Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden skin detailed for Metal Gear Rising

Konami has shared some information about the Raiden Metal Gear Solid 4 skin for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. In Japan, this extra skin can be obtained by participating in special events. In the US it will be available for download at the day the game is released.

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Chaos_Raiden1951d ago

Can't wait to get this DLC. At least now everyone outside Japan has a chance to get this skin instead of participating limited special events in Japan.

Black-Rock-Shooter1951d ago

I LOVE this skin I also think it would be funny if they get the MGS2 Raiden skin would make me enjoy it a lot. xD

vitorizzo1951d ago

doubt its going to be free.

RE_L_MAYER1950d ago

YES - that's what im talking about and his other eye is not patched up so that gladly buying that for 2 dollars