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Even More Proof for PlayStation 4 Reveal With a Recent Sony Job Listing

A new job listing by Sony on Gamasutra may be yet more evidence of a PlayStation 4 reveal at the February 20th event. (Industry, PS4, Sony)

Credit url: jobs.gamasutra.com
miyamoto  +   832d ago
Guerilla Games posted a job for artists specializing on medevial architecture and majestic castles
porkChop  +   832d ago
I really hope it's an RPG. I'd love to see what they could do with that genre.
ShugaCane  +   832d ago
I think Sony would have made a statement if ever the PS4 was not to be announced, given the incredible amount of hype there's been lately.
M-M  +   832d ago
Exactly, and with the recent "The Beginning" video they uploaded onto Youtube proves it even more lol.
stefan771  +   832d ago
Sony made a statement about when they will announce the PS4 just days before this event was announced
ArmGunar  +   832d ago
"See the Future" and now "The Playstation Evolution"

That's clearly the announcement of the PS4 the 20th February :P
Godchild1020  +   832d ago
That's how its coming off. But am I the only one that feels this night be the last consoles from Sony? Not a troll comment. But with the recent beginning video, am I the only one that thinks their last video will be The end?

I hope not and I'm just looking into to much. I can't wait for the 20th.
ILive  +   832d ago
I feel like that in a way myself. I also feel like it might not because Sony made gaming what it is today and I dont care what anyone says. Watching the evolution video might make one think it might be their last console, but they will remain in the business with gaika.
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TotalHitman  +   832d ago
Yes, you are the only one.
VonBraunschweigg  +   832d ago
They're looking for a "Senior Director in Brand Marketing of Home Consoles".

Who would have tought of that? Finally! Their marketing could use some new blood, I've seen so many great games this generation ending up unknown & underappreciated because of sheer lack of marketing. WipEout, MAG, Starhawk last year, all deserved more attention, in the first place from Sony itself.
dangert12  +   832d ago
Interesting will be nice to see what the ps4 is capable of Finally!
though i will not be getting one speedily, Ps3 has cemented it's self as the best console for me, up until 2006 it was the n64 as i was still playing that OVER the consoles from the next gen (ps2,xbox,gamecube) on a frequent basis, but now i have so many great games on ps3 i don't miss it but i do have found memories...up at 3am in the morning playing mario kart 64 with a case of the giggles laughing when one said....''look at donkey kongs doo doo flick on his head'' we actually thought it was hysterical it took me a week to realise its really not that funny =') the good old days ah
PS4isKing_82  +   832d ago
Ps4 will own next gen.
Just look around at all the massive hype already.
It has completely swallowed up whatever hype the wiiU managed a few months ago.
It feels just like back in 2000 when everyone was anticipating the launch of ps2.

Now Sony just needs to launch this at the right price and they will be doing a much better job then they did with ps3.
If Sony announces a launch price of $399 at e3, that would be amazing.

Kaz has brought Sony back and ps4 will take them back to the top.
And yes, I'm a huge Sony "fan" but not a fanboy.
Unlike fanboys, i love all games and consoles but my fav happens to be Sony.
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Sarcasm  +   832d ago
Honestly, Price is what held the PS3 back from dominance. If they had just came out at $399, things would be a lot different this generation. Let's hope Sony is going to be price wise with the PS4.
DigitalRaptor  +   832d ago
People cheered at E3 when the Vita's price was announced and it's not doing amazingly in sales. 3DS sales increased when they announced the price drop. So I don't think it's as simple as price being lower. It works for some, and not others.

I do think the PS4 will get off to a flying start with a price like $399 and solid and high-profile launch games, which based on recent rumour seems to also be the case.
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Sarcasm  +   832d ago
^Good points. But If you think about how dominant the PS2 was, the transition of PS2 players were a hard sell also since the Xbox 360 was already released.

But oh well, can't change the past. But Sony has another chance on their hands.
DivineAssault  +   832d ago
Its definitely the PS4.. The reveal is almost here too! I have a feeling its going to be like the PS2 all over again..
M-M  +   832d ago
Next gen is going to dominate.
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MacDonagh  +   832d ago
Hmm. I will believe it when I see it. I could imagine it being a part of PS + but I have some misgivings when it comes to cloud gaming and whether or not it's feasible to do it. Not mentioning the problem of internet bandwidth and latency when it comes to cloud gaming; there would have to be a clever, cost-effective way of doing it.

I will be most interested to see what they have in store on the 20th.

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