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Submitted by Capt_Crazy 1019d ago | article

The Lack of Manners When Playing Online

GamerFitNation talks about the lack of manners that gamers have when they are playing online. "This is especially prevalent in younger gamers. The games that have the worst language are the ones where professionals of that game dont show good manners, and it trickles down to the causal gamers". (Call of Duty: Black Ops, League of Legends, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

DigitalSmoke  +   1019d ago
People change, one asshole ingame triggers the rest to a point of not giving a damn.
Iv'e had this happen as well, i always made a point of being my normal self, thanking ppl for ammo or health and whatnot.
But after the 569,928 th attention seeking doushbag cursing yelling screaming to a point where i just had to tell them to Shut The ^@% Up! this and that.

Then i found myself being infected by the lameness, which is halve the cure really.

I then noticed that when somebody would be a dick, i just asked them why they acted so weird...

Worked as a silver bullet to a vampire, they melted.

to many beers, off to bed.
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black911  +   1019d ago
They must be Steelers Fans.
darthv72  +   1019d ago
its not just online...
how about the complete lack of respect to fellow gamers in general.

I mean, we are all on the same side here when it comes to enjoying what this industry has to offer. But its like we cant just simply let each person be themselves. We have to gang up on each other because one may like a certain game/platform over another.

I am old so I wont bore you with the details but since the internet its seems like its been getting more and more immature when it comes to enjoying games.

i wont pretend to be the voice of reason but i will say that I prefer to game alone rather than succumb to the ill wills of the younger generation.

I keep my kids off services like PSN and live and steam for such reasons. The belittling and bullying of kids at schools is bad enough.
TyBREAKR  +   1019d ago
Its so enfuriating to me. You cant fight fire with fire especially in this case. What do you do? A 12 year who hasnt even begun puberty is screaming foul language at me. Whether to impress friends, or because no one can do anything idk. I can only laugh at him. The digital age gives kids a place to say whatever they want with no repercussions. They hide behind a screen. Where are the parents? Where is the discipline in these kids? Where is the respect?
xursz  +   1019d ago
My style is to be classy and invite my fellow teammates to a cup of joe. Nothing like sharing hot coffee with strangers I've never met.
TyBREAKR  +   1019d ago
Digital joe.
Sandmano  +   1019d ago
thing is I bet most of those guys are like cats in real life situations
DFresh  +   1019d ago
So, your complaining about bad language in a rated M game that your playing?
That makes a whole lot of sense.
Even if people cuss so f***ing what it's called freedom of speech and guess what there's an optional mute button use it already.
Anytime I go online I expect people to be frustrated, complain, get aggressive, call out info to team mates and what not.
Nobody likes to lose but for every loss you learn from it and get better.
If you can't appreciate losing how can you appreciate winning.
Nowadays I just don't give a crap anymore if I win or lose or get bad scores because there's more important things to worry about then some virtual scores that mean nothing in the real world.
MikeMyers  +   1019d ago
I go to M Rated movies and I don't hear anyone swearing their heads off. How do you even know if the people playing those games are really of age? That's one of the problems right there.

We live in a society where the parenting now comes in the form of a TV and game console with kids growing up thinking they are entitled to everything.

There is also a huge difference between someone swearing randomly and someone being very aggressive with their language. I doubt many of these people would act this way in public but you never know nowadays.
MysticStrummer  +   1019d ago
>_< I really wish people would get it through their heads that freedom of speech has nothing to do with the worldwide web.

Reality is that people playing online know they can say anything to anyone without much, if any, consequence. Anonymous and brave.
romancer  +   1019d ago
speech disorders, personality disorders
Of course, this article should be headed: "the lack of <i> good </i> manners when playing online. There's no lack of bad manners.

Perhaps the solution is to host multiplayer games yourself and make it clear that you are not looking to be infested with bottomfeeding players who have speech and personality disorders.

In Multiplayer, the bad often drive out the good; and no one, as yet, has figured out a way for serious players to meet one another on a regular basis without having to put up with idiots who in addition to being idiots, are drunk or high and working out their aggressions.

Maybe we need a new tier of XBox Live, where we pay a small premium to play with "vetted" players to whom gaming is the main thing, not working out their demons and demonstrating their immaturity through video games.

DFresh asked: "So, your (sic) complaining about bad language in a rated M game that your playing?"
Just because one is playing GTA or Battlefield doesn't mean that one has to do poor imitations of the characters in those games; in fact, most videogame characters i have observed could not proficiently play the games in which they appear. They tend to be knuckleheads -- great at using weapons and that's it.
It's not "bad language" that is the issue (for me); it's the moronic way that expletives are used by some multiplayers, reducing the speaker to incoherence.

In a work of art (which the best games are) profanity may well be justified (and even funny), but at the level of multiplayers who use their limited vocabularies repetitiously, the sounds are just senseless, boring and irritating.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   1019d ago
for some finding the right word(s) to describe the only word they know is difficult,even daunting.
a profanity laced rant complete with neanderthal cave drawings is unfortunately all some highly unfortunate miscreants can muster.
I'm never surprised but constantly disappointed by the absence of decency in todays society.
Soldierone  +   1019d ago
You have a screen in front of you. That's the problem. I mean sure if you have absolutely terrible luck you might get banned for language for a few days, but thats rare.

It's not in writing, your address isn't tied to it, and your full name isn't out there. All it is, is a screen name and a fake avatar. People like to be jerks, and when there are no consequences to actions, people with low IQ lash out. "HAHA I'M SO TOUGH" unless of course you are capable of punching me in the face.

It's internet in general, not just gaming. I like getting back at them though because it provides a consequence. Someone is a jerk, i'll trash talk back or go out of my way to target them. It frustrates them beyond belief, I find it hilarious.
cyclindk  +   1019d ago
No accountability.. simple as that. Say or do whatever and get away with it shows most peoples' true colors.
HonestDragon  +   1009d ago
There are rude and ignorant gamers everywhere in terms of online gaming. Call of Duty, Halo, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, and StarCraft II are just some examples of this. It doesn't matter which online game you're on, you are bound to run into an immature child or man-child.

It sucks that they get away with so much. They can yell any profanity and insult they want because they know there won't be any repercussions. Moderators need to step up and help keep games fun online. If not them, gamers need to know that they don't have to put up with it either and can boot or ban someone from a server.

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