The rise of Linux as a gaming platform

EDGE - Valve’s open source Steam Box could help Linux become a key player in the next generation.

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fluffydelusions1981d ago

You know I've used Linux/BSD elusively between is it finally year of the Linux desktop?

steve30x1981d ago

Until Linux is as easy to use as windows then people wont rush to use it. Granted Linux is a lot better when it comes to resource use and its faster than windows but when you need to install anything you have to jump through hoops to do it.

fluffydelusions1981d ago

That is not really the case. Years ago yes, but now not really. Most distros have some form of pgackage management that makes installing things very easy

thebudgetgamer1981d ago

I installed linux mint and it was ready to go, also software management plus Wine makes it simple.

sorceror1711981d ago

It's already at least as easy to use as Windows. The main issue is installation. Linux is *way* easier to install than Windows - has been for at least three years, probably five - but most people don't do computer maintenance. They get their nephew or their 'friend who's good with computers' to do it. Even for Windows.

It's getting things out there with Linux pre-installed - like the Steam Box - that'll make a difference.

steve30x1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Ive been fixing and building my own computer(s) with seven years. It was four years ago I tried Linux last and I had to do a big circus act just to install three programs.

sorceror1711981d ago

And, naturally, you've never had to jump through hoops to install anything on Windows.

steve30x1981d ago

99.9% of the time I dont jump through hoops to install something in windows.

sorceror1711980d ago

Same with Linux, dude. The only time I've had to jump through hoops is when installing proprietary or patented stuff (and even then, it's like three steps). The normal installation stuff handles all the details for everything else.

And hey - for proprietary stuff like *games*, that's *exactly* what Steam is designed to address!

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Qrphe1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

It already is easy to use.

Edit: And people should stop using that image to represent the steambox. That's the damn Piston that Valve is also working on we do not really know what it's for tbh

morganfell1981d ago

Anyone that says Linux isn't as easy to use hasn't run Ubuntu, not lately. And let's face it, when discussing Linux as a gaming platform that is the breed of Linux (Ubuntu) that will come to the forefront of gaming.

Besides, what is easier than having as much (or as little) control over your system as you want. What is easier than having a rock solid system? What is easier than having a free OS?

The Hypervisor and the rest of the GUI system makes Ubuntu a breeze to use.

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Series_IIa1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Yeah sure, is the going to be like the same rise they said Mac gaming would in the mid to late 90s?

2pacalypsenow1981d ago

why because steam announces a mini pc with linux, now linux is the future? no matter how crappy windows is its still the best OS to play pc game in and it has been since the DOS days

NameRemoved00171981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Steams OS based on linux will be the future of gaming. Windows is only going to get worse from here. Its time to start replacing what Microsoft is going to destroy.

thebudgetgamer1981d ago

So let's just be happy with what we're given? No hope for anything better.

nirwanda1981d ago

So if your pc games ran much faster with linux like they clearly do and valve converted most pc game to run linux would you convert too or stick to windows and get a system full of bloatware

Ashlen1981d ago

I'm sorry but I don't think Steam Box is going anywhere fast. Most everyone who talks about it seems to think it's going to be able to play all the games they have on Steam with out understanding that all those games only run on Windows.

As for Linux being the future I hope that's true, but I highly doubt it. Windows is way to entrenched, and the average person who just uses the PC to check mail and shop online is never going to switch to Linux, nor are the all the PC's used by the average Jane and Joe sitting in there office at work.

Ju1981d ago

Not all of them. Steam supports Wine incl. DirectX emulation. So, some Windows games run in Linux with Steam.

nirwanda1981d ago

Steam has a hell of alot of subscribers and therefore alot of influence over other devs, and even ps4 games will be in a form of linux so they may as well do a linux pc version for the 50 odd million steam users

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