Why Slender: The Arrival is Not as Good as the Original

Luke: "Slender: The Eight Pages made waves in 2012 as an original, free horror game revolving around finding eight pages while avoiding a tall, well, slender, figure known as Slenderman. As nebulous of a character as his origins, he’s a tall, well-dressed gentleman (?) with tentacles and an appetite for children. A long-awaited sequel is coming out, dubbed Slender: The Arrival, currently in beta. However, it doesn’t deliver quite the same horrors as the original did, and here’s why."

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Snookies122005d ago

I thought it was great, I loved the camera effects and the sounds it made when he was close.

nekobun2005d ago

To be fair, playing the original more than five times will dull the scares as well. I'm still looking forward to the update.

Bimkoblerutso2005d ago

Playing the game more than once kinda dulled the scares for me, to tell the truth. It was a game that was good literally for about 8 minutes.

Twinzclipz2005d ago

because is the same old shit

r212005d ago

I saw a playthrough on IGN and seems to me, its scarier than the free version IMO