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Top 5 Disappointments On PS3

Sam Smith: ''With the recent travesty known as Aliens: Colonial Marines making us pine for what could have been, Play have decided to take a look back at five games that could have been so much more. There’s no real order to these, all of them were pretty rubbish.'' (A Game of Thrones, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Duke Nukem Forever, Lair, PS3, The Lord of the Rings: Conquest)

thirtyandnerdy  +   868d ago
Haha, too funny that Colonial Marines made the list. And I remember Lair. I wanted to love that game. I bought it after they patched the controls. Despite that it was still sooo bad. It had gorgeous cut scenes though.
Army_of_Darkness  +   868d ago
what is this shit!?
I came in here expecting to see disappointing ps3 exclusives Not 90% multiplat games??!
article tricked me!
Blackdeath_663  +   868d ago
same, i guess some one want to poke at sony amidst all the hype and rumours of next gen. the list is good though they were pertty disappointing game. duke nukem and alien colonial marines suffered the same problem in development for ages and passed between different developers
MikeMyers  +   867d ago
You're right, those games were also a disappointment on other systems. Flamebait article.
Daver  +   868d ago
Lair is still one of my favorite games this generation, it was technically impressive and it was fun. I played it with the sixaxis and it played great, only people who didnt give it a try for real say otherwise. Not saying it was perfect but there is still no other games like it.
Eldyraen  +   868d ago
I'd had replaced something with Haze personally.

It wasn't as bad as some listed here but it wasn't quite what it should and could had been either--and like Lair was an actual exclusive. I can honestly say the only thing I really remember about Haze was it had something to do with Nectar and bee color motifs... and I had forgotten about it almost completely until reading this.
Irishguy95  +   868d ago
Yeah same, Disappointing and bad aren't the same thing. Haze had quite the hype back in the day
BanBrother  +   868d ago
I came into here expecting Haze to be on. I had some 'fun' with that game,though it was mainly the experience rather than the game.
DigitalRaptor  +   868d ago
Haze was disappointing, but like you said, it wasn't a bad game. I think the stereotypical soldier aspect was overlooked as lazy and unoriginal, when in fact it was the Nectar drug making them act that way so they didn't fear going into battle.

It was a pretty good game tbh, but I would've taken a new TimeSplitters game over it any day.
Knushwood Butt  +   867d ago
Haze was poor.

I remember seeing the start of the second level (?) which I think had you driving a buggy around this dirt coloured landscape, and the environments looked like a joke. This was compared to the first level in the jungle, which actually looked pretty good.

Anyway, the online co-op was quite good fun.

Edit - found it!

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r21  +   868d ago
Now that the PS4 controller has way way improved motion controls, its probable that we could see a better Lair coming out for it.
abzdine  +   868d ago
i think Lair is worth trying. people say it sucks before they tried it out. i liked the sixaxis implementation it works quite well and graphics weren't bad at all.

and how stupid is it to say PS3 disappointment where only one of the games if exclusive ?
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RevXM  +   868d ago
Ive never played Lair myself, but I always wanted to.
Well until all the harsh reviews came in atleast saying the controls didnt work...

WHAT IF... LAIR controls worked perfectly?
What then?
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Master of Unlocking  +   868d ago
I own Lair, it's very impressive technically, and pretty enjoyable actually, but marred by time limits and sometimes unclear objectives. Apart from that, it's playable for everybody now, with the patch.
stage88  +   868d ago
So they decided to put 4 multiplat games in the list even though this is specific to PS3? Right....
Sharius  +   868d ago
final fantasy 13
final fantasy 13-2
final fantasy 13: lightning return

that make 3 slot for me, maybe in future

final fantasy 13: revenge rising
finalfantasy 13: gaiden sigma

that make 5
Hicken  +   867d ago
You're disappointed by a game that isn't even out yet?
SlyFamous02  +   868d ago
Lair wasnt a great game but it did have potential.
juandren  +   868d ago
Wtf is wrong with this mag? 4 of those games are multiplat?
Summons75  +   868d ago
Game of thrones isn't that bad. It's got some problems but its still fun
specialguest  +   868d ago
Lair 1080p
I think Lair could have been a better game had it been a 720p res game. The frame rate would've been smoother and maybe extra processing resources used to add more to the game.
givemeshelter  +   867d ago
You are very correct. If LAIR was 720p and more tighter controls, the game would have been stellar.
These consoles cannot handle complex models and graphics at 1080p native. They simply cannot and this is why you had some of the worst frame rate drops this generation or any for that matter with this game and some brutal textures throughout especially for the landscape.
Real shame. This game had HUGE POTENTIAL.
Marketing foolishness to promote a "1080p" game killed this title that ultimately bankrupted the company.
They should have made it 720p.
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