Aliens: Colonial Marines Review [GAMINGtruth]

Greg Bargas reviews the oft delayed Aliens: Colonial Marines on Xbox 360.

"There is a lot to be said about Aliens. SEGA and Gearbox followed through on promises to bring the game to fruition after all these years. Hopes were high and the end result did not quite meet eye-to-eye. The game is not a catastrophe, but hopefully, a stepping stone towards a newly developed title that can pull glory from the wreckage."

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DeejayKnight1925d ago

5.5 isn't as bad as I'd expected after hearing all the negativity about this game.

Still don't know if I'm willing to drop $60 on it, though. :/

Cam_is_16bit1925d ago

After more than 5 years in development, I'm not sure what we were expecting. Something better than this, no doubt.