SYSTEM UPDATE: It’s time for the Nintendo Wii U’s first Last Stand

It came out just a few months ago. And it’s already on life support.

Sales have been tepid, and the competition is closing. Nintendo reportedly sold “well under” 100,000 Wii U units in January, a terribly underwhelming total for a new console, and things won’t get any better if hardcore gamers start pinching pennies in advance of a big bad new Xbox. Microsoft rumors swirl daily, Valve’s Steam Box is definitely landing this year, and, oh, on Feb. 20 in the Big Apple, Sony will make a landmark announcement that everyone is almost sure will involve a new console.

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PS4isKing_822012d ago

Sadly I feel this is true. I love my wiiU but I feel this is gunna be like the dreamcast again.
Example: ps2 excitement was building like crazy in early 2000. Dreamcast needed as many big games coming out as possible just to fight off the massive hype of ps2.

Now the wiiU is slowly being killed by the hype for ps4 next week with no big games in sight.
Plus there is still Microsoft's next gen console to be revealed this year too, further sealing the wiiUs fate with even more hype for a competing console.

I just can't see Nintendo coming out of this very good this gen.
I could be wrong but it's not looking good for my wiiU at the moment.

jimbobwahey2012d ago

Nintendo has nobody to blame but themselves. The Wii U having crappy sales isn't because of Microsoft or Sony, it's because software support for the Wii U is utterly pathetic and Nintendo aren't putting the effort in to get games out for it.

Everyone is looking at the Wii U, seeing how awfully Nintendo are treating their customers and rightfully staying away. Until Nintendo actually uses some of that money they made on the Wii to expand their studios and get games out faster the console will just keep spiraling further into obscurity.

I just feel sorry for people who've already bought one, the severe and embarrassing lack of software support over the coming months/year is pathetic.

atreyu_-2012d ago

I don't think it's all just because of games. Consumers are not that informed . They don't know the line up sucks or how many games are coming out in the next 6 months. At least not the average wii user looking to upgrade.

I think it's a lack of advertising. When ps4 and the new Xbox launch you will see them on mountain dew cups and Burger King bags for months. I don't remember one wii u ad, other then at GameStop.

ElectricKaibutsu2012d ago

I can't believe Nintendo didn't learn their lesson from the 3DS launch. Nobody will buy a system that doesn't have any games.

wiium642012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

yes, just look at the 3ds and now it is booming, and look at this LOOKS LIKE THE 360 AND PS3 are FAILURES!!! 360 ONLY SELLING 1.8 MILLION SYSTEMS WORLD WIDE IN THE FIRST THREE MONTHS OF RELEASE...

THE PS3 SOLD 1.7 MILLION SYSTEMS IN THE FIRST THREE MONTHS OF ITS RELEASE, AND NOW THE WII U SOLD OVER THREE MILLION and people are saying it's a failure????? how stupid can you be?

this is proof that the video game media is biased against nintendo, come on microsoft and sony fans, let's hear your lame ass stupid reasons why nintendo is a failure, because of it's 1st three months and sony and microsoft are not?? i can't wait to hear the bull crap excuses, 3d mario, two zelda games, mario kart , smash bros, monolith x game, retro's game, nintendo has tons of great system sellers coming, and it has not failed!!

if you are going by the first 3 months of each system, then SONY AND MICRO SOFT FAILED OVER 7 YEARS AGO!!! SO get over it fanboys, the wii u is not a failure, and wait until next year when the wii u will be booming, nintendo haters and the media, will be slinging the same old crap!!! the lies are over! enjoy your stupid systems and let nintendo enjoy theirs, are you fan boys that jealous? grow up and get over it, let's see what the ps4 and 720 sale in their first three months... if it's just like the current gen, you know, 1.7 and 1.8 million like the ps3 and 360, then i wonder if they will fail again!! right fanboys?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2012d ago


Are you a Prophet From Video Game Heaven?

"Well Said" @wiium64

Cupid_Viper_32012d ago

@ WiiUm64
"THE PS3 SOLD 1.7 MILLION SYSTEMS IN THE FIRST THREE MONTHS OF ITS RELEASE, AND NOW THE WII U SOLD OVER THREE MILLION and people are saying it's a failure????? how stupid can you be?"

The PS3 cost $600.00 plus taxes at that time, and the launch wasn't worldwide as it didn't release in Europe until late March 2007. Also the PS2 was still selling like hotcakes at that time. People Wii sales have declined sharply, so Very different scenarios if you ask me.

But none of that is to say that the Wii U is going to fail. I believe that Nintendo have a bit of time to correct some things in regards the Wii as the PS4 and the Next Xbox wont see a release until some months later. But the current numbers for January are not good by any means.

2012d ago
mcstorm2012d ago

Wiium64 well said. There is just way to much doom and gloom about any new technology now adays. Its been said about windows 8 windows phone 7 n 8. Nokia, Android and many more.

The Wiiu will be fine. Nintendo are trying to give the 3rd partys a chance to show what the Wiiu can do just like the 3ds but part of this issue is they are not doing that. Zombieu is the only game I can think of that is exclusive. The rest are on the Wii, ps3 and 360 and because of this people will pick the games up for the console they own.

When Sony and Ms jump into next gen they people will decide on which console to pickup and games on all 3 consoles will help people pick a Wiiu version up. But people who want Nintendo consoles want games like Mario kart, Zelda, fzero, starfox, Metroid ect and once we see games like this the Wiiu sales will also pickup to.

I don't think any of the new consoles will come out selling as well as the Wii did and I also see all 3 selling about the same numbers in there life time sales.

The 10th Rider2012d ago

People really need to chill out on this. 3 System selling games (A 3D Mario game, Mario Kart, and SSB) are confirmed to be shown at E3. Regardless of whether or not you like those games, a Mario Kart Wii U bundle around next holiday season will sell the console like hotcakes. If they were going to drop the price, that'd be the time to do so.

And I don't see how anyone would expect Nintendo to do much until Microsoft and Sony announce their new consoles anyway. If the Wii U is still selling horribly in six months, then will the time for all the doom & gloom articles.

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