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Created by Critical Studio, Dungeonland is a humble dungeon crawler where players face their enemies in search of better loot and treasure. Full of fun, and very little coherence death this little hack and slash with RPG elements have anything but a singleplayer component, which, well, was welcome. At first glance, one might assume that Dungeonland is a game somewhat superficial not have any substantial depth. In fact, this assumption would be fairly accurate. Despite being part of a genre that is known for its deep and complex gameplay full of points to distribute and choice of equipment, Dungeonland never worries about being overly complex. Indeed, that is why the game works so well. Although this is a dungeon crawler by definition, is more a game than a casual Diablo. He renounces the depth to focus on pure pleasure, lack clear whether the formula for the other players, those who really want a Diablo.

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