Housemarque CEO: “No Housemarque Title has Been Cancelled in Years”

Earlier this week, we let you know that Housemarque had responded to the concept art that recently showed up for Dead Nation 2, a Superman video game, and a game based off of The Walking Dead. Now at the end of the week, the CEO of Housemarque, Ilari Kuittinen, released a statement about their previous statement.

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TrendyGamers2008d ago

Dead Nation 2 is hopefully one of their in development titles.

Knushwood Butt2007d ago

I'm still waiting for Dead Nation to be released in Japan....

P_Bomb2007d ago

They do solid work and I look forward to another entry in either Super Stardust or Dead Nation.

modesign2007d ago

i would hope no one canceled a downloadable game,

r212007d ago

Yes, there is hope for DN2! :D

Rainstorm812007d ago

They make great games that are very retro yet current gen, I'd love to see sequels to Outland and Dead Nation

Is the pic a concept art of DN2 with Dinosaurs?

InMyOpinion2007d ago

Playing Outland right now. Very good game!

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