Dev: Wii U may do ‘even better’ than Wii

Amidst a wasteland of negativity and scepticism, a developer spurs our hopes, claiming that the Wii U could outsell the Wii.
On the Wii U, Giants Software’s Mark Schwegler says, “There’s a lot of potential that’s not tapped yet, if it is and if it will be then I think it could be more popular than the Wii because it’s something more.”

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jay22130d ago

Nah. I doubt it................

darthv722130d ago

on how you view it.

From the games POV it already does wii games better than the wii. That is related to upscaling and convenience of the system overall.

As far as untapped potential, that has been a very common thing even since the days of the 2600. Generally, game development improves within a platform over time.

this is primarily due to experience with the hardware and knowing where certain limitations exist. finding creative ways around those and delivering an optimized product as a result.

We have seen it on the NES, Genesis, SNES, PS1, PS2 and we are seeing it on the PS3 and 360. Even the wii received some better made games slightly before the release of the wii-u.

Now patience is a tough thing to have but its worth it if the end result delivers. I have been entertained by many a late bloomer game in the various console generations that really impresses me. Already calling the wii-u a failure is not warranted just as those calling the ps3 a failure was not warranted. Or any platform a failure for that matter.

It just takes time and good creative development to get the best out of something. Trouble is, too many companies are just looking to do the quick cash in on any investment instead of really putting in the teamwork to make a quality product. Some...not all (just to clarify).

those that do put in the effort, you can tell they have a passion for creating games.

deafdani2130d ago

Post that says "I doubt it" > 32 agrees, 7 disagrees.

Well elaborated, well thought reply with absolutely zero fanboyish nonsense behind it, grounded on common sense and optimism > 2 agrees, 10 disagrees. Sigh.

People must really hate to read. Bubble up for intelligent comment.

BakedGoods2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

You're forgetting a couple things.

DINNER PLATE: the controller. imagine holding this beast during a 4-hour skyrim sesh---AINT GONNA HAPPEN. touch controls won't help a damn. I'm sorry, but if you consider absolute reaction time, looking at my damn controller SUBTRACTS FROM THAT. pretty colors and flashing screen notwithstanding.

ONLINE: jesus christ. When is Nintendo going to swallow their pride and admit THEY DONT GET ONLINE. i was born and raised Nintendo; I owe them my childhood, but seriously, MS has been doing this RIGHT for two generations, Sony's playing the same tune. Nintendo is lagging behind.

GAMES: Make or break. Nintendo is brilliant at first party, but considering previous points (1) and (2), why the #@%^ would a dev choose the Wii-U if not to make a half-assed port? Beyond that, why would I even choose a Wii-U multiplat game over a PS4 or Xbox-whatever?! Not a damn reason.

Nintendo: you're breaking my heart. Figure it out soon, or this will be the first gen I won't throw you a dime.

Benjaminkno2130d ago

Honestly, Nintendo would be lucky to see WiiU do even "half" as good as Wii did.

I would argue that Nintendo would be more successful if they could get third party game sales to see an improvement over Wii.

I can see why Nintendo isn't taken seriously anymore, much to their competitors avail.

AJBACK2FRAG2129d ago

Baked Goods, Sorry I one hudred per cent disagree. I think the WiiU is customed designed for a Skyrim like experience navigating menus with a touch screen would stream line the endless menus and the Skyward Sword contols would fit this game in my opinion perfectly. Onlline. Nintendo's online service is incredible now chatting and video conferencing is cool but I've seen the most amazing art in those little rectangles and get this everybody's very cool and extremely nice. Example I'm a huge Nintendo fanman and this person had drawn a really cool Nintendo themed piece of artwork and I was like that's a really cool piece of art and I went on to say I'm a big fan of the big N and I own all their home consoles and they said they did to and I was like oh have you ever heard of Gumpei Yokoi? They just drew a set of eyes and a huge smile and It was very intense It was very weird to find someone that liked Nintendo as much as me just cause I like their art. Do you own a WiiU? Have you utilized Miiverse? If you have you'd realize Nintendo has beat Microsoft at the one thing their good at. Miiverse>Xbox Live. You'd know that if you used it. Nintendo is the best softare developer in the world. That's not opinion that's common knowledge. Nintend creates nigh indestructible hardware. Fact. Nintendo offers the best customer service of any company. That's why they're number one.
See you at e3 kids!

ZombieNinjaPanda2130d ago

And to think Ps3 fanboys bitch about others "trolling" Sony/Ps3 news. Look at the first comment here.

Hicken2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

Hardly trolling. Given the Wii U's current situation- not to say that it won't change- having it outsell its predecessor doesn't sound very likely.

The system had a great launch, but it's moving very slowly now. Hopefully, that'll pick up as upcoming games are released, but as it currently stands, the Wii U isn't going to put up Wii numbers.

If you're being objective- and your comment says you'd rather try and bash others than do so- then jay's comment is sensible.


Edit: To be fair, he SHOULD have had more content to his comment, but that doesn't stop the comment itself from being fairly reasonable... which is rather the opposite of trolling.

rainslacker2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Thank you for that insightful analysis, jay

Mounce2129d ago

Basically what I was going to say, but with more laughter. Like: BAAHAHAHAHA.....Yea okay there. The only way they'd get success even financially with Wii U? Is if they slash the price like they did with 3DS, but Nintendo is in desperate need for actual profit. So if by them pumping out 1st party software doesn't remedy their problems....Well, Nintendos going to be a BIT in trouble.

3DS wasn't a hit at launch and Wii U wasn't too great in comparison itself, 3DS needed a giant slash before it started selling and at this point? 3DS doesn't give Nintendo profit per sale and I'm unsure about Wii U, all I know is the only way for them to sell more is to slash the price or introduce a better software lineup. If they slash the price it will promote higher sales, but less profit at the end of the day.

Nintendo better think of something fast, beyond simply pumping out more Zelda/Mario games.

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PopRocks3592130d ago

Too early to tell obviously. 3DS didn't start off well, and now it's selling faster than its predecessor. So who knows?

TruthbeTold2130d ago

Already over 30 million sold, when just a little over a year ago haters had it dead/doomed, and shareholders wanted Iwata's head. Who knows for sure what will happen with the Wii U, but I'd like to think that come mid 2014 or so, we'll once again be laughing at the negativity and hate of this time period.

PopRocks3592129d ago

Who knows. There are some people who insist that the Wii U is weaker than/on par with the 360/PS3 despite the recent development with Criterion's port of Need for Speed on the Wii U.

At this point I'm pretty certain those who are bias against Nintendo are going to remain so no matter what the hell they do.

delboy2129d ago

Power will be with Sony and MS, but price will be on WiiU side.
So in 2014,every console will have great games, but the cheapest will sell the most.
So don't be surprised if wiiu sells beyond everyone's expectations.

Dylila2130d ago ShowReplies(8)
wiiulee2130d ago

honestly if nintendo can get their acts together and straighten things and bring out the games...wiiu can end up selling more then wii....wiiu is a unique system with great possibilities and the gamepad controller fits casual and hardcore and is the future controller, you already see sony copying it on a smaller scale..nintendo need to hurry and release the big games and more games and collaborations announcements and get better commercials pointing out the uniqueness of wiiu.

-IronMan-2130d ago

ummm no someone is delusional.

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