Hawken Does the Harlem Shake

The team at Adhesive Games has not let the latest internet phenomenon pass them by. Instead, they decided to make there own version of the Harlem Shake, with robots and rockets.

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kefkah1432d ago

Ah, the internet. Ever the wonderland of twists, turns and memes.

washednblood1432d ago was...interesting...

Grayn1432d ago

I like memes and I like, win.

Timesplitter141432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

aha they did one of those memes my nephew told me about!

Chuck Norris is strong guys am I right? Am I right?

pr0t0typeknuckles1432d ago

ive seen 20 of these in one week, this is gonna die faster than an arrow to the knee.

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