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Submitted by TheGamerDood 1085d ago | rumor

PlayStation 4 will stream PS3 games, reports WSJ

Last June, Sony purchased Gaikai, a company that can stream games — delivering them over the internet in real time from remote servers, by sending compressed video frames.

Now, The Wall Street Journal reports what many have suspected for months: Sony will use the service to stream games to the next PlayStation game console, which the company is widely expected to reveal on February 20th.

However, according to the publication, Sony won't necessarily use Gaikai to deliver brand-new games. Those will still be delivered on optical disc. Instead, the next PlayStation will bring existing PlayStation 3 games to the new system using the streaming technology. (PS4, Sony)

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DaThreats  +   1085d ago
Should stream ALL PS games.
NeverEnding1989  +   1085d ago
How nice of SONY, going ahead with the most wanted feature of PS3 owners on the PS4.

What a great service they are doing gamers by making us rebuy all of our PS3 games. I've been a Playstation fan since the beginning but it's underhanded tactics like this that make me ashamed of SONY.

I'm looking for real BC on the PS4. If Microsoft sticks with BC and Sony doesn't; that could be the deciding factors for many gamers including myself.
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Dylila  +   1085d ago
this is really amazing if true. i cant wait for ps4.
classic200  +   1085d ago
cloud gaming is the closes you and me will ever get to backward compatible.
jujubee88  +   1085d ago
It's true, everyone. :)
WooHooAlex  +   1085d ago
How do you know they'll make you rebuy your games? They could look at the trophy list on your PSN account and just let you play all of those games.

Not saying that's gonna happen, lets at least wait until something is announced.
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fourOeightshark  +   1085d ago
Cool story bro.
3GenGames  +   1085d ago
Can't believe people are dubbing this "amazing". This won't be free! They should support the games you already own, if they want to make it amazing. Make it use PS3 disks and run them on the hardware, just like CECHA PS3's did with PS2. Otherwise, streaming is just a meh feature...heck, it's a service because you'll have to pay, NOT a "feature".
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Reportillo4  +   1085d ago
@ woohoo
there's no way of them knowing if you bought the game or not...some of the trophies you have might be from borrowed or rented games
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Arksine  +   1085d ago
MS isn't going to do BC either, so I wouldn't get ahead of myself trolling if I were you. Simply put, the 3.2Ghz PPC hardware in the 360 and PS3 cannot be emulated by a 1.6Ghz x86 architecture.

The only way to get BC is to include the old hardware inside the new, which drives up costs and makes the machine larger. We are talking $100 extra at a minimum, and in today's market that will get you beat, atleast in the US...which is a region MS cannot afford to lose.
a_bro  +   1085d ago
if anything this is most likely gonna be part of the PS+ subscription.
baldulf  +   1085d ago
Why should you rebuy your old games?
sGIBMBR  +   1085d ago
If MS or Nintendo did this, by the users of this site it would be a scam of making people re buy their old games! Because it's Sony, all is good :)

I'm glad you fools are the minority!
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EbeneezerGoode  +   1085d ago
They could have it so it RECOGNIZES YOUR PS3 BLURAY DISC which then authorises the streaming of that game. I have to say this is a very imaginative solution to the BC problem while trying to make a new super powerful console on new hardware!

Much better than upping build cost with old chips inside. Genius stroke if it works like I just said - disc in to prove you own the PS3 game (instead of rebuying)

Rebuying kinda defeats 'backwards compat' so I doubt they would ignore your PS3 library.
TheGamerDood  +   1085d ago
got the source from WSJ article.

Sony Corp. 6758.TO -1.87% is planning to offer technology to stream games to its next videogame console, people familiar with the company's plans say, alongside other enhancements to bolster its position in the market.

The new technology, to be unveiled Wednesday along with the new console, will allow users to play games delivered over the Internet, these people said. The streaming service, they added, is designed to use current PlayStation 3 titles on the new console; the new device is also expected to play new games stored on optical discs.

Sony's plans come after it acquired Gaikai Inc. last year for $380 million. Though many companies now offer simple games over the Internet, Gaikai was one of several companies that offered online access to visually intense games, which ordinarily require specialized circuitry found on high-end personal computers and gaming consoles.

The streaming technology is one of the new features and enhancements expected to be offered with the new console, which Sony plans to unveil at an event in New York. Sony's new PlayStation, for example, may control the action with higher fidelity cameras for its "Move" motion-sensing technology and touch-sensing pads on new controllers, according to people who have seen and been briefed on the devices.

Still, Sony is pushing ahead and has been investing heavily to prepare Gaikai's service, people familiar with the matter say. Microsoft also has experimented with its own version of cloud gaming, people at the company have said, but has in the past questioned the costs associated with building a service large enough to reach all its customers.
Saigon  +   1085d ago
Because of the source, I doubt this would be considered a rumor. Usually when the WSJ, Reuters, or the other (Bloom-something, can't remember the name) reports information it can be considered creditable. They normally go by facts rather than expected fiction. Meaning, they have a valid source before they post anything or place it in their news papers.
The Great Melon  +   1085d ago

Bubbles for you. That would be an incredibly smart way to implement backwards compatibility. While I still want real compatibility without any latency, this would nonetheless be a brilliant move for Sony.

I hope they make a backwards compatible PS4 like they did with the PS3. The reason why I own an old 60 GB PS3 instead of some of the later models was simply because I heard they were cutting backwards compatibility out. They honestly forced me to spend $500 back then rather than wait for a price cut.
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Sunk  +   1085d ago
Its not a scam. When you purchase a game you don't buy a 'license' for it you only pay for the copy of that game. You can't 'own' a game, you only own the copy that you purchase.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1085d ago
I said sony would do this. Now like i also said be prepared to pay for it as well. Ps+ and gaikai will be combined for a paid subscription. You will be basically paying a rental fee to play the games on the ps4 that you bought for the ps3.

How else do you think Sony will make back the money they spent on buying gaikai?
Kevin ButIer  +   1085d ago
OMG I must be missing something here... people is wining about having to rebuy their games... by common sense I assume you have a PS3 to play those games right? If you are so in love with your PS3 games library you should keep your PS3. Stop this non sense, this is pure trolling.
kenshiro100  +   1085d ago
You mad bro, you real mad.
kneon  +   1085d ago
Who's forcing you to rebuy any games? Are they making you trade in your PS3 and all your old games before you can buy a PS4? No? Didn't think so.

By the end of 2014 a PS3 will probably be down to $129 so even if your current PS3 dies you will be able get a new one for peanuts.
3GenGames  +   1085d ago
Love how everything disagreed with me, but are praising a super-flawed way of recognizing what games they own. Games can't be numbered because they're made with physical dies. So if you put in a game and can stream it, who would be dumb enough to buy a game instead of renting/borrowing another copy instead? Use your head, N4G averages.
Ashunderfire86  +   1085d ago
It could mean that you can still put your PS3 game in, but the Gaikai could install it on the PS4, without a hitch. Why would they make you rebuy it when games like The Last Of Us, Beyond, GTA5 and many more games that are coming out this fall for PS3?
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wsoutlaw87  +   1085d ago
I only used BC once on my ps3 and i quickly stopped. I dont see why people care so much, just keep your ps3 if you have ps3 games. Im sure they came up with this gaikai solution as an answer to the fans that would be upset they couldn't play the games they already bought for ps3 on it. For that reason i think that theres a good chance that you will not have to rebuy any thing. The bluray drive is still the same so it should be able to tell what disk you have.
battlegrog  +   1085d ago
Umm if you have those games then you have a ps3.So you dont need to re buy it on ps4.
KrisButtar  +   1085d ago
I think it would be included in the hardware not using gaikai cause just looking at one country(USA) a 3rd of the population don't have Internet which is about 120million, that's a lot of people just in one market, what about Europe and Japan markets. sure not all of them will buy a ps4 but why alienate potential costumers.
RyuCloudStrife  +   1085d ago
WTF u smoking son? PASS THAT S#IT!!!
thecurseddevil  +   1085d ago
why would u buy the next xbox for bc,
pc can play most of the 360 games as most of 360 games are multiplat.
Fat Onion  +   1085d ago
Sony will most likely require you to insert your ps3 disc into ps4 everytime you play to verify you have it. Its as simple as that!
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J_Cob  +   1085d ago
Why not just keep your PS3? I still have my PS2.
GribbleGrunger  +   1085d ago
Sir, you are a dull and repetitive human being.

Anyway ... This also opens up the possibility of every single PC game coming to the PS4 too. In fact I'll personally guarantee it [Note that the previous statement is subject to change, and may not represent the final product.]
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WitWolfy  +   1085d ago

Dude I agree a 100% with you! My ISP will prob ban me if I stream games eventually exceeding a certain threshold... Who knows what cap will be needed to finish Uncharted in a 12 to 15 hour run through...

It sucks living in a 3rd world country...
DOMination-  +   1085d ago
This was inevitable when Sony broke away from the cell. I don't like it but its the best solution. To be fair most won't care about ps3 games when there's ps4 games out there.

I do think MS will be able to have BC though. MS are always obsessed with that on the windows platform to the point where it stops it from moving forward. People get annoyed at first but they'll move on. They did with ps3, they will again with ps4
delboy  +   1085d ago
You can't wait to pain again to be able to play games you already own?!
No brain, but money to trow away.


Going by the votes you've got, the fools are in fact in majority. Lol
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1085d ago
""making us rebuy all of our PS3 games""
No. If you have PS3 games it's because you have a PS3 to play them on. You're NOT forced to rebuy anything.

""If Microsoft sticks with BC...""
Right, because if Microsoft does BC it will somehow solve your PS3 games problem. /s
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GameNameFame  +   1084d ago
@NeverEndingFanboyism. You must not have a functioning brain
They may not ask you to purchase the game. You may simply be able to load your PS3 disc in PS4 and it may recognize it and book up Gaikai Streaming.
Hayabusa 117  +   1084d ago
'cose, you know, new hardware is all about playing last generation games right?

Being backwards compatible is a definite plus, but not an essential feature, and contrary to whatever you might think, backwards compatibility does not determine the success of a console. In fact, if it needs backwards compatibility to be successful, then that only shows that that new generation library of games is weak.

Best solution to backwards compatibility? keep our old hardware. simple.

The 360 is backwards compatible, yet one of my favourite games on the original XBox that I still want to play (Otogi 1 and 2) just happens to be one of the few games 360 won't play.

Suck it up and enjoy the PS4 for what it is.
OccludedGamer  +   1084d ago
I hope your equally ashamed for MS for not making all original Xbox games compatible and also Ninty for double charging (at a significantly lower price) customers for their digital content to be ported to the Wii-U OS.

If you look at the history then actually PS3 had the greatest BC functionality any console has ever had, with the original system capable of playing anything from Sony's entire history in the industry. No other console has ever had a system compatible with 2 previous generations of software and media.

You could try dispute the removal of the emotion engine but it would likely only be from a one sided perspective. When Sony removed the BC they knew a huge backlash would follow, it's not something any business would take lightly. So really you have to think, what was in their projections? Obviously things were going very bad for them and they needed to save costs somehow. I miss my BC but I'm also glad the system is still here..... but would it be if Sony didn't cut the BC?
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sackboyhappy  +   1084d ago
if you want to play ps3 and ps4 games simply keep both consoles
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1084d ago
I DON'T care about BC, NEVER did.

When ps4 launches I plan playing ps4 games, I don't have time to go back to games. The only games I went back to this gen were Uncharted and Fallout
wishingW3L  +   1084d ago
PC does better BC for PlayStation games than a real PlayStation console. And the funny thing is that all these emulators are created by a bunch of amateurs and for free with better emulation and graphics than an HD collection.

Don't you guys find that incredibly ironic?
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FamilyGuy  +   1084d ago
PS3 has a cell processor, unless they add one in every PS4 (which would raise its cost) I HIGHLY doubt the PS4 will be backward compatible.

I would think because of the way they design games around the cell it would be hard for the new system to to play them without it.
infamousinfolite  +   1084d ago

When you sell your games to Gamestop, Gamestop could give you a code that allows you to stream your old games with actually repurchasing it. Like if I sold MGS4, I will get a code that will allow me to 'buy' MGS4 and stream it to my PS4...


They could just make all the old PS3 games $20 or less.
Flavor  +   1084d ago
Hilarious how rumors of cloud support on xbox720 were met with derision and scorn on this site...
starchild  +   1084d ago
This is very cool, but I still hope for hardware backwards compatibility.

I would love it if Ps3 games could even be improved on the PS4 in terms of anti-aliasing at least.

I want the quality of PS3 games to go up, not down. But maybe that is still possible using the streaming tech. We'll see. Exciting times.
Yi-Long  +   1082d ago
I'd love backwards compatibility...
... but reading 'streaming' fills me with sadness, as I have absolutely no faith in that technology seeing how unstable/slow many internet-connections are.

I just want hardware-based backwards compatibility. I just want to put my PS3 disc into the new console and play the game.

I would even be willing to pay 100 bucks extra to have them include the extra necessary hardware needed to provide backwards compatibility.

They could even release 2 versions of the PS4, 1 with BC (including the PS3 hardware) and 1 without.
Smashbro29  +   1085d ago
Oh god please, hardware support PLEASE! Screw streaming.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1085d ago
And increase costs for everyone buying the console even the VAST majority who don't want to replay old/dated games??? Makes no sense.

This is perfect solution. Brand new hardware, old gamers catered for with streaming (Put PS3 disc in PS4 - simple security disc check will enable the stream - no need to REBUY your game)

If I can think of that solution then am sure Sony has.
classic200  +   1085d ago
lol you act like its not optional.
Imalwaysright  +   1085d ago
Speak for yourself fanboy. To this day I play my Megadrive, SNES, PS1 and PS2 games. I invested a lot of money on my games and i want to make sure that the money i spent won't be going to waste. The fact that i would be forced to be online and the fact that all sort of things could go wrong with this kind of "service"makes this streaming crap worthless to me. Gaikai is not the answear to BC. Not by a long shot.
clearelite  +   1085d ago
I would rather have the option to play my physical PS3 games as well, that are not on someone else's remote server, for various reasons.

Although, streaming is okay for demos, online games, and games I don't need in my collection imo.

@ebeneezer: It WOULD make sense to have hardware support for PS3 backwards compatibility because it wouldn't be very expensive to implement and it would enable their continued support of the PS3, a system with an already large user base. Although your security disc check I could almost live with if necessary.

@Alpha: Your BC accessory add on idea I could deal with.
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jonboi24  +   1085d ago
Can't you just keep your PS3? Full hardware BC would only cost more to manufacture and bump the price up. Just keep your PS3 and play on that. I still have all my older consoles and still use them. Sony isn't forcing you to rebuy your games or using this service. Seriously no one complains about having to rebuy a PS1 or PS2 classic they once owned.
Snookies12  +   1085d ago
@clearelite - Yeah, but like EbeneezerGoode mentioned, it would really hike up the price if they added PS3 emulation... I love his idea of having the disc put in to do a check on it. It would be the same exact thing as PS3 emulation. Put in the disc, stream the game. When you take the disc out, you won't be able to play it until you put it back in. It's exactly what we are doing now, but streaming instead. That would also take out the possibility of "rented or borrowed games" being added to your digital library. You could only play them while the disc is inserted.
NeXXXuS  +   1084d ago
I agree with you. I prefer having a physical copy of my games. I don't like the idea of streaming video games or having everything being downloadable. Most developers already don't put a manual inside the game cases because it's online. I'm getting a bit tired of technology becoming too mainstream and having to be "futuristic" in order to make people feel happy.
Just a personal opinion
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Red_Orange_Juice  +   1084d ago
tip for you, keep your ps3
Yi-Long  +   1082d ago
@Everyone saying we should keep our PS3...
... PS3's can break down, and when that happens and they don't sell them anymore, the ability to play your collection of games would be gone as well. Which is why we wantbackwards compatible hardware in the PS4.

It would cost them less than 100 bucks to implement it in the new PS4, hardware-wise, and I would be more than willing to spend that extra money to get hardware-based BC.

Maybe Sony can release 2 versions of the PS4: 1 with complete backwards compatibility by including the necessary hardware, and one without, which would obviously be cheaper.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1085d ago
ps3 games on the go on vita! my 15mb/s is ready!
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Just_The_Truth  +   1085d ago
Can anyone clarify. By streaming do they mean you connect your ps3 to your ps4 using gaikai and play your old ps3 games?
The_Infected  +   1085d ago
^ It means Gaikai will stream games to the PS4 that are on PS3
. If you get a PS4 you also have the capability with it to stream PS3 games without the need for a PS3:)
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DOMination-  +   1085d ago
You won't need to connect your ps3 to your ps4.

There will be a store where you'll have to rebuy your ps3 games. Then they are played on a remote server and streamed to your ps4.
Just_The_Truth  +   1084d ago
Thanks guys. So basically if I own the disk already it doesn't matter but I can rebuy them and have them streamed to the ps4. If so how is that any different from the playstation store?
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1084d ago
if they are streamed, it doesnt matter on what platform they are from originally (Sony can even allow PC games being streamed to PS4), games from store would require backwards compatibility
The_Infected  +   1085d ago
Why can't PS3 stream PS4 games as well? Even if lots of people didn't buy the PS4 it's not like its going to hurt Sony they want profit from PS4 that much if any at all for a long time. I think it should go both ways because not everyone would have the Internet speed to stream the games and those could easily buy the PS4. It should self balance itself out.
Fat Onion  +   1085d ago
Because ps4 will have new eye controller and other stuff they want to sell. But yeah, they could do that if they wanted to but then that would decrease number of ps4's being sold. Large amounts of them being manufactured lowers build cost of console.
N311V  +   1085d ago
Third paragraph of the article tells you why.
DeadlyFire  +   1083d ago
Well the likely fear is that PS3 might have errors utilizing the program code. I personally believe it would be more than possible if they gave PS3 right conditions by building an app for PS3 to launch. They have done it for Windows, Mac, Linux, and so on for different Cell phone OSes. So its more than possible.

The only real requirement is bandwidth + small app to run the code. Cell phones run OnLive just fine. OTOY has also been tested on those platforms. PS3 is more than capable. If PS2/PS1 had a unified Network/system for updates then it could even run it.

With Gaikai PS1,2,3,4, Vita, PSP, and PC titles could be streamed to any of the platforms that had enough power to utilize the application(Andriod, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, Smart TVs, all Smartphones, and so on.)

Likely Sony might be aiming to throw in a rental service for games, and possibly a way to sell or trade games between profiles with developers receiving a royalty with every sell/trade. Then again that is in a semi-DRM free world though and we know that doesn't exist.
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BioDead  +   1085d ago
YES! Every single PS game from every region!! <3_<3
Jason143  +   1084d ago
its not as crisp as playing it on your tv with a disc. if they can perfect the visual quality will be amazing. if not will be like onlive and that isnt a good thing
TAURUS-555  +   1084d ago
hopefully those streamed PS3 games will also have online feature.
Persistantthug  +   1084d ago
I'm curious if the PS4 will have PS1 and/or PS2 disk based backwards compatibility....
Hopefully it does.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1084d ago
Great news but I'm curious about the price.
xursz  +   1085d ago
Awesome, if I can buy TLOU on the new system with smoother frame rate then I'm %100 down for this. This is the way to go for backward compatibility. It's also reassuring that ps4 games should still be on optical discs.

Still it's rumor and speculation until confirmed.
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Pandamobile  +   1085d ago
Streaming games is still limited to 30 FPS I believe.
adorie  +   1085d ago
Lol. Won't be hard to get the games going, seeing as how many PS3 games are locked to 30 fps.
-Alpha  +   1085d ago
The bigger issue for me is data usage caps I have here in Canada :/

I'd much rather buy an accessory add-on to allow for BC. I can understand not putting it in maybe for costs/hardware construction, but streaming HD games isn't an option for me.
PinkFunk  +   1085d ago
My Christ, Canada is still so ancient in its communications services... I don't recall getting capped when I was with tekksavvy, but that's a service only available in Toronto, methinks. Not a clue who I'm with now, as I don't take care of that, but it may be Videotron (Mtl).

What company you with Alpha? Rogers?
imXify  +   1085d ago
Now some ISPs are going for unlimited data usage. I'm with Distributel now. They use Videotron's and Rogers cable for their internet and I have no problem with that, it's still reliable :P
OpenGL  +   1084d ago
Well theoretically you could do 60fps streaming but I'd say that is extremely unlikely, and on top of the 30fps cap, there will be some amount of compression artifacts, and additional latency as a result of the games being streamed over the internet.

Sony isn't going to let you stream games you already own because it costs them money to do so. If they intend to make it so every PS3 game can be streamed for free on the PS4 just by inserting the disc into the console, they'll end up spending more money in server costs over the years than if they had included hardware backwards compatibility.

I am getting sick of Sony and Microsoft constantly jumping from one architecture to another, especially when they keep moving to hardware not powerful enough to emulate the previous iteration. I honestly would have preferred an updated version of the Cell with something like 3-4 PPEs and 12-16 SPEs because at least it would have made backwards compatibility much easier. Sure some developers might not like it but it is not as if having eight 1.6GHz x86 cores is that much better, especially not ones based on Bulldozer.
miyamoto  +   1085d ago
A BC PS4 is no doubt is like having a bonus PS3 but at what price?

Any ways with the strong support the PS3 is still having and it imminent price cuts BC will not be a great issue haters are saying it will be for the next 4 years.

In fact getting a PS3 to play Ps3 games is the most economical and practical solution to play PS3 games.

And I have no doubt PS3 and PS Vita is capable of Gaikai even.

Also Gaikai have the potential to be the Netflix of video games across multiple platforms like Sony gaming devices, PS3, PS Vita, Android, Apple, smartphones, tablets, PCs, Laptops, etc.

One time payment to play PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS Vita games on any of these devices makes gaming very affordable.

It will reach more people to play PlayStation games in the end which will benefit everyone: gamers, devs, pubs and hardware. win win
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jay2  +   1085d ago
I'm going to be keeping my PS3 cause my net speed is poo :(.
tachy0n  +   1085d ago
it would be suicide for sony and anybody else to go full digital, internet speeds are not fast enough yet, the average internet speed in the US is 5 Megabits.... now imagine the average speed in other countries...

good thing sony is not going full digital.
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Godmars290  +   1085d ago
Should be pointed out that no matter how its done, whether its through PS+ or the individual titles are outright bought, this will mean that the P4 will have a technical "always online." PS+ itself is an always online service, so Sony is very mcuh getting away with something MS may be thinking about making openly required.
BlueTemplar  +   1085d ago
How does this equate to an "always online" requirement?

You'd need it for streaming ps3 games, in the same way you'd need it for streaming movies from netflix but i dont see any mention of requiring an online connection for ps4 games - you know, the games the console is primarily designed for.
Godmars290  +   1085d ago
That's the thing, its not a requirement, its an option. One that doesn't get rid of used games, but does make them less appealing. The whole of PS3's game library could be offered through PS+. PS+ itself could be remolded on a paid tear system giving you access to a certain number of titles per month, and to play them they'd have to be online. Always online becomes an option that's required.

If you are streaming games, as apposed to downloaded titles, you'll have to always be online.

The main point I'm trying to make is that Sony will make it's customer base accustomed to having their systems always online. PS+, if they make most if not all PS3 titles available via streaming, will become extremely attractive to new PS4 owners as it will give them instant access to a ton of games, but it will also make them use to the idea of always having the system online.

Its a reason to always be online.
#4.1.1 (Edited 1085d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report
BlueTemplar  +   1085d ago
@Godmars290 yeah, but that would be entirely optional and in no way a requirement - you need to be online now to make use of services such as netflix but that doesnt mean the ps3 has an always online requirement the way MS are rumoured to be enforcing with the new xbox.
#4.1.2 (Edited 1085d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
BlueTemplar  +   1085d ago
Also, PS+ is NOT an "always online" service - you need to be online to download a game (obviously) but once its downloaded theres absolutely no requirement whatsoever to be connected to the internet until the game is due to expire and you want the licence to renew.
MikeMyers  +   1085d ago
I said it when Sony acquired Gaikai that it would be in Sony's best interest to use this technology to stream games and lock it to the PS+ model. That keeps costs down for the PS4 hardware and they don't have to worry about having backwards compatibility. It could also be used for PS2 and PSOne games. It also boosts PS+ memberships. This is something that Microsoft should do as well to make Xbox Live more appealing to justify its fees IMO.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   1085d ago
That's like saying that games with any online feautures have a "always online." type thing. :P
Energy-HL  +   1085d ago
If the PS4 is unable to emulate PS3 games could be possible to stream games you already own. Put a PS3 disk in so PS4 knows you have the game and there you have it game streamed to PS4.
Kane22  +   1085d ago
i was also thinking that.
Arksine  +   1085d ago
Its possible, but I don't see that happening. It would be prohibitively expensive to run that kind of service with no return.

I suspect that Gaikai will be tied to some sort of subscription. Sony may go with a tiered PS+ approach. Basic would be basically what you receive today at $50 a year. Premium would include Gaikai and possibly Movie rentals for $15 a month.
rainslacker  +   1085d ago
I think what Arksine says is accurate. Allowing full BC on the system through Gaikai would probably cost them more than just putting a cell chip into the system itself. The servers and net usage do cost a lot of money to buy and maintain, and streaming BC is less than ideal, and prone to many issues for the consumer. I actually see this more of a way to offer games to the consumer, either through a subscription service(unlikely to be 100% of games, as publishers would have to agree), or to allow people to purchase games that they do not have to download. It could also be used for other things.

For the time being I think people are just assuming this is how BC is going to be offered, and like always too many people jump the gun.
jocomat9  +   1084d ago
then give it to a friend and he will get it for free. It can easily be abused so it wont happen.
animegamingnerd  +   1085d ago
i rather have actual backwards compatibility i hope i don't have to rebuy the games like i having to wait for a HD collection or to release on psn
Energy-HL  +   1085d ago
Yeah would be good however, the PS4 is rumored to have 8 core cpu? and PS3 10 core.Not saying its less powerful just might not be possible to emulate so streaming would make sense.
rainslacker  +   1085d ago
The SPE cores in the Cell are much different than the multi-cores of the rumored PS4 chip. Being an entirely different architecture though means that emulation would likely be impossible with only a one gen gap between them. It is possible that they could get PS2 software emulation going, as that is most viable on any current PC brought in the past 2 years.
Ju  +   1085d ago
So "streaming" is the new buzzword. It doesn't require any computers because it "comes through teh internetz".

Let me ask you this. If an 8 core cpu with a monster GPU and massive bandwidth compared to the PS3 cannot emulate a PS3, a "wonderbox" on the other end of teh net can? And even if, you will need one server for each PS4 sold to be able to play those games? How feasible is this?

It just won't happen. No matter what the WJS is reporting. This is either unrelated to BC or there was some misunderstanding. Considering this is no tech paper but a business orientated firm I would not be surprised if the later is true.
#6.1.2 (Edited 1085d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
xtheownerzx  +   1085d ago
February 20th is my birthday and hopefully the announcement of the PS4? God I'm lucky.
FarCryLover182  +   1085d ago
You'd be even luckier if your birthday was on the PS4's release date and you got one as a gift.
darx  +   1085d ago
Now cloud gaming is cool! /s
xursz  +   1085d ago
Relax we don't even know how or if it works yet. Onlive sucked these last 2 years and they went nowhere fast. I heard from reliable players that Gaikai was the real deal though so who knows.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1085d ago
Problem is OnLive and whatever Sony is offering are constrained by services and networks outside their control. Basically if your connection made OnLive impractical then why would streaming to PS4 be any better?
FarCryLover182  +   1085d ago
Ok I am confused. You can stream them for free? Or pay for the streaming games?
Energy-HL  +   1085d ago
Most likely you would pay for individual games. Maybe people with PS+ would get some games part of there sub.
rainslacker  +   1085d ago
Don't know yet. Probably have to wait till Wednesday to find out. Some people are just assuming it is for BC, but the title and article itself doesn't really specify, although it does kind of make that assumption. Given that Sony is offering a lot of media services as of late with SEN, I could see this as another offering...possibly a way to rent or buy games, offer demos, etc. Or it could be used for BC. Likely you'll have to pay something though...I doubt most publishers are just going to allow their games to be offered for free on Sony's service to be nice.
SuMtOnE  +   1085d ago
maybe similar to Playstation Plus where as long as your a paid member you can dl and play any game available Playstation 3 games on the PS4 via stream.
Furesis  +   1085d ago
so like netflix but with games hmm.. that sounds interesting
DivineAssault  +   1085d ago
im sure all games will be able to be streamed.. why just PS3? Hopefully we have a better idea of whats going on on the 20th.. 4 1/2 more days!
RTheRebel  +   1085d ago
dualpixels rumors are all coming true now only thing is that sony announce vr headset
5 more days till find out =)
BlueTemplar  +   1085d ago
Would also potentially make sense to make ps4 games streamable to existing ps3 hardware to some extent - this way developers can avoid the traditional launch problems of having a very limited audience to sell their games to.

This way, rather than a million or two potential buyers, theyd have an audience of 70 million+ right from the off, with anyone wanting the optimal experience still going out and buying the new hardware.
2pacalypsenow  +   1085d ago
i hope we dont have to re buy those Streamed games
Ju  +   1085d ago
Just a note: That article on the WSJ does not exist.
thebudgetgamer  +   1085d ago
I hope it works like the Sega channel.
Prodigy-X  +   1085d ago
Hope it can stream PS1 & PS2 games as well.
wishingW3L  +   1085d ago
why not just do software BC for PS1 and PS2? It would be way cheaper for Sony, faster for us and publishers would only need to put the ISOs on the PS Store.

PCSX2 (PC PS2 emulator) runs on x86-x64 architecture (PS4's supposed to run on one of those 2), it makes the games look better than the HD collections and it runs on hardware weaker than the PS4 rumored specs. So software emulation for PS1 and PS2 is totally possible on the PS4.
GribbleGrunger  +   1085d ago
Because using Gaikai means instant compatibility with every single device that can connect to the internet. People are not seeing how big this is. Gaikai is going to be gaming channel. Sony are about to expose every single person with a connection to PS games.
#17.1.1 (Edited 1085d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
profgerbik  +   1085d ago
Not even being a dick but what the hell did people expect Sony to do with Gaikai? Nothing...? Anyone who knows what Gaikai was before knew this was going to happen once Sony bought it.

If you ask me these articles are hella late.

Anyway, that means those same games can be streamed to the PS Vita probably also, Ni No Kuni on Vita here I come without a firmware hack.

Going to be sick. I hope they have it up and running to show off on the 20th.
#18 (Edited 1085d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ju  +   1085d ago
I still don't believe it. Sony won't implement something like OnLive (through Gaikai). I think it was a strategic purchase.

From a technical standpoint I do not believe a existing binary PS3 title can run on any kind of HW which is economically feasible to maintain. Using a streaming service doesn't change this. You will need an extrem powerful server farm which would probably be more expensive than putting a HW BC into the PS4.

With that said, any such solution, if at all will target something else.

If those PS3 games would require to be "ports" than those could as well be ported to the PS4 and run natively like current refactored PS2 games. But this will mean those games need to be rebuild - each of them. And those could as well run on a server.

Again, unlikely.

I think Gaikai was purchase as a technology portfolio and because of OnLive at the time (which was the competition). So, either this was strategic or to strip whatever technology they have out of Gaikai.

After the crash of OnLive I think this tech will be used in a similar but still different way. Maybe some form of improved "remote play". Something down the line. But it will not be a streaming service a la OnLive. I would not hold my breath waiting this materializes.

Anyway, come the 20th we'll know more. And maybe I will have to take this back. But so far, I doubt it.
Jek_Porkins  +   1085d ago
Hmmm, this could be bad if they don't offer any actual hardware backwards compatibility. I guess I'll wait to get actual real information, but backwards compatibility is high on my list of features for next generation. I cant have 10 consoles hooked up.
vega275  +   1084d ago
well it's either have your old ps3 hooked up to play ps3 games or rebuy them so they can be play thru gaikai on your ps4.

ontopic: i knew sony was going to do this. make people rebuy games they already own. i hope MS doesn't do this with the next xbox cause i have over 70 games for it and i would like to replace my system. i already have enough things hooked up to my TV.
#19.1 (Edited 1084d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SonyNGP  +   1085d ago
Let's just hope that they don't pull some dumb IP lock on it due to some "copyright issues" crap.
EffectO  +   1085d ago
Please buy PS3 games again,please.No chance this will be free.
Pillsbury1  +   1085d ago
"it could work across a range of internet-connected devices; the company might be able to stream to the PlayStation Vita handheld, the existing PlayStation 3, or even tablets and mobile phones."

Playing ps3 games streamed to my vita?! PLEASE SONY!
Energy-HL  +   1085d ago
Would be deal breaker
supremacy  +   1085d ago
The key to Sony's success lies with PlayStation plus.

I say Sony should go beyond with what they currently offer through plus and create an entirely new premium PlayStation plus service. They could call it PlayStation Premium+ and offer more than just game related perks. For example...

PlayStation Premium+ offers its subscribers a movie and music collection,this works just like your instant gaming collection.

3 free HD movies a month, and your choice of 6 songs a month.

Its also worth noting that this new service will also offer discounts on movies and music.

In Addition to this PlayStation Premium+ will cover half of your monthly fees on your favorite streaming services such as netflix hulu+vudu,provided you are susbcribe to those services.

With the addition of gaikai, PlayStation Premium+ will also offer full psone, ps2,psp,psn and ps3 games to any compatible devices for free exclusively to PlayStation Premium+ subscribers.

Auto settings, auto patches and background updates are all included as well.

PlayStation Premium+ will also offer and support MMO gaming at no extra cost outside of your subscription.

Finally but not least, PlayStation Premium+ will record and save your favorite tv shows at no extra cost.

PlayStation Premium+ will cost 69.99 a year.
#23 (Edited 1085d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BlueTemplar  +   1085d ago
Sounds a bit like wishful thinking - thats an awful lot of content for 69.99 a year - i dont know what netflix costs in the US but over here in the uk its about £7 a month, so £3.50 x 12 on its own would be £42 (already more than the cost of a current ps+ sub)
adorie  +   1085d ago
Bump it to 104.99 and cut the cost of PS+ by 10 bucks and I'd say, in my opinion, it's a good move. But, what do I know?I'm not business woman.
#23.1.1 (Edited 1085d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
baodeus  +   1085d ago

so what happen to the part where PSN premium +, as you described, is profitable for Sony?
supremacy  +   1084d ago
Well is just a wild and crazy idea in theory, but i am sure there can be ways to make something like this or similar work out.
But i am with you guys on this though, there needs to be a profitable aspect to all this.

Sony is bound to lose money on each unit sold, its how they've always done console launches. MS figured they charge for live and charge for it, not only to cut losses on hardware sell, but also make a profit down the line.

Money they then use to buy exclusive rights to a number of content outside of time exclusivity. I just hope Sony can take advantage of this as well, because that would seriously help them in the long run.
Barneyco  +   1084d ago
Instead of giving you 6 free songs, they could add their music unlimited with the bundle. Just a thought.
Soldierone  +   1085d ago
Really? So just like PSP Go we will have to buy all our games over again....

I love PlayStation, I think this service will be great, however it shouldn't be the only option. I currently own over 60 games, I'm not buying them again and would prefer to not have to use two consoles for it.

It will probably be overpriced too. PS3 games that can be found at retail for 20 dollars or less, will probably be 40 to 60 still. Just like PS2 and some Ps1 games are 10 to 15 dollars on PSN....
Ashunderfire86  +   1085d ago
I actually said this in another article, but did not know that there will be a rumor like this, I guess I was very accurate in my vision of the announcement lol!!! And it shows. Look for #24 comment:
NameRemoved0017  +   1085d ago
The PS4 should be powerful enough to emulate ps1/ps2 perfectly, if it has a disk drive I bet Sony would do this.
kingmushroom  +   1085d ago
It would be so freaking awesome if we could stream all ps3 titles through Gaikai whith the PS+ subcription.
WeaseL  +   1085d ago
PS4 will have a service that when you insert the PS3 game you will be able to stream it from the cloud. There will be a PS3 app on the XMB.
SDF Repellent  +   1085d ago
Sony streaming service...making people rebuy and pay for rental gamrs. ,= Sony is treating the customers right.

If this is Microsoft, then it is ripping customers.

You gotta love the standard here on N4g.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1084d ago
ms is scared.
Rockefellow  +   1085d ago
I'm fearful to even read through this mess of comments, but if this means my vast collection of physical PS3 games are incompatible and I'll have to repurchase them, I'll be pretty pissed. I'll end up leaving the PS3 sitting next to it's little brother, but I'd love to have it all in one box.
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