Hall: 'DayZ' can run on PS4 and Xbox 720 but publisher requirements are annoying

XMNR: Bohemia Interactive's Dean Hall gave a status update on the "DayZ" standalone project Friday and also answered some community questions where he addressed the possibility of the PC mod conversion appearing on next-gen consoles like the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720.

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OneAboveAll1922d ago

Her name is Jan "Kunt"...

lmao, how does this person get through the day.

fluffydelusions1922d ago

Czech based company so maybe it doesn't translate over to what we see it as but yeah I see what you mean lol.

MidnytRain1922d ago

The article says it is a he.

ApolloTheBoss1922d ago

Please bare with it and release this game on consoles, please!

Tr10wn1922d ago

Focus on the PC version first but yeah console version would be cool.

Godmars2901922d ago

PC fanboys upset about losing an exclusive.

But since the Xbox is getting a clone of the game with only more on the way, not seeing why the the DayZ guys don't make it themselves.

ImpliedDeception1922d ago

Magical N4G disagree fairies. They roam the articles invisibly, but if you look closely enough, their droppings can be found everywhere.

Blackdeath_6631922d ago

there is huge support for this game, it is only natural that they would be upset if the developer shafts them and delays the game to release it on console in the same way that all the wiiU fans went apeshit when ubisoft delayed the next rayman game that was supposed to be a wiiU launch title exclusive to release it on ps3 and xbox. i'm sure the developer can bare with it and release it on consoles if it gets them more money but it wouldn't be worth it since they will lose a ton of fans and the internet will mindlessly rage over the matter

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Lockon1922d ago

Hell yeah release this on consoles! I've always wanted to play DayZ but my computer isn't made for gaming :(

Rivitur1922d ago

Go get state of decay when it comes out then or Class 4 if you want zombie MP on console.

WeskerChildReborned1922d ago

I'm gonna be getting a PC soon anyway but i agree, this game looks simple yet very fun and it would be cool if everyone can enjoy the experience.

Allsystemgamer1922d ago

It's actually far from simple. There's so many mechanics needed to survive. Food. Temperature. Wounds. The zombies. Other players.

Gamer19821922d ago

Who cares about a console version? It's only big as a mod once they start to charge people for this it will lose its cult status and people won't play. People will disagree but it's a fact. Look at counterstrike for consoles for proof. The biggest FPS mod of all time. FAILED on consoles..

creatchee1922d ago

Even though it began as a mod, Counterstrike was and is still sold on PC. Millions of copies, both box and digital.

Counterstrike on the original XBOX was in the top ten most played games on LIVE until support was dropped.

How did it fail? Global Offensive? That doesn't really count, as it's technically a sequel.

sourav931922d ago

So wait, you're saying people only like it because it's a free mod? So the countless of people who are waiting for DayZ standalone are crazy?

Blacktric1922d ago

"It's only big as a mod once they start to charge people for this it will lose its cult status and people won't play"

Meanwhile, they are implementing sh*t ton of features like possibility of contracting diseases and possibility of those diseases creating an epidemic at towns with the most infected player (with sickness, not zombie virus) gatherings. Mod-able guns, being able to create your own underground bases, full ragdoll animations, homemade weapons like bow and arrows and so on to ensure that this will truly be a full fledged game. Oh and, they'll follow Minecraft's pricing model and the game's very first developer diary video managed to get close to 1 million views in about 3 days.

But you can keep claiming that it won't sell and will lose its cult status while blatantly forgetting that CS: GO was made by a horrible third party developer that was hired by Valve.

Allsystemgamer1922d ago

I don't know if u noticed but the MOD SOLD 2 million copies of ARMA2. So ur logic is flawed.

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-Mika-1922d ago

Sony and MS seriously need to look into their policies when it comes to making games for their system. Indie games are the future and sony needs to realize that.

fluffydelusions1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

I _hear_ Sony is way better with indie devs than MS. I do believe both have some ridiculous sum of money however to get your game in their particular store and also to push updates.

Ultr1922d ago

They still need restriction, otherwise every shitty game gets published
I dont want an android/ios market crap on my gaming platform

Blacktric1922d ago

"Indie games are the future..."


No. You know what's future? Games made by "independent studios" with a decent budget. Games like Braid, FEZ (jesus christ) and Limbo can't and will never ever be the future of gaming. You want to invest your high hopes? Do it to studios like Bohemia or CD Projekt RED, both of which loves and respect their fans. Unlike EA, Activision and Valve, all of which have zero comunication with their fans.

kevnb1922d ago

this is the kind of thing you miss out on consoles. There are things you miss on pc too, its the nature of different platforms.

NaiNaiNai1922d ago

The only things I miss out on consoles are half-ass unsupported games and costly DLC.

Neither of which I would ever miss.

Norrison1922d ago

I think you get that, games are shutdown after 2 years on consoles, there's PC games that are still 10 years old with an online community.
What costly DLC? Most PC exclusives have free DLC

superterabyte1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Nope i'm afraid you miss out on exclusives. Good one's an all. Uncharted, killzone gran turismo forza etc.

Your platform is not perfect; no platform is remember that. Why the constant need to justify playing on a PC by rubbishing consoles? Consoles are good as well.

And im not bias I know the advantages of Pc i've wanted day z for a while now so if it came out on console i'd be chuffed to bits.

Also popular PC games are not always perfect. Minecraft uses Java.

plaZeHD1922d ago

You will be missing out The Last Of Us, the most anticipated game of this year. And the funny thing is you will be spending 1000$ to run the high-end PC game, but The Last Of Us is actually, technically superior than any PC game ever created in some ways.
PC is obviously the best system on this planet, no doubt about that, but you don't get what you pay for. Most of the best games are exclusively on consoles.

Allsystemgamer1922d ago

And the 50+ exclusives releasing this year alone on pc

Bladesfist1922d ago

@plaZeHD So the PS3 has a handful of exclusives. The PC has a whole load more. While you enjoy the last of us I will be playing Company of heroes 2, Starcraft HoTS, Arma 3, DayZ ect.

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