Day 1 Patches are Sinking the Gaming Industry

What's the biggest problem in the gaming industry today? Jeffrey takes a look at why day 1 patches are so detrimental to the gaming industry.

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EbeneezerGoode1890d ago

And so is fake Day One DLC.

Feltharghost1890d ago

Actually plan to do a piece on day one DLC and on-disk dlc as well.

Megaton1889d ago

I've got friends who test. You'd be amazed at how often devs reject bugs as things to be patched later, even many months before the game ships.

EbeneezerGoode1889d ago

I used to work at a big UK game's developer in QA, and I used to put on the database a whole shed load of bugs that were ignored. Reality is time is money so as long as there's no show stoppers they normally will patch it up afterwards. However, Day one patches are becoming a joke esp when massive downloads.

SadPanda1011889d ago

Honestly, I'd rather a game be delayed for a little bit than have to deal with day one patches.