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Destructoid: "Insomniac Games is one of the few developers that believes this notion, and thus, chose not to include any sort of versus multiplayer with their upcoming co-operative shooter, Fuse. Instead, the developer placed its efforts into creating more co-operative goodness."

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MysticStrummer1890d ago

Now I'm finally interested.

Drainage1890d ago

now it will sell half as much as it would have. Online shooters sell. Single player shooters sell like Bulletstorm- not much.

ironfist921890d ago

I would rather have Bulletstorm 2. I loved the first.

shivvy241890d ago

Saw the gameplay ! damn it looks great , and they added a shitload of colour :D

-MD-1890d ago

The name is so terrible... Fuse. Sounds like a generic racing game or something.

Cam9771890d ago

It sounds like a sequel to HAZE.

joab7771890d ago

It used to be called something else, so they changed it once already.

At first, this looked great. Then i saw avid and it didnt look as good. I am surprised by how little attention it has got, but i guess thats what happens when u venture out on your own. I think the biggest mistake Insomniac made is not building on R2's multiplayer, the large battles but mostly the co op. It was brilliant and so addictive. So, i am much more ecited after reading this article because hopefully, and it sounds like they are, they are evolving what was a superb mode in R2. Now get the word out because i think March could simply be renamed the month of bioshock.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR1890d ago

This is one of those ideas that sounded great on paper but doesn't translate well from a replay value perspective. I can't see this game being successful in today's gaming industry.

ceballos77mx1890d ago

Its very similar to the MP of mass effect 3, makes me wonder if its their idea or EA, wouldn't be surprised if they added microtransactions on it.

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