Wii U: 8 Reasons It’s A Failure

WC - It seems like things just keep getting worse for Nintendo; their E3 unveiling of the Wii U last year proved underwhelming, with the show being stolen away from them by enticing current-gen properties like Watch Dogs and The Last of Us, and it’s been bad news followed by bad news ever since.

With so few reasons to own one and so many to wait until Sony and Microsoft unveil their next-gen consoles soon, Nintendo need to act fast or risk being left flailing in the race for gaming supremacy.

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fluffydelusions2008d ago

I remember when people said 3ds would fail too...

BullyMangler2008d ago

i can give you more than 7 reasons the wiiU is a Failure .

1. New Smash ain't out YET

2. New zelda with who knows what PHYSICS ENGINES aint even out yet.

3. The wiiU game-pad is a bad idea

4. New Mario with wiiU real wiiU graphics ain't even out yet

5. Pikmin 3 is still in development

6. Nintendo is not Sony

7.Nintendo is not like Microsoft

8. New Waverace aint out yet

9. Bayonetta 2 aint out yet

10. the wiiU game-pad does not rumble?

11. The Last Guardian aint comin to wiiU

12. etc etc ... .

13 The Nintendo only sold $57,000 Fifty seven Thousandths of wiiU's in one month . . BEFORE THE GOOD STUFF RELEASED .. and on and onn the blind snake of envy continues ... .

chadboban2008d ago

You can only call it a failure, when it gets so bad that they stop producing it entirely and it takes Nintendo as a company down.

However, the article does makes some good points especially on the marketing of the device. Definitely something Nintendo needs to improve. The rest of the article though mostly goes on the assumptions of what Sony and Microsoft will offer in their next consoles, even though we only have rumors on what those systems will offer, not to mention their prices.

As for the terrible library, that's entirely subjective but I think a lot of folks, myself included, are waiting for the more first party Nintendo games before we make a purchase. I know I'll most likely have one by the end of the year as a lot of it's upcoming games are looking really appealing to me so far, like Monolith's game, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3 and hopefully whatever else Nintendo reveals whether it be at E3 or their Nintendo Directs.

I'll get a Vita as well because Soul Sacrifice and Tearaway look really cool, plus I really want to play Gravity Rush. PS4 will also be mine but I pretty much made a promise to myself to never buy a system at launch, I'll wait for it's library to expand a bit so that will probably have to wait until next year.

1upgamer992008d ago

The Wii U has some great games, and clearly some that are ports are better on Wii U, BOPS2 for one. Also Need For Speed coming out and it is "The best looking" The lighting and such are based on the PC version. Rayman was a kick in the nads. I like Nintendoland, and Mario U, I would have liked to have seen a 3D mario, Zelda, or Metroid though. Zombi U is a great game too.
I do think marketing sucks. I went so far as to E-Mail Nintendo to tell them they are screwing up not once but twice.

DwightOwen2008d ago

Oh, for $%^#'s sake, it's only been out 3 MONTHS!

Do the haters really think the PS4 is gonna have shitloads of games constantly coming out for it starting from day one? No! It's going to take several months before the heavy hitters start showing up, like with EVERY console launch.

Gamers need to learn a little $$%%ing patience.

PopRocks3592008d ago

A failure after three months? Really? This has to be for clicks.

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