Early God of War: Ascension SP Demo Coming Feb 20th

Dual Pixels: Those of you that have been involved in the God of War: Ascension social game via GoW will be able to access the single player demo very soon if you were on the winning team.

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LOGICWINS1863d ago

Sony just keeps on impressing =D

imtheman20131863d ago

Although I am really looking forward to this game, and would love to play the demo early, the Playstation conference on the 20th is far more important... I will just wait the extra week for the regular demo release.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1863d ago

I'll watch the conference while it downloads.

rainslacker1863d ago

I know a Sony Rep said to me there was something big for GOW on the 20th. This may be what he was talking about, although I don't really think it's that big, nice, but not a huge thing really.

jakmckratos1863d ago

gay. just let everyone who is about to spnd $60 on this game play it you a-holes.

Buuhan11863d ago

Don't whine because you didn't take the initiative and join the Rise of the Warrior game. If it makes you feel any better we were promised the demo a month ago but Sony keeps on delaying it, having us fight eachother another round. They've pulled that on us 3 times now. As such we are only getting the demo a week early now, instead of a month.

You can still join Rise of the Warrior btw, while you won't get early demo access you can unlock bonus DLC for the multiplayer. You can find all the answers here (future answers will be after this post):

jakmckratos1861d ago

Eh I did the Beta. Im not really interested in multiplayer...I just play GoW for the story.