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Since it’s Black History month, I wanted to write a little piece about my favorite minorities in gaming. Now this is a personal list so feel free to disagree and let me know why I’m wrong in the comments. The only two requirements I had for a character to be on this list was that they had to be either a main character or integral to the advancement of the story, and I have to had played the game. Hit the jump for the my picks.

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Pandamobile1831d ago

Top 10 Non-Whites in Gaming has to be one of the stranger top 10 lists I've seen...

Kevin ButIer1831d ago

It gets weirder when you get to number five and discover that they run out of ideas… yes… It’s a top 4…

Muazimus-Prime1831d ago

Seeing as how no other characters fit the descrption of the list, I felt I had to explain my decision to not force in a character that didn't meet the requirements I set for myself.

pr0t0typeknuckles1831d ago

i guess if i had to choose my top 10 minorities id be
1-Prince of Persia
2-Jade (BG&E/MK)
3-Lee Everett
4-Faith Connors
5-Wei Shen
6-Death (hes grey skinned, and theres only 4 nephilim)
7-Carl "CJ muthafucking" Johnson
10-Dante (hes half demon, you dont have to be a different skin tone to be a minority, you just have to be the minority)

clearelite1831d ago

Since when does not being white make you a minority?

Muazimus-Prime1831d ago

Thanks for explaining HufandPuf. I'll be sure to be clearer in my titling next time.

pr0t0typeknuckles1831d ago

i dont know because when you think about it there are white minorities, people just dont think about it

clearelite1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Some would say that in many areas and perhaps globally they are a minority, haha.

Mutant-Spud1831d ago

European descended people are about 8% of the world's population, so yeah, in reality we're the minority.