What We Want From The Next-Gen

GXC: "I feel like this generation has almost been a testing ground for the next-gen. The leap from the sixth to seventh generation of home gaming systems was a fairly large one and because of that, a lot of new technology and services were used that were not quite perfected yet. Hopefully console manufacturers have learned from this generation to make a wonderful eighth generation. What’s more, I hope there will be new features to compliment the [hopefully] improved ones from the past.

So here are the things I would like to see from our next-gen machines."

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ThatMiamiGuy1858d ago

The article lists some good ideas for features - But I still hope to be surprised with something innovative with a lot of potential from both sides.

dboi7871858d ago

We'll find out in five days how it starts, won't we? :)

SoundGamer1858d ago

Indeed. 5 more days!!!!!!!!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1858d ago

I love that they aren't holding everything till E3. LF0Jtg