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In 2008, Sega and Gearbox Software announced that they obtained the rights to develop a game based on the movie franchise, Alien, which was set to be major project for the company and would finally be the chance for fans to see just what could happen when a premier studio takes on the series. Now, after numerous delays and countless questions regarding its production status, Aliens: Colonial Marines is finally here, and only one question remains to be asked – What the hell happened?

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ftwrthtx1982d ago

OUCH! Great review of a terrible game.

dbjj120881982d ago

Poor Dan had to review this? Sorry dude.

Wedge191982d ago

I thought the same thing.

Foolsjoker1982d ago

Someone has to do it, hopefully it will stop people from investing in this train wreck.

ftwrthtx1982d ago

Better him then me. :-)

Oschino19071982d ago

Lol wonder if anyone will even bother to review the future DLC. I feel bad for anyone who purchased the "Season Pass" for this game ($30) as it seems like the Online Multiplayer will be a ghost town and not many will purchase the DLC piece by piece down the road.

Perjoss1982d ago

They were all like, 2K publishes our Borderlands games, SEGA will just get what they're given and that's that.