PlayStation 4 Must Demolish The Walled Garden

GamesIndustry - ony's next-gen strategy needs to rethink the business model, not the hardware specifications.

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mandf1979d ago

Ony's ?? Gaming journalism at it's finest.

SonyNGP1979d ago

>Didn't click on the article
>Blames typo on them

Gamers at their finest.

Blackdeath_6631979d ago

since when were gamers so concerned with how companies are run.

miyamoto1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Walled garden?

Sony has the most open gaming platform like PC and Android

"Consoles cannot just be a playground for publishers with millions to spend, because that's not where game development is headed"

That is exactly what M$ did with this generation...survival of the wealthiest and deepest pockets.

Japan was caught off guard.
Many, many developers laid waste after M$ rampage.
They just can't keep up.

Ninty was forced to back off and sidestep... smartly.

But Sony had to take the rampaging money mon$ter head on even if it caused them billions of dollars!
Thank goodness they also had a winning strategy and prevailed-pumping out more new games.

Thus M$ failed in its goal to stop Sony.

Also thank goodness for Apple & Android counter striking this deadly move by M$! Just in time.

That is the gist of this generations story.

Thankfully here is hope.

Good_Guy_Jamal1979d ago

Please just marry SONY, have its children then together set Microsoft on fire and get it over and done with.

miyamoto1979d ago

1) Dude look around you can't you see the mass effect?

How can a developer top a big budget blockbuster game? A bigger budget blockbuster game? In other words more and more money.

What ever happened to game play, creativity and innovation?

The Microsoft power structure model of big budget gaming is collapsing, left and right, under its own weight.

The industry can not sustain it anymore specially during this economic recession.

How many dev houses and publishers need to loose money in this big budget power struggle?

Even M$ itself, with its billions can not sustain it. and under intense pressure to scrap the Xbox itself because it does not make money as much as other M$ products.

This speeding train wreck about to fall off the cliff and crash needs to stop.

The Mass Effect:

Recycling. Sequelitis. Same genres little variety. Only the wealthy survives.

I must applaud Activision and Ubisoft for playing their cards right. Being smart to recycle the same game for countless iterations of their games to sustain profitability.

Side Effect.
Its the same thing over and over. Where is the progress?

2) M$ doesn't even know where or what direction they are going.

They have no clear vision of gaming for the next decade.

Just look at their games. Nothing.

They don't make new games that will take gaming to new directions. Proof is Halo 4 and GoW: they want more of the same. They are afraid to change, risk and progress. Kinect? has been done before. Media hub console has been done before.

Its just riding "what is popular bandwagon".

If M$ is your leader by all means ride them. Its your decision.

DigitalRaptor1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Good lord, Miyamoto.

I'm tempted to ignore this as fanboyism, but holy sh*t it actually makes sense.

1) Based on the economic factors of this industry, too many development houses are crumbling under the costs of making a blockbuster. The more original and innovative games are coming from the less known studios with smaller budgets, even if they have large publishers. Gamers are starting to notice. It cannot last forever and once in a while you need to step out of the circle and create something different that doesn't need the biggest budget. Nintendo knows this, Sony seems to be getting it. The PC market has known it for a long time. That just leaves one more.

2) I think Microsoft does know where they're taking gaming, but only in the short-term. And basically people, that's riding on emerging markets to get the most out of a generation of hardware. Will Microsoft create more games like Heavy Rain, Pikmin, The Last of Us, Ico and trust them to market in its current climate? We will have to see.

FamilyGuy1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

This was a good article but it would have made more sense if it was directed at Microsoft. It applies to Sony only because theyre the ones announcing something soon. I would hope they follow this path and make it easy or easier for developers to get games on their system but for the most part they've done a decent job and had plenty of new IPs and indie games thanks to it.

Again, let's hope MS follows this suggestion as well, more so than Sony. Some restrictions are needed though or the systems would be bombarded with crappy games just so the few diamonds in the rough make it on too.

Lvl_up_gamer1978d ago

You are WAY off.

Sony didn't prevail. They have been in the RED since the start of this gen. The PS3 was their own demise. Not MS.

Sony fanboys pound their chests yet they don't go out and actually buy Sony's products.

MS made $550 million in the gaming division in Q3
Nin made $450 million in the gaming division in Q3
Sony made $6 million in the gaming division in Q3

It's you people who are not supporting Sony.

How is the Vita selling?

Sony wastes money by creating new IP's that none of you buy.

Yes MS have deeper pockets, but what you are ignoring is that 10 years ago Sony and MS were both worth around $200 Billion dollars. Sony is now ONLY worth $12 billion. So clearly sony did something wrong, which was the CELL and the PS3 while MS did something right.

Stop blaming MS for everything. Sony was their own downfall and MS is just doing this gen what Sony did last gen.

MS was never in it to stop sony. MS could buy out sony ten fold. MS was in it to capture market share and they did. They took half the market share away from sony and are making cash hand over fist while sony is bleeding out money and constantly in the red.

Stop blaming MS for Sony's own mistakes.

MikeMyers1978d ago

People who put M$ instead of MS already have issues. So we are already heading down a very biased and opinionated road. Sony does have a walled garden, they all do. Nintendo is probably the most closed off.

Microsoft's Rare put a game on the DS. They are also allowing IOS support. Sony is supporting Android. Nintendo refuses to do anything like that. But both Microsoft and Sony can do better and be more open. Sony has proprietary memory cards for Vita, Microsoft had a proprietary hard drive for the Xbox 360. Are they really security measures or to just make more money?

Sony has always had proprietary hardware. Remember the Emotion Engine that developers had difficulty with? How about the Cell technology for the PS3 and the troubles that represented. Microsoft is no better. Xbox Live has been a huge headache for developers/publishers with all of their restrictions.

I don't foresee Nintendo doing as much as Sony and Microsoft but even they have made some advancements in trying to be more open.

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N311V1979d ago

I believe in the author's thesis that consoles should be more accessible to indie developers but that does not mean demolition of the walled garden. He talks of the success of iOS, the App Store is a walled garden meaning Apple regulates what apps are and are not available for sale. The video game crash of the 80's was caused by the lack of a walled garden. The market became saturated with low quality games and consumers lost confidence. They stopped buying games because they were sick of getting ripped off. If anything apple needs to strengthen its walls because I know I personally I've bought some crap apps, makes it think twice about buying apps in the future.