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Submitted by Spectator1 1091d ago | opinion piece

The Playstation Vita: One Year Later

gamrReview's Gordon Bryant: "The Vita is a great system, no doubt about that. It has impressive specs and capabilities, but it's too expensive for the average consumer. It's too big to fit in the pocket (an unfortunate result of wanting such a large, beautiful screen) and the analog sticks protrude too far out to feel safe and secure taking the handheld on the move. Despite having an impressive library of games for a launch year, as well as a good online service and feature set, there's very little - if anything - that demands an immediate purchase." (Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation, Gravity Rush, Persona 4 Golden, PS Vita, Uncharted: The Golden Abyss)

miyamoto  +   1091d ago
I wonder what is Sony's birthday present for PS Vita on Feb. 20?
sherimae2413  +   1091d ago
more vita game announcements... something we never expect... besides there is destination playstation at feb.25 to feb 28 right?
TheLastGuardian  +   1091d ago
You really think I'm gonna click read full story after reading that description? Nah, but I will downvote the website.

I use the Vita pocket pouch and it fits in my pocket just fine.

Very little that demands an immediate purchase? How about some of the best action-adventure games on handhelds? (Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Assassin's Creed) Some of the best arcade racers on handhelds? (WipEout, Need For Speed, MotorStorm) Some amazing PSN games (Super Stardust Delta, Sound Shapes, Mutant Blobs Attack) Quite possibly the best RPG to ever grace a handheld. (Persona 4 Golden) And one of the greatest handheld games of all time. (LittleBigPlanet PS Vita)

Gravity Rush, P4G and LBP Vita alone are worth buying a Vita for. PS Vita is easily a must own system if you ask me. Greatest handheld of all time, hands down.
Xof  +   1091d ago
Wow, what a great list of games you can play on tons of consoles that are NOT the PS Vita.

It's not the greatest handheld of all time. Or even close. Nice hyperbole, though. If you want to make an argument for the Vita, you're going to have to at least acknowledge the fact that its solid library is mostly a result of solid Sony franchises from other platforms being ported or adapted to the Vita, the massive quantity of b/c PS1, PSN and PSP games available, and the quality of the hardware itself--all IN SPITE OF the fact that Sony has routinely let the Vita languish for months on end with zero retail releases; that Sony has routinely let the Vita's PSN store languish for months on end with zero anything.

But, by all means, continue to pretend everything is just perfect with the Vita. That way, Sony won't have to change a thing, and before we know it the 3DS' only competition will be mobile phones and tablets.
SpinalRemains138  +   1091d ago
It is the best handheld of all time. Far and away. Other handhelds aren't even in the same ballpark as Vita. They're not even playing the same sport!

Vita naysayers are just ignorant haters who don't know the list of games, and complain about the price while they simultaneously pay out their rear for anything with an 'i' preceding its name.

Vita has the best grafix, gameplay, screen, battery life, online capability and experience. Bar none. I've played them all, and while 3ds is awesome, Vita is a couple ladder rungs above it.
PiperMCFierceson   1090d ago | Spam
Hicken  +   1090d ago
Sound Shapes, Need for Speed.

These are the ONLY two games that are virtually identical to the PS3 versions... and MotorStorm, I suppose.

Everything else he lists is either its OWN game that shares the same name(like Uncharted and Assassin's Creed), or isn't on PS3(like Gravity Rush and P4G).

I have to ask this: are you stupid? Name a handheld in the running for "greatest ever" where the majority of its best games are not "a result of solid [console] franchises from other platforms being ported or adapted."

Oh, there IS none.

The other things you list in that paragraphs is exactly WHY you can make such a strong argument for the Vita being the greatest ever: the massive quantity of PS1, PSN, and PSP games available; and the quality of the hardware itself. Be serious, here.

And while you're talking about the system "languishing" for months on end with no retail releases, how about you tell it straight: those months were summer months(the only "on end" period), when there wasn't much of anything ANYWHERE coming out.

Yes, hate on the year-old library which puts the libraries for most other systems at that age(including its nearest competitor, the 3DS) to shame.

Nobody has said everything is perfect with the Vita. But it's a damn fair sight better than you detractors want to portray it as.

Seriously, give it a rest; you're looking pretty pathetic.
sherimae2413  +   1091d ago
I Love My Vita. And even I only have Gravity Rush.
I dont Regret having it.. besides its a gift from my aunt!
^_^ tee-hee guys add me my psn id is sherimae1324 tnx
imXify  +   1091d ago
Happy Birthday my Vita <3
1 year of fun with you :D
bullymangLer  +   1091d ago
ha haa haaaa . 1 year later and the Vita may be doing better than the DREAMCAST!
SpinalRemains138  +   1091d ago
Its definitely selling much poorer than expected, but all that own one are having the time of their lives playing it.

You can laugh all you want, but when you play your tiny screen 3ds with inferior graphics, Vita owners are laughing. You game on a Kia and we game on a Cadillac.
bullymangLer  +   1091d ago
how much tinier is the 3ds XL screen from the Vita's?

inferior graphics? like gamecube resi 1 remake which looks ps3? . vita owners are laughing at how uncomfortable the vita is?? . the Vita can't even do 3D .and 3D in gaming has already been PROVEN to NOT be a gimmick, but to immerse the players in the ultimate gaming experience (: have fun with your uncomfy vita power . i wont get a vita until God of War is announced, or something worth the trouble of having to hold that thing for long periods .
TongkatAli  +   1091d ago
Try harder. Have fun with those friends codes, your shoes aren't shiny.
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bullymangLer  +   1090d ago
you tell me to try harder with FACTS? . and you tell me about friend codes? . .oh the horror of riend codes

nitpicking wont get you far <. . nth nth
DarkHeroZX  +   1090d ago
Lol the PS Vita can't do 3D because Sony choose to keep such a pointless feature out. Lol I never use that whack feature on my 3DS. 3D is far from the ultimate game experience. As a matter of fact 3D gaming just isn't there yet as it flopped on the PS3,360,and PC. Its not even a selling point for the 3ds, the first year on the market is proof of that. Heck if it wasn't for 3D the graphics on 3ds would be a little better as deb's could put all their effort in a more polished experience. The only thing that really matters is games and once more are offered solo for the PS Vita it will pick up. Even you just clearly stated your looking for a GOW or something that appeals to you. And as far as graphics are concerned 3DS's are piss poor and the only games that look decent are those really small and narrow games like DOA, Street fighter, and RE. And even then they are far less fluid then their console counterpart and suffer from framerate issues that worsen with the 3D on. And as far as comfort the PS Vita is alright, its like a PSP just needs to be less round. The 3ds however is too small and the lack of buttons ruin the experience for some games like MGS.
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