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Submitted by fathoms 1018d ago | opinion piece

Best Consoles Ever: Where Will The PS3 Rank?

With a new generation looming large on the horizon, it's time to reflect and take stock: Where will the PS3 end up on your "best consoles ever" list? (PS3)

theBAWSE  +   1018d ago
in MY opinion in the top four with dreamcast first and ps2 second
thirtyandnerdy  +   1018d ago
I always had a thing for Sega consoles growing up. I had an amazing time with the Dreamcast too. It'd easily be in my top 3.
theBAWSE  +   1018d ago
miyamoto  +   1018d ago
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1018d ago
1. PS2
2. PS1
3. Dreamcast
4. Super Nintendo
5. Sega Genesis
6. Xbox
7. Xbox 360
8. PS3

Notice the PS3 and Xbox 360 are at the bottom. Its not really the consoles themselves its the generation as a whole.

The pS1 and PS2 struggled with the number 1 spot. But overall the PS2, that console was nothing short of amazing. Dreamcast was great shenmue, Powerstone, Sonic Adventures 1 and 2.

Nintendo 64 didn't make the cut it was a good consoles SSB was fun and the unforgettable Golden Eye was a blast. But that's all I got from it.

Btw it was tough choice and hard to make up my mind with this list. I still have some regrets lol.
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LOGICWINS  +   1018d ago
Dreamcast was incredible. Shenmue 1 was just...damn. Makes me wish I was a kid again.
GamersRulz  +   1018d ago
Everyone entitled to their opinion, but I've always wondered why people rank Dreamcast as high on their list?! isn't it about the GAMES in the end?

I understand it was a fantastic piece of hardware but that's it! Games wise it has only ONE worthy title which is Shenmue 1 period, rest of its games were ports or multiplats.

SNES, PS1,PS2,PS3,Genesis have had huge library of great games that defined each platform .

PS1 will always remembered as the console that paved the way to 3D gaming and it was home to great RPGs.

PS2 was an epic console that had it all, best games of any genre.

PS3 has a exceptional exclusives, and continues to offer great games to this day.

SNES was foundation of modern gaming, it had classics that we still enjoy to this day.

Dreamcast has shenmue and what?...Crazy Taxi?
killcycle  +   1018d ago
Sonic Adventure 1 & 2
Chu Chu Rocket
Red Dog
Jet Set Radio
Spawn in the Demons hand

These were great exclusive games.

rainslacker  +   1017d ago
It's all subjective. No reason to get uppity about it. Personally I would put the Turbo Duo above DC, simply because it's my all time favorite system, but objectively I would say PS2 would beat the Duo simply due to the huge number of amazing games it had over it's lifetime. So for me it would be PS2, Duo, PS1, DC.

DC also had many great games on it, just a short lifespan so it never achieved it's full potential. The system itself was ahead of it's time, and did a lot of things right. Sega just lacked the funds to make it a viable contender for long term success.
bullymangLer  +   1018d ago
neh . . ps3 . . does what any other system can do . no innovation whatsoever yet still gots them exclusives . .

but the funny thing is is . not the 360 nor the ps3 were able to beat the gamecubes library of HIGH RE-PLAY VALUE of BEAST GAMES, not to mention the N64 . .maybe next generation these companies will learn a thing or 2 from nintendo, and stop copying nintendo . . i love my facts .
DarkHeroZX  +   1017d ago
your facts are nothing mord then fanboy opinion. And what's special about the PS3? hmmm its the only system with a bluray player for starters. No more disc swaps anymore lol.
bullymangLer  +   1017d ago
ha haa . the darkHeroZx guy above me has pussy-toe blocked me . he can't take the heat of my FACTS . that sony and microsoft copy nintendo, and that the vita does what any handheld would eventually have . ha ha hhaaa .

blue ray . oo oooo . blue ray just made my GAMING EXPERIENCE funner .. . hua haa
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DarkHeroZX  +   1017d ago
Lol you where blocked for being a dumbass lol. Your a Nintendo fanboy who thinks everything Nintendo does is revolutionary. The wii was basically a ps2 with motion control, the 3DS is a DS with gimmicky 3D. The only thing Nintendo has done that was revolutionary was put out a DS. If you knew how to debate without acting like a child who actually knew the facts then I wouldn't have blocked you. But after looking at your comment history your completely biased lol.

You just asked what the ps3 does that no other console does and when I give you facts you try and beat around the bush with your butthurt reasoning. Hell the only thing wii brought was a new unresponsive controller that Sony was already messing around with back during the ps2 with the eyetoy. The only major revolutionary thing about the Wii U is the tablet which Sony beat Nintendo out the door with that cross play function on little big planet 2. Through a simple update Sony brought game streaming and using the vita like a Wii U tablet for a few games before Nintendo lol.
bullymangLer  +   1017d ago
look how vitamin defecient darkhero sounds . ha haaa . so now the wii is a ps2? 1st he says 3d in gaming is a gimmick, then he says well wait super mario 3d land only NEEDS 3d in SOME levels? haa ha haaaaa . . and that the ps3 is the only system with a blue ray player? . . yes, like a blue ray matters for gaming . haa haa haaa .

nitpicking wont get you far in life.

then was so butt hurt over nintendos unintentional dominance and says castlevania 3ds will look far better on ps3 360 etc because of H.D. .ha ha haa who knows when it WILL be coming to the OTHER systems, PLUS those other versions of castlevania mirror of fate wont be built from the ground up in 3D, which has been proven to IMMERSE the player into the world = the ULTIMATE gaming experience (: .
and the fact that he uses > lol's really makes me feel bad shoving facts after fact in her face . .

in this land, what matters is who is 1st to bring the innovation, not who is 1st to COPY others then work on the H.D.details .haaa haa haaa what a goomba. .
have fun playing your games using "joysticks" . hmmm wonder who introduced joystick gaming . .wait . i know what you gonna say sony was caught by nintendo with the joysticks, then nintendo rushed and beat sony to it . wwahh wahh wahhhhhh . nitpicking wont get you far.. .

P.S. the vita does what any handheld system EVENTUALLY WOULD HAVE . VITA IS NOT UNIQUE, AND H.D. IS NOT UNIQUE . PLUS IT IS AWKWARD TO HOLD THE VITA . SO you lose, i sound like a fanboy, but these just facts . .

nitpicking wont get you far . and oh yea . i gave you 2 thumbs up for nitpicking at me . haa haa haaaaaa . dont' you realise that blocking someone = you cant take the heat. If i block someone is because i feel overpowered .
you just got mangLed
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DarkHeroZX  +   1017d ago
Lol your not making any sense. This is what happens when all you do is suck Nintendo's dick. 1 I never said you needed 3d in any part of Super Mario 3D land to beat it. There is an optional little thing in a couple of levels that increases depth that allows you to reach a gold coin which isn't even needed to progress lol. 3D has only added small appeal to gaming and will only continue to be popular for movies, fact. As far as who innovated first it definitely isn't Nintendo other then touch screen. What console allows for its handheld to remotely control it virtually anywhere? Not Nintendo. What handheld can stream full console games via wifi? Not Nintendo. What handheld has a touch back that can be used for extra buttons? Not Nintendo's. What handleheld can cross play between its console counterpart? Not Nintendo's? What handheld offers cross chat? Not Nintendo's? Out of the big three who offers free games with a premium membership? Not Nintendo. All the 3ds brings is 3D which isn't even the first game device to do so. PS3 did it first and the only 3D game that is considered immersing is a few on the ps3 and not for adding depth to gameplay but being an enjoyable experience in the same fashion Avatar was. And the joystick wasn't done by Nintendo first lol. Atari and a bunch of arcade games before Nintendo did lol. Vita has wayy more personality and uniqueness then the 3DS. Heck a few days ago my friend asked me if 3DS games would work on a DS because he felt as though the only difference between a 3DS and a DSI was the 3D. However one look at the things vita can do and people already know they gotta upgrade that psp. Being a stupid and uneducated fanboy wont get you anywhere.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   1018d ago
well it has the highest awarded game to have ever existed in the history of makind (actual fact) uncharted 2.

so what does that tell ya.

oh and there is so much more the ps3 has going for it, like introducing the best media standard (bluray) getting countless goty's, having the best graphics for this gen ect.
SonyNGP  +   1018d ago
"so what does that tell ya."

Tells me jack. The game was really good, but I've played better games.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1018d ago
tells "you" jack, but it speaks wonders for the ps3 itself and the gaming community. it stands as a fact that the ps3 does have the highest awarded game in history.

And there are plenty of other things...

first console with 256 players...

a 15 dollar game won goty (only on ps3)

it has 1.1 accuracy with move

most reliable next gen machine

the best online service ps+

i can go on and on and on...
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1018d ago
That tells me it was a bad year for gaming.

Amazing that was so unbiased...../s
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rainslacker  +   1017d ago
It also tells me that there are a lot more gaming sites handing out awards than there used to be. I think UC2 was deserving of those awards, but it's not really that spectacular when you take the system as a whole, which itself had plenty of award winning games.
TobeyMaguireFan   1018d ago | Spam
black911  +   1018d ago
Hufandpuf  +   1018d ago
1. PS2
3. Xbox
4. N64
5. Dreamcast
iNathan  +   1018d ago
Console had amazing games and na outstanding catalog.
GamersRulz  +   1018d ago
it's all about games offerings, and to be honest PS3 had the best games this gen.
SoapShoes  +   1018d ago
It's hard to beat PS2 but honestly I feel like PS3 has surpassed the PS2 in games in the same time-frame(7 years).
rainslacker  +   1017d ago
The PS3 had many outstanding games on it, but I feel there are more memorable games on the PS2 over it's lifetime. Maybe it's due to the fact that so much of this gen has been sequels, so I haven't really gotten that whole "new and exciting" feeling with a lot of games released, despite them being better in some cases. Even some of the new IP's felt like they were just upgrades to what was "new and exciting" in previous gens. As much as I love Uncharted, it didn't have that same exciting feeling that the first Tomb Raider conjured up for me.
Megaton  +   1018d ago
PS1 is probably my favorite. Resident Evil, Twisted Metal, Silent Hill, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, the golden age of Squaresoft and the JRPG. I could go on and on.
thornh  +   1018d ago
Well, I've been console gaming since I was about seven years old and have owned (new, like when they were released) the systems listed below. If I was forced to pick my favorite overall it would probably be the Sega Genesis. But I truly love them all. Sorry Nintendo and MS, I was never a big fan...

Atari 2600
Atari 400 (I know it's not a console but I used it like one)
Long break to play PC games in the 80s
Sega Master System
Sega Genesis (yes I got the CD add-on too)
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo Wii (paper weight)

Also a PSP, Nintendo 3DS and a Vita.

The ones I wish I had owned just to say I did: Colecovision, Atari Jaguar, Turbografx 16.
TronEOL  +   1018d ago
I absolutely love the PS3, but I'm not sure if it tops my experience with the PS1.

My PS2 experience was a bit more limited as I mostly just played Metal Gear Solid, Monster Hunter, and Final Fantasy. Whereas I played Crash, MGS, FF (VII!), Saga Frontier, Tomba, Legend of Dragoon, Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill 1, among many, many others on the first PlayStation. It launched me into becoming a "core gamer". Mind you I only casually played SNES and Sega before this.

If I had to list them:

1. PS1
2. PS3
3. PS2
4. N64
5. SNES/Gameboy
6. Sega Genesis
7. PSP
8. Xbox360
9. PSVita
10. Xbox
11. Dreamcast

That's all I can think of at the moment.

EDIT: I completely forgot about the Wii. But I bought it and ended up only using it when playing with friends locally for about a half year then forgot about it. So I guess it doesn't really matter to be listed. As for the Wii-U, I feel it's too early to judge it. So we'll see!
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Canary  +   1018d ago
Not so hot, due to the removal of b/c. If we could say the PS3 included the whole PS1 and PS2 libraries, it would be right at the top.

But judged solely by its own library, it's well below the PS1, PS2, SNES, NDS, etc.

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