Aliens: Colonial Wars Review (

Tim Nunes from writes: "A franchise that requires an introduction must not be that great of a franchise, and the same can be said for a franchise that’s falling out of grace. Movie-based games almost never impress, but it’s hard to believe that a coupling between a prestigious developer like Gearbox Software and a franchise like Aliens cannot produce a title that shakes the industry. Actually, consider the industry shaken, but for none of the right reasons: Aliens: Colonial Marines takes what fans love from both namesakes and flips them over into the street."

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sithsylar1889d ago

Gearflop says what what.

Blacktric1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

"B-but I never lied to u guise!"

-Randy Pitchfork


RIP in piece sweet prince.

sithsylar1889d ago

You know its funny before the alien saga i always respected him because i could see his passion when he spoke about his games....

chukamachine1889d ago

It's not a 3/10.

6-7 max though.

Zha1tan1889d ago

unfinished, broken AI, horrible presentation, bad voice acting, simplistic plot, aim bot human AI, small closed in straight corridor levels negating all use of the motion tracker.

Sorry 6-7? u wot m8