Sexism is still rampant in online gaming communities

Women gamers are targets. That’s not an anecdote, it’s fact.

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gillri1952d ago

Rightly or Wrongly sexism is far more acceptable than racism in today's society, and with the amount of N word abuse I hear online!?

Sorry girls, but this problem aint gonna go away quickly

Bimkoblerutso1950d ago

Sexism is just one part of the broader issue of anonymous hate-mongering. EVERYONE gets hate online. I get called a "fag" online all the time because of my slight lisp. Do you think it matters that I'm not gay? No. They call me that out of idiocy and the reassuring sense of anonymity that comes with long-distance-social-interacti on.

I'm sorry you're getting it because you're a woman or you're black or etc., but the simple fact of the matter is that it's not a problem that is unique to any one demographic. Online hate-mongering is an issue that is bigger than any one sub-category.

Novistador1950d ago

When girls have to sign up for selective service then they will be truly equal. Honestly though.. this is the least of my concerns on the online community, at least girls are treated "well" Guys just sling profanities at each other.

guitarded771950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Sexism, homophobia and racism are everywhere whether people want to admit it or not. Online gaming is not exclusive. There will always be prejudice... some are simple stereotypes, others are downright hateful. If they get on your nerves, hit the mute button, because odds are you are not going to change their way of thinking (or lack of thinking). At least online you can mute/block them. In the real world it's a bit more serious.

pat_11_51952d ago

The amount of N bombs I hear on a daily basis in Halo 4 is kind of disgusting.

InMyOpinion1950d ago

Turn off the mic or party chat with your friends. That's what I do mostly. If it's isolated persons you can also mute them and report them.

All options are there for you to use :)

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

In Dust 514, whenever someone with a female character appears in the war barge, other players start following her around...

Blastoise1950d ago

You should check out Playstation Home, all the losers follow around the female avatar's shouting "Hello" "Hello" "Hello" -_-'

Blackdeath_6631950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

yeah i agree with @blastoise ps home is riddled with wierd perverts. i made an account for my little sister since she is not a gamer and she wanted to try using my ps3 when i bought it. i thought what harm can it do to let her run around in pshome play a load of minigames and visit the locoroco area and how wrong was i. every five minutes some one would attempt to talk to her thank god she never knew how to use the keyboard. it is exactly as @Blastoise describes it, people follow you round saying "hello" "hello"

Rumplebumpkin1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I found that the best way to communicate on Home is through the medium of dance, just go and stand next to someone and start doing your thang. They'll either start talking to you or run away.

60% of the time it works every time.

Reibooi1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

It's sad really. My sister is a avid gamer but short of having a name that doesn't imply she is female and never using a female avatar or talking she can't play online without being talked down to or harassed. Sad I had great fun playing online with her and watching her destroy some of the sexist morons but it go to be a bit to much for her and she plays offline games more often then not now.

I honestly don't understand why people are like this online. I mean I like to trash talk as much as the next guy but there is clearly a line and it seems as if everyone online cross it long ago and never looked back and that is sad.

admiralvic1950d ago

It most likely has a LOT to do with demographics, the "gamer" profile and it being deemed "acceptable" by many.

Like I get the impression you're talking about FPS games (Halo, CoD, etc), which are usually filled with teens and young adults who probably aren't that mature. Like I joined a friends game on Borderlands 2 and there was this 9 year old kid. He instantly asked me for gear (me being level 50 and them being level 30), to which I declined. From here the kid just RAMBLED on about how I was showing off (was added to help them fight Terra), how he was better than me and about how I had no life. Replace me with a girl in this situation and the difference might just be that he was better because Girls can't play or perhaps it was EXACTLY the same, but the girl took the remarks to be sexist (which does happen every now and then).

In addition to this mentality, the "average" or "stereotypical" gamer is a nerdy person that doesn't have a lot of experience with women. So seeing a woman online might put them out of their comfort zone, perhaps the stuff mentioned above gets a sexist spin (due to more stereotypes) and probably some of it stems from these people wanting someone they can relate to, which results in women being objectified.

Finally we have the fact that not a lot of people "stand up" against it. Like bullying in school, a lot of people see it and let it continue. Also I would say a small / fair number of girls bring it upon their self. Like I remember 1 girl wrote a review that I disagreed with and was inaccurate in a number of areas. Upon bringing up what she did wrong, I was instantly attacked by her for "assuming I am wrong because I was a woman". This isn't too different than the women that are in the "culture", but know very little about it (like when a girl calls Link Zelda or something of the sort). We also see the same from men, but it typically only becomes an issue issue when women are involved.

If people want to end this, then all the sides need to change. Some kids need to at least act a little more mature, some people should work on improving their skills, others need to call people out for things that are indeed sexist and finally some girls need to stop playing victim. When all of these things occur (or at least most) we will see it end / start to decline.

stuna11950d ago

It's plain and simple, alot of the anonymous players online are already balding, fat beer gut, hot pocket eating slobs to begin with! But to make matters worse, most have the roj complex from the Big Bang Theory! So the anonymity in essence is like them having a drink to talk to women.

It's sad that there are so many "ISM'S" in the world today! I have quite a few women in my friend list, but I respect them as gamers and treat them as I would a male on my friend list! Including when it's time to spank them in a game.

Skyliner121950d ago

What is 'rightly sexism'? Is their 'rightly racism'?

Are you really saying racism is a worse problem then sexism? It's all a massive problem.

Feralkitsune1950d ago

This is a problem with our culture in general. so of course it will spill over into gaming. The culture as a whole must change if we expect it to go away elsewhere.

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pat_11_51952d ago

I agree, that doesn't make it any less horrible though.

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Septic1950d ago

Well, with Xbox Live you can block the voices/messages of everyone except those in your friends list and with party chat, you don't have to hear others so it can be avoided.

mandf1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

It kind of defeats the purpose of playing a multiplayer game. Communication is key to win but muting people or talking to others not in the game is kind of counterproductive.

Septic1950d ago

Yeah, unless you are playing with your mates, then yeah; its a compromise that you have to make.

JAMurida1950d ago

I really do think it's based on what you are playing. For example, CoD games generally don't use heavy teamwork to win, not saying there is ZERO teamwork in the game, but not compared to a game like MAG, where you MUST work together and communicate to take the front lines down and attack the letters (domination).

With that said, I rarely come across your typical racial slur/slut shamming person on MAG as you would on CoD *in my experience*. As with MAG, it's almost normal to get into a room and you have people calling things out/FRAGO'n objectives. Also the teamwork in MAG is more visible when the JP clans play domination early in the morning.

But plain and simple, that's just how it is with online gaming. And honesty, the only way to deal with it is to ignore/mute it or stop playing.

DasTier1950d ago

Exactly, I havn't listened to anyone in a public game lobby since about 2008. The only multiplayer games I currently play that really require communication are the Battlefield & Halo series anyway. With 4 players working together on those you can generally be unstoppable without the need for the rest of your team.

I do miss the pre/post game banter in Halo 3 lobbies though. It was hilarious, if people were offended, they need to get some thicker skin and stop being so pathetic.

Cueil1950d ago

Xbox Live allows you to mute universally individuals from all games... also rating them poorly will have the system attempt to keep you from joining their games, but wont make it impossible... wish there was an avoid at all cost option for the truly disturbing.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

In 2013 people cannot evolve past this??

dcortz20271950d ago

I know right? People are idiots. I really feel for female gamers who just play games like the rest of us to have a good time. But they shouldn't feel too bad as if you don't get hate for this, you get hate for that. Everyone gets hate, regardless of race,gender,sexual preference etc.

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