BioShock: Infinite Rated Mature by ESRB for Intense Violence and “Derogatory Ethnic/Racial Terms”

BioShock: Infinite finally arrives to store shelves on March 26th, after previously being planned for February 26th, and ahead of this, the ESRB has rated the title. Receiving an (expected) ‘M’ for Mature, Infinite was described as having ‘Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Mild Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol and Tobacco.’

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ftwrthtx1983d ago

Sounds like something Chris Rock would host.

nrvalleytime1983d ago

Wait - is it still racist if he's the one saying it? :-)

On-topic: I'm actually rather glad this game has the expected M rating. All of the ideas and themes they've been discussing necessitate a mature approach.

zeal0us1983d ago

Dunno let me go check in the imaginary rule book pertaining to when something or someone is racist and isn't, that everybody seem to follow.

It's not racist when one minority use a racial slur to describe a friend. It racist however when someone who is not a part of the minority use the same word to describe a minority. Then again some people are given race passes(aka the pass that let you use racial slurs without getting your butt beat up) so sometimes depending on the time and place it could be ok and other times and places its not ok.

The rule book has a lot of "if and only if" section in bold red. I don't make the rules I just follow them.

On-Topic: Hopefully the derogatory ethnic racial terms won't cause senseless controversy. Also glad the development stuck to the rated M route rather going down rated T path.

Kalowest1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Yes, bring on the “Derogatory Ethnic/Racial Terms”
We all know black people like to complain about sh!t for no reason.

I'm black and I feel black people complain over everything little thing. We call racism on things that are in movies,games,and books when they really aren't.
Examples: Resident Evil 5 and Django Unchained

ftwrthtx1983d ago

Racism in any public forum shouldn't be acceptable, regardless of the ethnicity of the one displaying it.

As for story lines in games and movies, that's a totally different story.

sdozzo1983d ago

I'm a 28 year old white male... In the wheel house of racist stereotype... And even I find your comment ridiculous.

deep_fried_bum_cake1983d ago

What quicker way to lose yourself a bubble? Yay racism.

I hadn't actually considered that the game would have that sort of content but considering the setting it's not surprising.

Should be a great game anyway.

pangitkqb1983d ago


You deserve downvotes for that. Ya know, for stereotyping black people and complaining for no reason. I mean, does complaining on N4G about your poor race relations make it better?

Isn't that just complaining for no reason?

People are people no matter their skin color.

zebramocha1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

@Kalo now I know you aren't black,the complaint for django came from one person,spike lee not to sure abot resi. Okay,after looking on yt from the few black people comment about resi,I didn't see anyone call it racist.

maniacmayhem1983d ago

I doubt your black, but hell why not say things like that from the safety behind your keyboard.

Pozzle1983d ago

If you believe black people complain about shit for no reason...and you yourself are black...does that mean you believe that you complain about shit for no reason? o.O

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OhMyGandhi1983d ago

and Michael Richards would co-host.

dbjj120881983d ago

RACISM?! That's wayyyy worse than shooting and killing thousands and thousands of people! SEX?! THAT'S A BAN.

Conzul1983d ago

It's sarcasm you idiots -_-

OhMyGandhi1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

It's N4G. the place where everything is taken literally, or otherwise ending in "/s".

I commend dbjj12088 for not putting /s, and actually requiring us to discern the tone of his comment by..thinking.

SilentNegotiator1983d ago

And not particularly funny sarcasm.

ApolloTheBoss1983d ago

I'll be honest and not trying to troll here, I almost completely forgot about Bioshock what with all PS4 hype.

goldwyncq1983d ago

Considering what time period the game is set in, no one should be surprised by the racism.

koehler831983d ago

No. It's a central theme in fact.

I'm glad the ESRB has put the descriptor in the rating and left it at that.

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