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Germinator (PS3) Review *Games Fiends*

Perfectly timed for this season’s achy bodies, stuffy noses, and scratchy throats, Creat Studios brings your new puzzling addiction. Those germs have had the run of the house long enough – it’s time to fight back. How? With the deadliest germ-killing machine of all time, The Germinator 3000. (Germinator, PS Vita, PS3) 7.5/10

smashcrashbash  +   580d ago
First of all how is it 7.5 out of 100? Second of all this game doesn't even come out until March or so. How did you already get a copy to review.
averyzoe  +   580d ago
My mistake--all fixed. You sound a little hostile for some reason, but I'll answer your questions. First of all, it is out in Europe right now. Second of all, I received a copy for review from the studio who developed it, as is standard.
smashcrashbash  +   580d ago
You are quite mistaken.I am quite calm.You mistake my curiosity for hostility. But on N4G that is understandable.Notice I used no harsh words or profanity or directly accused you of anything. I heard nothing about it coming out in the UK so soon,I heard that it was basically coming at least the same period of time the US version was coming.
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averyzoe  +   580d ago
It launched in Europe on the 13th of February.

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