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Submitted by Gekko 1015d ago | opinion piece

Is The Wii U Just A Stop-Gap?

Kris Lipscombe: ''It’s been a mixed few weeks for the Wii U really. First there was the news that Rayman Legends had not only been delayed but had also lost its platform exclusivity, a move that left many Wii U owners noticeably angry. On the other hand, yesterday saw EA stating that the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted would be visually superior to what’s already out on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

In some respects, this second piece of news is encouraging for the Wii U. The fact that third parties are actually putting some effort into software on the platform is certainly a good thing. Of course, there is also the fact that when the game actually arrives on the Wii U it will be four months old and likely to flop badly among those with multiple consoles, but the general idea is vaguely hopeful.'' (Wii U)

Dwalls1171  +   1015d ago
God I hope so
Dylila   1015d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
Jackhass  +   1015d ago
The system's been out for 3 months. Let's save the doom and gloom until we have some actual data to work with.
LOL_WUT  +   1015d ago

There you go, you can thank me later. ;)
PopRocks359  +   1015d ago
Because it's impossible for sales to pick up later. /s I cite the PS3's early years, the 3DS' early years and currently the Vita as examples.

Seriously, a single month doesn't justify labeling it a failure.
khowat  +   1015d ago
Lol wii u you so funny with your faliure

Don't worry though price drop and some mario and a little zelda and some E-shop magic and a reboot that does super well and everything will be right as rain ( I love that expression because how the hell is rain right, that doesn't even make sense)
PopRocks359  +   1015d ago
It's not outside the realm of possibility. As long as we at least acknowledge it's stronger than the previous generation of consoles, then in that regard I'm content, especially since I totally concede that its upcoming competition will be more powerful. The Wii U is a pretty powerful machine. Its true potential has simply not been shown yet.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1015d ago
Wii-u was the wrong guy, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

And like the once great John McClane, that guy's latest offering is taking a battering.

Wii-U now has a very negative perception. The hardcore don't like it and the casuals don't care. Exactly WHERE is it's audience now?

This is what happens when you abandon the players that made you great and chase the new money. There's no loyalty in casual. None. So Wii-U wiil diie sooner than later.

Releasing a console that under powered this close to next gen was signing it's own death warrant. Bad call.

Next Box may go the same root if they over-casualise and forget what makes gaming great.

As a PS3 owner this gen, I have no fear in admitting I'm extremely excited to get PS4 knowing they care about gamers, care about good tech (not just gimmicks) and mostly, have amazing games that can be brought about by that hardware power.

I had a 360 (that died) first then bought PS3, everything was cool after that. Never had PS2 (had a gamecube which had some great games actually) but did have a PS1.

Next gen I can't see anything stopping Sony from returning to the throne they once sat in so masterfully. And as a gamer (not a fanboy) THAT will be a deserved victory for them.
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kirbyu  +   1015d ago
That thing said at the end is that sarcasm or a joke? I can't tell.
StraightedgeSES  +   1015d ago
Well it depends, if it 's like the virtual boy then yes
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Godmars290  +   1015d ago
The Wii was a mostly gimmick, and sadly, so is the WiiU. Nintendo needs to get back the 3rd party devs they lost during the N64 days, but they're never going to get them back.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1015d ago

You know, before the Wii was announced, I had a vision of Nintendo releasing the most powerful hardware and doing their great games justice.

There is simply no excusing this ridiculous 'sub par hardware' kick they are on, as if it somehow means gameplay is automatically better? NO! Gameplay is good, it's Nintendo, but what is wrong with wanting those games done justice with graphics that don't look like something from 5 years ago.

Nintendo are dis-serving themselves with their hardware now. They should put out the best hardware and then some great (non gimmick) games too and they would instantly appeal to the millions of hardcore gamers like me who has owned Snes, Gamecube and various hand helds of theirs over the years who put them where they were.

That casual soccer/kiddy audience will not keep Ninty in beer tokens forever, just like most stuff, those casuals get bored and move on fast. HARD CORE OR NO CARE!
AKR  +   1015d ago
The Wii U's hardware - as it stands now - is quite capable, and the oldest tech in it, is probably only two years old.

If you want an ALL-POWERFUL GAMING SYSTEM, with top-of-the-line hardware - buy a gaming PC or build one yourself.

People keep forgetting than when you get that top-of-the-line system ~ you're also gonna have to pay that top-of-the-line price, too.

I don't think Nintendo needs to make a powerhouse of a console. It's not necessary. It would be nice, as it would give devs less of an excuse to make bad ports, or ignore it fully, but it's not necessary. The console hasn't even fully found it's voice yet. People are judging it's quality, against 7 year old machines, which is stupid.

It has been preached time and time again, the Wii U does surpass that of the PS3/360. NFS: Most Wanted is recent proof of that. Sure, it will fall short of the PS4 and 720 - but there's NO CHANCE we're going to see another Wii vs. PS360 situation again. NOT this time.

Look at the quality of PS360 games at launch, vs. now. The Wii U's quality will improve overtime, and it's potential once found, just might amaze you.
soulassassin226  +   1015d ago
The truth of the matter is that Nintendo's consoles have actually been the more HARDCORE consoles, or at least just as hardcore. Millions of people have PS3s and 360s just to play games like Madden and other sports games, Call of Duty which gets more and more casual every year, and even GTA which is still a hardcore game, but millions get it to just roam around aimlessly. Nintendo didn't get a lot of games like those from third parties on their own consoles which can appeal to both hardcore and casual players. Can't blame Nintendo for trying to capture some of those people, even if they are a bit more on the radical end of casual. Nintendo never abandoned the hardcore players, they were not the ones making subpar games for the Wii, that was the same third party developers making "hardcore" games on PS360. Some developers gave a valiant effort, like Capcom with Monster Hunter Tri. If more third party games on the Wii were of the same quality, you wouldn't be able to call it casual just because it also appealed to casuals. A lot of the same shovelware you see on Wii was actually on the PS2 before that, just that nobody talked about it because there were also amazing third party games unlike with the Wii.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   1015d ago
I think people that talk negatively about the WiiU never even tried the thing. I own one and I thank God I own an amazing video game console then I come to this site and alot of people are very negative about Nintendo and I think they have these preconceptions without actually using the thing. As someone who actually owns one I'v got to say, " Don't believe the haters the fanboys or the hype at the very least give it a try and maybe you'll like it maybe you won't but at least you'll know what the truth is.". I think the WiiU is a fantastic video game system and the online plan is great! Miiverse is fantastic the ability to draw makes the 'verse so special. e3 is gonna be like Christmas morning for us fans. You know when you get up extra early and the tree looks so pretty... yeah just like that. (Nintendo's going to be number one again this generation. Don't tell anyone.)
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Godmars290  +   1015d ago
"I own one and I thank God I own an amazing video game console"

I can't describe how ill it makes me that someone would give any kind of reverence to an entertainment device. Utterly repulsive.

And yeah, I stopped reading there
wiiulee  +   1015d ago
stop gap between what...? when its offering gaming possibilities and uniqueness that sony and microsoft will not offer besides prettier pixels of the same ole systems.....wiiu is actually the only true next generation system if you look at innovation and news ways to play as the future...which should be ...would you want a flying car or a car that drives itself or a v16 or v20...seems alot of nintendo haters are saying they prefer a v16 or v20
EbeneezerGoode  +   1015d ago
Face it man, Wii-U is phucked.

Nintendo better rethink fast or we won't see them next gen.

And while they are at it, FGS drop the stupid names Nintendo. You make people (that is grown up male adults especially) embarrassed to even own you console by naming it like it's some pre-school learning aid (with games that match)

Get a grip, what has slipped into the water coolers at Nintendo???
deafdani  +   1015d ago
Even if the Wii U is a complete flop that makes Nintendo lose hundreds of millions of dollars in the end (not likely), Nintendo will still be here next generation, so we will definitely see them.

They are in a pretty good financial shape, actually. Much better than Sony, as a matter of fact.

So, if the Wii U fails (again, not very likely), they will just get up and try again with a new console.
Godmars290  +   1015d ago
This is the exact same thing as the multiple versions of the gameboy and DS.

Really not trying to knock Nintendo, but all they've been doing since the NGC is recycle. They'll introduce a gimmick, upgrade *slightly*, but mostly they just recycle.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1015d ago
...Do I have to say anything at this point?

This is getting flat out re-god-damn-diculous! I know I can speak for 75% or more of the gaming community, when I say this...

Stop it with the doom-and-gloom articles now. It got old with the PS3, Wii, 3DS, Vita, and now the Wii U.

It seems to me, that all people like to do nowadays, is have a 24/7 pissing contest, and spend no time actually PLAYING THE GAMES THEY TALK ABOUT! Simple as that.

I hope the next-generation of consoles brings an end to Fanboys and current so-called Gaming Journalism...

*end of rant*
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1015d ago
WiiU launched late 2012, Probably their next system will drop in late 2017.

Rumors are that Sony's and Micosoft's system won't drop till 2014 and they will probably stay on Market for 6 to 8 years.

Think about it.
AKR  +   1015d ago
- Doomers and Gloomers ~ question for you?

Are you getting paid for this? No, really. That's how it seems. You guys are getting so proactive with your 'work' it's really as if you're getting paid.

Either way ~ It's been 3 months people. Not 3 years. THREE MONTHS. Give the Wii U time to find it's voice. Like EVERY OTHER CONSOLE - it's launch was a bit lackluster.

But look at all the big titles it has coming through the course of the year. Now tell me that isn't at least half-good?

But of course, people are going by what happened last month, to doom the console for it's entire life. Charming :P
MasterCornholio  +   1015d ago
Wow i have never seen Nintendo fanboys so defensive of their system before.

Seriously theres bound to be a ton of doom and gloom articles for Nintendo due to the Wii Us market performance and the visual performance of its games.

My recommendation is that you ignore these articles and enjoy all the fantastic games that you have on your Wii U. And if you dont have any Wii U games to play just buy second hand Wii games which are dirt cheap at the moment. And if you dont want to play Wii games just download an emulator and play SNES and NES games on your PC or smartphone. If you dont want any of that then just get yourself a PS3 or a 360 and enjoy all the games that you missed out due to only owning a Wii (for hardcore Nintendo fanboys).

Theres a solution to everything and knowing Nintendo it wont be long until you have more games to play on the Wii U. Theres that Kitten game that people are going crazy over thats coming out soon that you should have your eyes on.
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hano  +   1014d ago
I'm betting people will burn the PS4 and 360 at launch since the games will be few. At that time the Wii U would be at full stride and I'm betting it will outsell both.
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