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Grand Theft Auto V and Saints Row 4 Go Head-to-Head?

Ciaran: "So now that the large majority of the gaming world has had the time to come to terms with the absolute bombshell that was the announcement of the Grand Theft Auto V release date, we can all take a step back to reflect on some of the subtleties that may not have seemed so obvious at first. One of the particular subtleties that I find intriguing is the 2013 release that has been pencilled in for Saints Row 4…" (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, Saints Row 4, Xbox 360)

black911  +   580d ago
Will it Matter?
StanSmith  +   580d ago
Not to me it won't. I'll happily buy both at launch. I'm a big fan of both franchises, so I couldn't care about some competition between them. Whatever the outcome, I win as I get to play two fantastic franchises just as this gen ends. They'll keep me happy while saving up for the next consoles.
Army_of_Darkness  +   580d ago
For me, character customization makes a big difference
I bought all the Grand theft auto games as well as all the saint row games... The only difference is that I never once cleared a GTA game but have finished all saints row games?!
T3MPL3TON  +   580d ago
Army_of_Darkness: "The only difference is that I never once cleared a GTA game but have finished all saints row games?!"

So you don't know if you did?


I'd love to have a new GTA and a new Saints Row at the same time.
Army_of_Darkness  +   579d ago
I find it odd and questionable myself that I could never figure out why i have yet to finish any GTA games, even though they are fun to play is what I'm saying...
Sandmano  +   580d ago
theres no competition GTA V ftw
TheModernKamikaze  +   580d ago
There is no competition except GTA V itself.
Cam977  +   580d ago
Saints Row will be decimated if this happens.
Chris558  +   580d ago
They would be stupid to release in the same time saints should give atlesst a year for gta V to sell and then when ppl start to hunger for open world mayhem release
ab5olut10n  +   580d ago
tell me again why thq went under?
Septic  +   580d ago
Not because of Saints Row.
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TheModernKamikaze  +   580d ago
InMyOpinion  +   580d ago
THQ had some of my favourite franchises this gen. Loved Saint's Row 3 and currently playing Darksiders 2. What a game it is!
BLAKHOODe  +   580d ago
This would be suicide for whoever bought the rights to Saints Row.
lategamer  +   580d ago
I gotta say, I enjoyed Saints Row The Third far more than GTA IV. Yes, GTA IV was more polished, but Saints Row is just more fun. The gun play is far more fluid, driving cars is more fun, the world is crazier. The missions in Saints are just fucking crazy. Zombie Invasion, Gun Fights in the Sky, using Jets and blowing shit up, etc.

I'm sure GTA V will get better reviews, more sales, etc. but I'll probably end up enjoying Saints IV more.
modesign  +   580d ago
so saints row would have to be rushed to release with GTAv, and that would cripple the games ability to compete, plus a unfinished game would get slaughtered by the reviews.
StanSmith  +   580d ago
Saints Row 4, will have been in development for at least 2 years come September. That's generally how long it takes Volition to get the game out.

GTA only takes longer, due to Rockstar focusing on other projects. Neither will be rushed.
OcelotRigz  +   580d ago
GTA takes longer due to the immense detail and research that goes into a GTA game.
Omer19892003   577d ago | Personal attack | show
FarCryLover182  +   580d ago
Release Feb 2014 please
cleverusername  +   580d ago
Saints who?
OcelotRigz  +   580d ago
GTA is the daddy of gaming, Saints Row is some ugly bastard child he had as a result of a drunken night once.

Jon Snow is a good bastard, Saints Row isnt.

Yeah, i dont know....
KMCROC54  +   580d ago
Need to find away to bring in a character like John Gat,cause Gat was the shit,Besides Price was a whining Bth.

P.S To Koch Media please don't screw up the game. Thnxs
Flatbattery  +   580d ago
How was the delay an absolute bombshell? Rockstar always do it.

On topic, I personally prefer GTA so it'll be a day one. Depending on reception I may pick up Saint's Row later.
gamernova  +   580d ago
Saints Row is fun and I'd get both but not even CoD can beat GTA. GTA is where quality is always constant. Saints Row would easily fall.
porkChop  +   579d ago
Uh, did the author forget that THQ just went under and Koch Media bought Saint's Row? The game will very likely be delayed because of the change in management. It would be a good thing though, going head to head with GTA is bad for business, and it'll give Volition time to make it a better game.
thatruth86  +   579d ago
stefan771  +   579d ago
I'll get both

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