Prototype footage of "Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey" released

Recently, developer Red Thread Games have started raising funds via Kickstarter for another entry in the beloved The Longest Journey series of adventure games. However, if you need proof of their hard work and commitment before tossing a few coins their way, worry not, because today, they released a video showcasing prototype footage of the game in action.

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DaThreats1830d ago

You better give them your money!!!

BioDead1830d ago

I loved this game series a years ago. I want to get bak to this game again!!

DigitalRaptor1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Oh sh*t, does this have a Kickstarter campaign already? I need the link!!!

Edit: found it - giving them ALL my money!

SolidGear31829d ago

Holy crap! Been waiting years for Funcom to get off their duffs and make this!! Color me ecstatic!! Gotta see how this epic finally finishes. Let's hope Shenmue III follows in similar foot steps!