At 57K sold, Wii U's January performance is historically abysmal

Gamasutra, Matt Matthews- "I wrote on Monday that the NPD Group's retail sales estimates for the U.S. video game market would reveal the kind of enthusiasm that consumers had for Nintendo's hardware in the post-holiday period. I surely didn't foresee figures in the 50,000-59,000 range, but that's what our internal estimates showed. CNet's sources put that number at 57,000, so we'll just go with that.

Those aren't just terrible figures for the Wii U; they're terrible for any system in recent memory."

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Dylila1950d ago Show
WrAiTh Sp3cTr31950d ago

Nah, this is just to keep the attention off of Vita.

miyamoto1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Price cut imminent!
like GameCube and 3DS

going HD not ready ....
hurry up Ninty

darthv721950d ago

will be worth more in the long run if it fails to get a footing.

The obscure consoles of the past have some of the most sought after titles because they didnt sell as much.

That is looking at it from a collectors POV.

DatNJDom811950d ago

I understand that the wii-u is not performing well. But all these doomed articles are jumping the gun. Lets give the wii-u some time and wait till its game library grows. I wont be buying a wii-u since PS4 is around the corner. But Im pretty sure wii-u will begin picking up eventually.

AsimLeonheart1950d ago

Nintendo fanboys cannot refute or deny this news. It is backed by facts and figures. I do not hate Nintendo or Wii U but I do hate denial and failure to accept reality.

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Crazyglues1950d ago

Ouch! is a bit of an understatement...

elmaton981950d ago

The gamecube was a great system. The nintendo wii was nevolutionary but now the wiiu is competing with the ps360 so their not doing anything great with what they have right now but still nintendo has always been about the exclusive and nothing else or so i think

SilentNegotiator1950d ago

People were saying that WiiU was one of the "fastest selling" way too soon. An explosive launch means very little in the long run.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I am not gonna count nintnedo out. I rather wait 2 years then 3 months to see their future. I remember when ps3 was dead in 2006 - 2007.

Seems to be doing good now.

It's seems a lot of people here want nintendo to go out of business because nintendo seems to offend peoples love for other consoles somehow.

Seriously imagine the game industry with only sony and MS. Nintendo fills a void as they are like no other company imo. They are just as great as sony but different. And MS I can care less about.

perfectCarbonara1950d ago

When people said PS3 was dead in 06 there werent new HD consoles on the horizon. So plenty of time for it to recover. Now you tell me, when the superior PS4 and Xbox720 get announced in a couple of weeks who's gonna remember WiiU ?

SilentNegotiator1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Except Ps3 was called "dead" when it was actually selling and as PerfectCarbonara said "there werent new HD consoles on the horizon"

Muffins12231950d ago not surprised.The seconde they announced wiiu i sold nintendo's stock...also i would buy sony's and microsoft's stock.Now i know the xbox brad will do bad next gen guys but xbox is just a small porportion of microsoft....

SilentNegotiator1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

The time to sell NTDOY was a long time ago. At this point, they may not even sink much lower and will see a nice growth once they start seeing early costs climbed over. BUYING NTDOY soon might be a smarter move.

SNE is a toss up. They're at a pretty low point. They will have to impress to turn things around. I think it's worth waiting to see if they make some more smart changes.

MSFT hasn't made serious growth away from the $30-ish average in over a decade. If a "at least my money will be safe" approach is what you want, then fine, invest in MSFT. If you're like me and belief that investing is a waste of time unless your money grows (because money becomes worth less over time, thanks to inflation), then MSFT isn't the way to go.

I put a lot of thought into investing in the big three, but decided against it.

DEFINITELY materials. Well, 5-10 years ago, anyway. I kick myself every day for not investing in gold while it was getting hot. I could be sitting on a literal goldmine.

Anon19741950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I wouldn't touch any of them. Who knows what's going to happen with Nintendo in the next couple of years. The company has a long way to go replacing the revenue the DS and Wii provided. I'm sure they'll be fine, but I can't see the stock doing anything in the near term.

Microsoft I wouldn't touch with an 8 foot pole. Sales of Windows 8 hasn't done nearly what they expected and the PC market is just being taken to town as tablet sales skyrocket. Microsoft isn't going anywhere, but I just don't see the growth there (and the size of the game division as a whole just isn't enough to make a difference on way or another). I just don't know where their growth is going to come from in the next few years. I can't see the stock really going anywhere.

Sony's in the same boat as far as I'm concerned. I see the analysts at my old firm has Sony at a "Strong Buy" but they're still at the mercy of foreign exchange markets while half way through a pretty extensive recovery. Gamers will no doubt be excited about the PS4, but just like Microsoft the gaming division is just a drop in the bucket compared to overall operations. If Sony is able to restructure and come out stronger, this would probably be the time to buy and tuck the stuck away for a couple of years..but at best it's a gamble given the current market conditions, and I can't see the TV market picking up anytime soon.

If you've got money to lose, take a gamble, but for investors with a longer time horizon I wouldn't touch any of the above.

Nope. Financials, Energy, Materials, a few bonds. Buy and hold, ride it out. Mind you, I've been out of the financial planning game for a few years now. :)

MarkusMcNugen1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )


Microsoft may be worth investing into in a few months. Although Windows 8 isnt doing so well at the moment, if the rumors about Windows Blue are true, adoption rate may go up a decent amount. Of course there's Windows 9 at some point in the future. Invest at a low price while Windows 8 is doing terrible, and watch the price rise when Windows Blue and/or Windows 9 is rumored and on the way.

Also, while the Surface RT has not sold that great, sales for Surface Pro are expected to be high. If they sell well enough, I would not be surprised if Microsoft becomes a permanent player in the tablet market with a future Surface lineup.

But hey, Im just a guy making some guesses.

BullyMangler1950d ago

i dont understand how in the bloody earth a videogame system gonna sell 57,000 FIFTY SEVEN THOUSAND UNITS in just one month when it aint even got any REAL games yet? ? . mindboggling

user39158001950d ago

The WII-U was not abysmal, its simply the greatest low expectation of nintendo, from the consumer point of view. They tried to engage on gimmicks like on the wii, casual fail for it and now has learn, that they had the console with less support and the games were low compare to both ps3 and 360. They tried to compete with ps3/360 and now have a console 7 years old coming in looking for a naxt gen. People can be open minded, but now you are aware that chances given and kindness can only last so long. WII-U its A DISASTER, this console will drop their shares down so fast, but at least they have the guts to bring something to move forward. STOP THE WIIU NOW, be polite and cruel with mission depended goals and bring us a console on par with 720 and ps4, just get rid of the garbage wiiu.

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bicfitness1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if they miss their 4 million goal at this rate. I don't think that MH in March will give them the boost they're hoping for. Those "core" Nintendo fans were the ones who bought the system at Launch.

d0nni31950d ago

MH Will give them a big boost in Japan, that's pretty much a given. Looking at the near future it's hard to see where the system sellers will be world wide, it's going to be a rough year for Nintendo and i hope they can produce some quality content to help improve their sales because the PS4, Nextbox pre launches and the actual launch could really kill off the enthusiasm

bicfitness1950d ago

I thought it was already out in Japan. The HD version - not the 3DS one. It is unlikely that MH will be much of a system seller in NA, and that's all Ninty really have left in terms of "big" releases for the quarter.

Qrphe1950d ago

It already came out in Japan and sold 0.2 million units. If anything, hope for a boost in the West.

SpartanGR1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Nintendo sucks and people won't fall for another wiigate. They sell old hardware at premium price.

bicfitness1950d ago

Bubbled up for "funny", SpartanGR. Nothing like a good counter-troll. And everything you said in your first post is spot on.

DigitalSmoke1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

My good friends, I love Nintendo, but this isn't it.
The WiiU will not be a Wii type of succes and i knew it right away when i saw the controler.
If they released a Wii2 with seriously upgraded hardware and Wiimote sales would have been much better, shit i would have got one.

Crazyglues1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Actually the controller is the best part of the system, have you played Zombie U or anything else on it... Having that extra screen in the hand is a good feature... Not that special, but the screen on controller works Awesome..

...And being able to be on the controller playing the game while in another room or while someone else is watching the TV... Awesome...

No Nintendo's Real problem is, once again what every system has to worry about, where are the Games? -The ones people want to play... (you know the reason why I bought your console right now instead of waiting)

-There are games don't get me wrong but the die-hard's are waiting for Zelda and the real Mario game and the other big games.. The key franchise blockbusters... -before they buy.

A system doesn't sell itself, the Games sell the system, so sadly your system can only be as good as it's games....

DigitalSmoke1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

There are no games because the screen is a Gimick...
Zelda is great, it sells anything even cardboard boxes, that doesn't mean the boxes are good.

Its not getting close to the succes of the Wii, not in a long shot since it does not capture the imagination like the Wii did, nor does it pack the punch to battle Playstation or the Nextbox.

NeoTribe1950d ago

You said the screen was a great feature than immediately said that its nothing special. Thats where i stopped reading your comment.

Crazyglues1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

@ NeoTribe

Well that's too bad for you, because like I said it's a great feature, while it's nothing special meaning it's not a must have (like I have to buy this system because it has this)

It is however a nice feature, because having the option is better then not having it...

If you can't understand that then I really need to stop making comments on N4G because the level of comprehension from you kids is at an all time low..

R.I.F (Reading is Fundamental) -how can you understand something or get a good idea of what the person is talking about if you didn't even bother to read it... ???

nintendoland1949d ago


"There are no games because the screen is a Gimick"

that doesn't even make any sense

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NYC_Gamer1950d ago

Nintendo thought the casuals would eat Wii-U up like they did with the original Wii

Rainstorm811950d ago

Sad thing is most casuals don't know exactly what the Wii-U is..........the slow start of the Wii-U shows that the way a company unveils a console has a lasting effect

Crazyglues1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Not just that, but calling it the Wii-U didn't help either because to the casual market they just think the Wii-U is some accessory for the Wii..

Hell I just read an article the other day where that's exactly what they were calling the Wii-U (an accessory for your Wii, they literary said you can add this controller with a screen to your wii)

Epic Fail..

AngelicIceDiamond1950d ago

That's the thing about the casual market. You have to explain things to them Real...slowww. Casuals are easily the misled market.