Get Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate On Wii U And 3DS For $80

Sal Romano: ''Amazon is offering a special pre-order deal for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

For those who plan on purchasing both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, which would normally cost $100 combined, Amazon is offering $20 off for those who pre-order both versions of the game, dropping costs down to $80.

In order for the deal to apply, you’ll need to place both versions of the game on the same order and go through the checkout process. And of course, because this is a pre-order offering only, you’ll need to do it before the game is released on March 19.''

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DivineAssault 2006d ago

how bout get em both for $50? $30 for wii u & $20 for 3DS.. no way im spending $100 or $80 for this wii game to have cross play on wii u/3ds..

Theyellowflash302006d ago

Divine, I actually agree with you. It is a Wii in HD, not a remake. It should be $30 bucks at most. The 3DS game is in the same boat. It should be $25 for the 3DS game.

I think it should be 54.99 total for the 3DS and Wii U version.

PopRocks3592006d ago

You do know that this version of the game has more landmarks and almost twice as many monsters and weapons, right?

Theyellowflash302006d ago

Actually I didn't know that PopRocks.

I think it should be $64.99 plus tax.

EcoSos32006d ago

This is not just a lazy port this one has about 51 monsters when the wii version only had 16, this is the biggest MH yet.

Tei7772006d ago

Its still no where near the equivalent of a game being built from the ground up. Its essentially a large DLC bundle for a last gen game.

RTheRebel2006d ago

your killing my wallet =(

Rockefellow2006d ago

Here's one aspect where Sony is undeniably ahead of the competition. Argue all you'd like about subjective topics, but their Cross-Buy promotion is phenomenal.

FinalomegaS2006d ago

sony promotion vs Amazon : you are right sony is better

Rockefellow2006d ago

Sorry, wasn't aware this was Amazon's promotion. Capcom announced it themselves, figured it was their gig

Donnieboi2006d ago

I dont care for wii u or 3ds, but i love games like monster hunter and dark souls, etc. This really is the type of game to sell systems. No wonder Nintendo fought hard to get this game (especially hot in Japan).

animegamingnerd2006d ago

wasn't planning on buying the 3ds version but i might get this