Why You Should Watch the PlayStation 4 Event at IGN

IGN - On February 20th, the PlayStation-related festivities at IGN will reach their maximum level. Come find out what you can expect at IGN on that day.

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fluffydelusions1802d ago

They want that ad revenue...simple really.

Thatguy-3101802d ago

Lmao at the articles avatar. All this hype surrounding the ps4 have brought forward a lot of hilarious gifs and pictures lol

Gratisfaction1802d ago

Not saying that this'll happen, but wouldn't be funny if they go up there and say absolutely NOTHING about the PS4. "We are proud to announce.......THE PS3-SUPER-ULTRA SLIMMER VERSION!!!"

That would suck...

miyamoto1802d ago

its has a great virtual theater there. Makes you feel you are watching with lots of people.

Blackdeath_6631802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

February 20th 2013 6PM EST (11PM GMT) convert the time to where ever you are in the world can't be bothered to do it for you.

ApolloTheBoss1802d ago

You know was gonna watch this on IGN but they seem to be getting a little too hungry for hits so go to the main site.

Thatguy-3101802d ago

Ign isn't looking for hits. The guys on the videos are as excited as any sony fan. Would understand if it was kotaku who finds any way to trash the PS3 or anything sony related to gain hits.

-Mika-1802d ago

I wish I could of watched it on G4. When E3 comes around. I honestly don't know what Im going to do.

MaideninBlack1802d ago

Really wish Sony would consider televising this. A lot of streams for the PS Meeting are going to crash under the traffic and I don't want to miss a thing.

2pacalypsenow1802d ago

can we watch this from the Ps website?

ginganinja1802d ago

I'd be more surprised if you couldn't.
& i'm fairly certain i read a comment somewhere on the EU blog indicating it would be showing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.