PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Round 1 DLC Impressions

After a bit of a delay and Sony cutting ties to developer SuperBot, the first batch of downloadable content for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is finally here. This includes the two brand new characters, a new stage, and we give our thoughts on everything new.

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r211949d ago

Those are not turrets. One of them is a turret, two of them are ammo boxes and the last one is an AP generator in the form of a rift extractor. Know your Starhawk facts!

ps3vita4life1948d ago

Kat is my new favourite character.

Hicken1948d ago


Haven't used Emmett yet, but I LOVE Kat.

ps3vita4life1948d ago

She really is. I love her speed and her cool gravity combos. Superbot did an amazing job on her. Emmet is cool too but I personally prefer Kat.