chat. i havent played a game yet that has online where it doesn't lag just a little. sure some games have less lag than others. but the point is they all still lag. hell even phone calls lag just a little on face time. then the fact that they keep dropping all these Fps games. I just don't really like FPS. I never have. hell on ps2 i can't recall 1 fps game i played on it. I just don't care for them. they always use to make me nauseous. now ever since COD came out thats all u see left and right. And i have a feeling ps4 will be no different starting out.
Drakesfortune  +   1016d ago
The ps4 is the biggest announcement for me, anything else that is announced with it is just a bonus!

20th feb cant come quick enough.
ricksjames83  +   1016d ago
anybody ever think that this giakia or what ever its called could be used to power the new psn. think about it. cross voice chat like my vita and xbox 360. better online in games to kill the that's why i pay for XBL nonsense. no downloading of trailers. Hell even video chat with your friends while u play online games. Trophies loading and syncing faster. updates downloading faster. uploading to youtube while u play a game without having to quit.
YoloSwag  +   1016d ago
A Vita price cut would be good news.
brave27heart  +   1016d ago
Gaikai is big news but Im sorry PS4 is still bigger.

I expect it to be used just for BC at the moment.
Draugz  +   1016d ago
What if the big thing would be that they would not even announce the PS4, just a firmware update for PS3 that is Gaikai-enabled. All future games would be streamed. Knowing $ony, ofc this will not happen. Just a cool idea :D
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