Breakdown Of The Playstation 4 Prototype Controller

"Not too long ago, two new photos of the Playstation 4 Controller prototype were leaked online. Trusted sources around the web say these are indeed real photos of the real prototype controllers. We're going to breakdown every possibility of everything we can see in these photos right here and right now, just for you" -Retrospect Realm

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ArmGunar1979d ago

Jack 3,5
New D-Pad (good improvement)
New stick (good too)
Touch screen (can be useful for navigation on internet)

I hope L2/R2 have been modified too :)

PS4isKing_821979d ago

It's funny, I hated this thing when I first saw it and now I'm loving it lol
And that new d-pad looks alot more comfortable for my thumb.

TopDudeMan1979d ago

The dpad and the analog sticks seem like good changes, but I don't really see the need for a touch pad and a move sensor. I imagine they will drive the cost up considerably and for what, exactly?

RetrospectRealm1978d ago

Buying a controller separately will be a crapload, I agree. Like 80-90 dollars.

The Meerkat1979d ago

I love the speaker idea.
Reloading will sound awesome now.

stage881979d ago

I like having a mic in every PS4 control. Hope that's true.

level 3601979d ago

Headphone jack is going to be useful especially when playing at nights.

I like the overall design think Sony did really well, it's all about substance.

Hope this will be the final prototype and be the control pad for PS4.

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