Is Dino Crisis Ever Going to Return?

Dino Crisis 2 is one of my favourite games of all-time and the original was more than decent too. Can we ever expect Capcom to revive the franchise, what killed it and have they been hinting about a possibility of doing so...?

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DaThreats1953d ago

Well it comes from Capcom..

Army_of_Darkness1952d ago

No new Jurassic park or dinosaur movie release means there is no chance capcom will release a new Dinocrisis game! seems like they rather follow trends then create they're own like they use too...

darren_poolies1952d ago

They're making a Jurassic Park 4 aren't they?

Rockefellow1952d ago

Jurassic Park 4 is launching next Summer, and the original is getting a huge nation-wide anniversary screening in theaters this Spring.

1952d ago
fluffydelusions1952d ago

Better question. If DC does return will the dinosaurs have feathers?

miyamoto1953d ago

i played Dino Crisis 2 to death on my PS3. fantastic game!

OneAboveAll1953d ago

I hope so, next gen graphics and dinosaurs ftw.

Walker1952d ago

I hope Shinji Mikami's project zwei be new Dino Crisis on next gen platforms . OMG .

Snookies121953d ago

I loved Dino Crisis, but they'd just ruin it like they do with everything else. Capcom is my most hated company this generation. They do everything wrong, and barely ever do anything GOOD lately. I used to love them a few years back, funny how things like that change...

PopRocks3591953d ago

Depends on when Capcom says and they're not exactly reliable when it comes to giving fans what they want a lot of the time lately.

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The story is too old to be commented.