New Gamer Nation Predicts the PlayStation 4 Announcements

By now, everyone’s seen it. The gaming industry gasped in unison at a 45-second trailer that seemingly came out of nowhere, and with it, the next generation is now upon us. Without question, February 20th is the day Sony will unveil its next PlayStation console, and three of New Gamer Nation’s editors have come together to predict and try to make sense of what’s going to happen. Will it be limited to the PS4? What about the Vita? Will we see games, price, specs, controller? Here’s our take.

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jakmckratos1893d ago

Hardware will be shown off
So Will controller
KZ4, Media Molecule's new game and Naughty Dog revealing Uncharted 4 with actual gameplay at the end.
Last Guardian will remain a PS3 game(sorry every one..I don't think they're biding their time here..I think it's legit in develoment hell)

FF13 Versus will finally be given a 2014 release date and shown off as a PS4 game. KH3 will be teased.