EA says that over 3 million people downloaded Crysis 3 beta

Crysis 3– which launches next week on PC, PS3, and 360– had a beta available for download in the months before launch, and according to EA that beta was downloaded over 3 million times.

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hiredhelp2130d ago

Not bad mine on pre-order in uk.
But if they sell enough i like crytek to start a brand new IP let crysis rest for abit show me what i know you can do.
Far cry,crysis,warface,Homefront 2..... Come on give me back a mix of old far cry with crysis 1 or completly differnt game.

FlashBack2129d ago

Really, a mix of old far cry and crysis 1? That's like a mix or call of duty and battlefield. When you mix things, they might as well be different.

LOL_WUT2130d ago

Hopefully this game sells well the beta is a lot of fun fast, intense gameplay.

darren_poolies2129d ago

I thought the beta was really underwhelming tbh. It just felt like a addon map pack for Crysis 2 or something.

corpsemaker2128d ago

Not to disagree, but isn't that how every COD game feels every year?

Ares84HU2129d ago

I did on PS3 and it was awesome. The new Hunter mode is a ton of fun. Probably the best miltiplayer mode ever since deathmatch.

r212129d ago

Agreed, loved hunter mode! Intensely fun and unpredictable :D Hunting felt badass and surviving the hunter attacks even more badass >:)

TheyDontLoveYou2129d ago

3 million downloads. 500,000 copies sold. Crysis 3 blows chunks.

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The story is too old to be commented.