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Submitted by JBallerX 1093d ago | opinion piece

Apple killing Xbox 720, PS4 is laughable

(Product Reviews) As always there are some crazy predictions when it comes to the release of a certain device killing another, but Apple killing the Xbox 720 and PS4 with their TV device is laughable. (Apple, Casual games, Microsoft, Mobile, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

Chapster  +   1093d ago
When I first read the title I thought the PS4 was laughable
Mr_cheese  +   1093d ago
The title is a lil misleading.
Rip-Ridah  +   1093d ago
The comma should be changed to "or."
subtenko  +   1093d ago
A nervous laugh yes. Prepare yourselves for Sony! Mwahahahaha!
YipMan  +   1093d ago
The title should read, "Apple killing the Xbox 720 and PS4, is laughable."
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Gamerita  +   1093d ago
this story is laughable.
ArmGunar  +   1093d ago
Home consoles are the best, AAA blockbusters and indie games will be always on real consoles !
MightyMatt101  +   1093d ago
It's laughable because there has yet to be a hardcore experience on an iPhone/iPad that holds anything against what Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo offer real gamers. Touch controls are terrible! Unless its for mindless games aimed at a 3 year old child or the child's mom to get their super casual waiting in line at the grocery store gaming fix.
MikeMyers  +   1093d ago
There are some fun games on those platforms so lets not get ahead of ourselves. In fact many of those games like Jetpack Joyride are available on the PS3 and Vita and sell quite well on those platforms as well.


Just because they are not hardcore experiences doesn't mean hardcore gamers can't enjoy them. There is a shift to have platforms now that cater to all types of gamers and hardcore gamers need to respect that.

No, Apple will not kill the 720 and PS4 because Apple are not serious about gaming. They don't actually invest in any of their own games, they just provide platforms to play them on. They aren't going to go head on against titles like Halo or God of War. Apple is however making boatloads of money off of those games because they take a 30% cut from all sales.
MightyMatt101  +   1093d ago
Fair enough! Don't get me wrong I enjoy my temple runs, and like you mentioned jetpack joyride. In reference to the article and my own personal opinion it's laughable and not even comparable. I understand and respect the fact that there is a large number of people that enjoy these handheld experiences with touch etc... I own a vita and love it (so stoked for killzone mercenary) that's the on the go experience I'm looking for. Summed up its not my cup of tea and I don't think they could ever legitimately compete with the big 3 not to say that there isn't fun to be had with those iPhone games.
MikeMyers  +   1093d ago
My views are probably different from yours and many others as well. I don't buy handhelds for serious gaming experiences, be it the 3DS or the Vita. I don't see a game like Uncharted: The Abyss something that is of $40 value when Uncharted on the PS3 for $60 to me adds so much more immersion and value to it. I know I will get many disagrees but that is just my own opinion. I see handhelds as a portable device to take on the road and to occupy my time in small segments. I use my consoles (and PC) for serious gaming and if they also cater to smaller sized games so be it. Journey was excellent and to me the cost was perfectly aligned with that.

We are slowly seeing different price strategies on consoles and I think it's about time. Steam has been doing this for years and are very successful at it. Console owners are used to big AAA games like God of War and Forza but that is slowly changing and for the better. We see big publishers like Epic mixing things up now with Shadow Complex. So as we can see the consoles need and have adapted so that they cater to more gamers out there than the typical hardcore gamer.
JBSleek  +   1093d ago
I'm not one to laugh at Apple because every time I do they change an industry: phones, tablets, and possibly watches now.

I'm not saying they will "kill" them but Apple isn't really to be laughed out.
Deku-Johnny  +   1093d ago
You mean someone else changes an industry and Apple takes all the credit?
BanBrother  +   1093d ago
Haha deku, spot on.

Apple have always arrived late, and just stamped that $hitty little Apple symbol on everything, which makes the idiots world wide get warm and tingly in the pants. They deserve no credit except for making gadgets a fashion accessory for those with small minds.

In saying that, I still think that the iPod is the best MP3 player when it comes to general usability. Although, the couple I had a few years back broke, as Apple is crap.

If they even dare to try their money grubbing hands in the console business, Sony, MS and Nintendo will F*** them up so bad they'll wish they never decided to try and capitalize on other people's success.....again.
JBSleek  +   1093d ago
iPhone made touchscreens and app stores not only viable but a staple. There is n denying this fact. People laughed in 2007 when it came out and look now most phones have followed. Give Apple where credit is due.

Tablets weren't widespread till Apple came and made it affordable, lightweight and supported.

Did Apple make these things? No; but they sure as hell were the main innovators in this space. No question about it.

To deny it is blatant blindness and stupid bias of Apple.
Stoppokingme  +   1093d ago
Internet journalism at it's best.

And apparently the PS4 is laughable.
Rip-Ridah  +   1093d ago
Read the first three comments. I do agree with the sarcasm of your first sentence.
Deku-Johnny  +   1093d ago
Apple can offer their gaming input so too can Android and Steam but Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft shall always reign supreme.
susanto1228  +   1093d ago
I agree.

XBOX has a firm hold on the gaming industry it ain't going nowhere. Apple's ego is just to big to tangle with Msoft and Sony.

PS2>PS3 capitlized on great titles like FF series God of War and Uncharted.
Xbox>XBOX 360 capitalized on amazing titles like Halo and Star wars KOTOR and then Gears of War which truly launched the consoles into next Gen

So what is Apple gonna do for us that Xbox and Sony can't do..
NOTHING that's what, thanks but BIG no thanks Apple...before
I would buy Apple I would much rather buy Samsung products. I'm buying the new xbox and PS4 and I'll be happy with that too crowded Apple you'll be the little guy looking in for a long long long time.

and I wish you NO LUCK
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Neko_Mega  +   1093d ago
Apple has yet to make a good gaming console and they are losing to Samsung.

Plus, you can't say anything PS4/720 when theirs no true specs from the company's.
KillrateOmega  +   1093d ago
Apple can make the foray into serious gaming, but they'll be dwarfed by MS, Sony, and Nintendo. MS, Sony, and Nintendo have been reigning supreme for far too long in this industry.

*A very misleading title btw. You may want to work on title creation. If it was intentional misleading however, then that's just bad taste to do that.*
TemplarDante  +   1093d ago
See The Future

chukamachine  +   1093d ago
Only apple worth having is the one you can eat, the rest suck.

Well done on the phone bug apple. iphone4s, 6.1.1 made it worse.
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jmc8888  +   1093d ago
Apple can't kill it's competitors in the phone space, if anything they are starting to kill Apple. (so yes it is laughable, they should focus on the areas they are losing)

It's competitors don't need a high margin part, they survive quite well on competitive low margin phones, which have better specs, more user options, and cost less.

Apple epitomizes stupidity, and in a great depression, stupidity doesn't last forever.

They're more interested in being a hedge fund with all their cash playing the stock market then making a phone, though Jobs and Woz don't make Apple products at home, they have a 10 year old in China do that.
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level 360  +   1093d ago
Should say - " Killing-Off PS4 and XBox720 makes Apple Laughing Stock. "
Dfooster  +   1093d ago
When Apple TV can run games at crisis 3 levels of detail for 69p then sony and Microsoft should start getting worried.
ylwzx3  +   1093d ago
No thanks. I don't want a $600 console every 6 months.
dcbronco  +   1093d ago
I think it's kinda crazy to believe that Apple can do anything in the console industry without Steve Jobs. As much as some may believe that one man can't be that important, this might be a situation where one person was. If only from the standpoint of there being one person that had control and was trusted to make the decisions.

Corporations are kind of like countries to a degree. Many nations have faltered after losing that one leader that brought it all together. Apple failed when Jobs was kicked out. They are now living off of what he brought them. And ultimately it was his ability to sell that made them successful. So I have no reason to believe Apple will be a force in anything but the things he has already established them in.
shaun mcwayne  +   1092d ago
Apple can suck my plums.

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