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Submitted by Toadsanime 1086d ago | opinion piece

Why Are People So Pissed Off About Aliens: Colonial Marines?

No game has seen such a hellish and convoluted development process since Duke Nukem: Forever, but why have gamers recently lost faith in Gearbox and what’s all this controversy surrounding the game in aid of? (Aliens: Colonial Marines, Culture, Dev, Gearbox, Industry, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Root  +   1086d ago
They lied

Simple as that
Blacktric  +   1086d ago
Exactly. But before people think about this article being a pro-Aliens: Colonial Marines one;

"With rumours circulating of the Wii U version (ported by Demiurge) being indefinitely postponed and the game bearing almost zero resemblance to the countless demos, trailers and promises made by Gearbox, it seems that Gearbox has some apologizing to do before it totally spoils its name, pushes away its fan and pisses off publishers enough to not bother working with them in the future."

So the writer pretty much agrees with what we've been saying since the game's release.
Trunkz Jr  +   1086d ago
Predator wins, thats why.
BanBrother  +   1086d ago

Lol. I love anything to do with Aliens and Predator (the AvP movies were average, especially 2), and was thinking that even though I prefer Predator,an Alien game would be better.

If you had a game where you were killing lots of Predators, it would be stupid as even killing one is a major feat, so it wouldn't work. Predator is beast, and no-one can stop them.

OT; when the first reviews came out, I was disappointed, yet fairly calm, stating that 'Aliens fans will enjoy it'. Couldn't be more wrong. The piss poor standards by Gearbox have made me so angry I will not be buying this game or any other game from them.

Hopefully this sends out a strong message to publishers, and they abandon Gearbox. As at the end of the day, they'd screw you over for a bit of extra cash, and use that to fund Borderlands 3&4.

BAYONETTA fans!! To think that if SEGA cancelled this, they would have had the money to keep Bayonetta Multi-platform. Instead we get this garbage.

Well, I'm at least happy now that a new character has emerged from all of ths, the one dubbed; Rand¥ $hitford!
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Irishguy95  +   1086d ago
This is the best Alien game ever made imo

It also has predators in it(2 or 3 including the Main pred character). However the marine campaign is filled with Aliens.

Now...the new AvP out in 2010 or something. Is a victim of this generation. Where Visuals took such a big priority over gameplay.
CHARLIEBROWNE  +   1086d ago
Any folk know if this game is decent?
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Megaton  +   1086d ago
People like the license. Game sucked. Gearbox lied. Not too complicated.
guitarded77  +   1086d ago
Yeah, I don't know which license gets abused more Aliens or 007. Both have so much to offer, but it seems no one can make a decent game of either. Hell, they're practically guaranteed success... devs have to go out of their way to screw them up.
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Ashunderfire86  +   1085d ago
Really dude have you played Goldenye(1997), Goldeneye(2010-2011), Agent Under Fire, and NightFire? Those games were miles better than this turd of game that use the Alien name.
Flatbattery  +   1085d ago
I have to agree, James Bond is screaming for a third person adventure. Instead as of late it's been CoD clones.
MysticStrummer  +   1086d ago
I think the answer can be summed up in one word : Expectations

I'm a huge Aliens fan and I was interested in the game, but had no expectations so I enjoy it. Apparently people expected Gearbox to make a game with elements none of their other games have, namely great AI, great graphics, and a great story. Add that to the fact that it's a game based on a movie license, and their high expectations are even more mystifying. A:CM is a very average shooter that's best played co-op through the campaign or in the online modes. It doesn't deserve all the hate it's gotten in my opinion. My current score for it is 7 but a patch or two could bump that up to as high as 8.
Nitrowolf2  +   1086d ago
a 7? I'm even a fan of the series and I know when something is broken. The story left more questions and the twist near the end is an insult with the zero explanation from the guy you save other than basically "it's a long story, but let me give you the short fan speculated version of it"

I played this game in Co-op, want to know what kept happening?
Yeah it happened with a bunch of Aliens, but I did mnot expect it to happen with the Queen, which BTW wasn't even a boss fight. How did she even get on the ship to begin with, it's clear that she couldn't have fit anywhere under it, and any last moment jumping should have gone noticed.

The game they showed at E3, I expect thjat to get average 7 with fans giving it 8-9's, but this game is so buggy ugh. The dialogue is terrible, and O' Neil, omg don't get me started on that worthless POS. I think he's worse than Rico from Killzone.

"very average shooter"
No, it's not. I know it's all opinion, but come on those bugs, the script. It's all bad.

It's not our fault btw that we expected something along the lines of that E3 demo. I mean we didn't even get that so called "work in progress", nope just a extremely dumb version of it.
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MysticStrummer  +   1086d ago
Play Blacklight: Area 51. That's a game that deserves the scores that A:CM is getting.

Yes I have seen more bugs playing online than I did playing solo, which is why I said a couple of patches could do some good.

As for the story and script, I like both better than Alien: Resurrection. To me A:CM is on par with A3. since both have bad stories, bad scripts, bad acting, and cgi aliens that sometimes look cool and sometimes don't. A3 gets the advantage just because it has Ripley. As I said above, I think people expected too much. Rate a game for what it is, not what you think it should be. I've had worse times playing higher rated games. A 6 would would be reasonable to me too, I just think all the 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s are silly. But as you said it's all opinions.

But no, O'Neil doesn't hold a candle to Rico lol

Dammit I keep editing... As for the E3 demo, I saw it too. Did I go reserve the game the next day? No. Even as a fan of the earlier movies, I wasn't sure I wanted the game until I watched the two hour IGN live stream a week before release. Anyone basing their purchase decision on a demo from last year's E3, well, maybe that will teach them a lesson.

The final edit... I've seen some reports that the 360 got the worst version of the game. Not sure if that's true, or what you're playing on, but I'm on PS3. For whatever that's worth, which is probably not a damn thing.

Peace and good gaming.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1086d ago
No diapers?
ylwzx3  +   1086d ago
Coming from someone who owns it on the PC... It isn't no where near as bad as these so-called reviews are claming. To the others giving it negative feedback have not even touched it and are just jumping on the flame bandwagon..
Zha1tan  +   1085d ago
I am a massive Xenomorph fan and I pre ordered it on steam and stayed away from the hype train because i thoguht it would spoil the game and well the game spoiled itself.

Broken AI, corridor levels, terrible graphics for a 2013 PC title, motion tracker useless due to tunnel level design, aimbot human AI.

These things are all things that are factually wrong with the game.....then to add my opinion on top.

Terrible characters, terrible juvenille oohh rahs every 5 seconds, awful story (seriously I could pen a better story with a cave painting of my own diarrhea), the most uninvolved boss fights ive ever seen (4 buttons pressed to kill an alien queen?!).

This game is a steaming pile of crap and its pretty much fact that it is, the only reason people like you defend it is to go against popular opinion thinking you are somehow a special little snowflake or you feel the need to justify your own terrible purchase.
ylwzx3  +   1085d ago
I am not defending it. I am saying it is not as bad as others are saying. Thanks for personally attacking me for my opinion.
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EbeneezerGoode  +   1086d ago
I didn't read any pre-release bs, didn't play any demos, knew nothing of it. Am a big aliens fan. And I can tell you this, the game is NOT as bad as people are saying. They are going hard on it because of all those reasons above, fair enough, not good bs-ing and all that... but does it affect me? no because I'm playing it without bias and I tell you i've not enjoyed a console FPS this much in a while. Great pacing and good immersion. It's definitely only an average game but it's not a bad one!! And some of the things it does well (the graphics IN places - esp on a PS3? look as good as some I've seen on pc thanks to good level design and lighting).

I just wanted to soak up the aliens atmosphere and it allows that. Even better played in 3D (using your TV's fake 3d function) makes the gfx look better and for some reason the environments take really well to it. good scaling and a very solid/chunky realistic look.

I love DOOM 3 and I can say this is just as enjoyable, not it's nowhere near as 'scary' or atmospheric but it's just as fun to play and it looks better (would hope so all these years later). The only thing they have in common are some environmental elements (barrels/pipes), the lighting has some awesome moments in this aliens game and I'd actually advise people to stop reading reviews for once and try it themselves.

The amount of games that got 9/10 scores and were totally over-hyped and boring (dishonoured is the most recent one I recall - horrible game) and this SOLID atmospheric game which y ou can see in places has had a lot of work put into it (yes even if they did fall short of the promises) gets these ridiculous low scores? Just play the game and stop worrying about other's reviews until you've formed you own opinion.

I KNOW for a fact that many a jaded, cynical FPS fan such as myself will enjoy this game as I have because expectations are NOW so low. It's only those that bought into the hype that are now disappointed that it's not the second coming of FPSs!

It takes a lot to impress me these days in games, in my late 30s and so tired of cookie cutter games and clones and I say this game has something, some mojo some vibe all it's own even while being basically 'generic' under the theme. It's pulled off well enough in places... had a shoot out with a room full of weyland gunmen and the pacing was spot on! no run and gun boredom like a lot of shooters, lots of thinking about position, health meter flashing on red, every shot counts etc... was great fun!

I honestly think I'm playing a different game to everyone else but do I care? no, I actually thank gearbox for making this game, flaws and all, and allowing me to experience something I haven't in a while.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1086d ago

BTW the atmosphere when landing on LV426 and looking for hadleys hope - the graphics (again even on a PS3) are beautiful!! DO the 2D > 3D thing on your 50" plus TV and it's the closest you'll come to living the aliens film.

I give this game 7/10 and WOULD replay it through again for the ride, it has some very new/innovative effects in places (the air lock breach effects, the constantly tilting dying ship/camera - and it all feels so smooth and well controlled. The camera is smooth too.

One tip turn the aiming sensitivity WAY down.. i mean WAAAAY down, then you'll see how nice it feels to play.

I also love the gun upgrading which is actually fun in this game rather than monotonous as in dead space 3!

I MUCH prefer this to dead space 3 - there I said it.

Maybe we need a 'cult of Aliens CM' club or something setting up for the 100 or so people who actually like this game.

TRY IT do not be put off by negative reviews - rent it if you must. It's not perfect, far from it, but i've seen much much worse games scoring far higher.
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EbeneezerGoode  +   1086d ago

I also played this on PC, am a massive PC junky and a bit of a graphic's whore If I'm honest. It didn't feel as good for some reason with the mouse. Maybe hooking the PC up to the TV and doing the same 2D>3d and using an xbox controller would give you the same feel I had playing.

And again, normally i hate control pads for FPS - big mouse/keyboard nut here, but this camera is so smooth that I prefer it to the mouse/kbd feel on the PC version (maybe they did a bad port of the controls I dont know) but it feels solid playing on TV and the graphical differences are almost negligable.

I will be buying a Geforce titan and OCULUS rift this year (dev kit) so you can see I'm not a console fanboy and if I'm pleased with the gfx on this game in places then it MUST be doing something right.

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Roccetarius  +   1085d ago
It's pretty laughable that people are defending the game, really.

Take a look at this:
ufo8mycat  +   1085d ago
The only difference I see there in that video are the graphics. So they are worse, so what?

If the graphics were like in the left, guess what, you still have the same gameplay. Nothing changes.

Dont know why there is so much hate for this game.

When I entered Hadleys Hope for the first time and revisiting the areas from Aliens, I got so immersed. The atmosphere was spot on! Super dark with the tracker going off etc.

Fighting Weyland soldiers is a bit of a letdown and yes the AI isn't perfect - but this game is no way near as bad as people think. Perhaps your expectations were set to high, only you are to blame for that.

Overall I would give this game a 6.5/10, perhaps 7/10. Definitely not a 1/10 like everyone makes it out to be.

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