PlayStation 4 will overshadow 'The Last of Us'

In what seems to be the year of the delay, it looks like the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive "The Last of Us" has been delayed, and this may have an interesting effect because of the imminence of the PlayStation 4 being intensely focused on.

The interesting aspect with this delay is that "The Last of Us" is now scheduled to debut around the same time as that little console called the PlayStation 4 is scheduled to receive major details at E3 2013.

Seriously? June 14th is the new release date for this game? What is Naughty Dog thinking in this scenario?

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Septic1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Well not really because whilst the announcement for it will definitely overshadow it, the PS4 won't be launching at the same time. It might cause a small dent in sales but overshadow is too strong a term in my opinion.

The Last of Us looks like a AAA title and I don't see any reason for it not to do well.

Well here's hoping anyway.

deep_fried_bum_cake1896d ago

Any dent in sales will be absolutely minuscule. They game has build up a huge fan base from the footage released so far.

This article is stupid as it seems to show a belief that people will see information about next gen consoles and suddenly forsake the games they want for current gen systems.

As you say, it will overshadow the release, but I see it having almost no effect on the sales.

1896d ago
deep_fried_bum_cake1896d ago


An your basis for that rather stupid assumption is...what?

Depending on how Sony supports this game upon release, it could possibly have a bigger fan base than Uncharted.

1896d ago
deep_fried_bum_cake1896d ago


A fanboy of what exactly? The Last of Us is made by the same developer as Uncharted, a series which I loved.

By your comment about The Last of Us having no fan base, I have to assume that you think that no game ever has a fan base.

There have been millions of people impressed by what they have seen from the game so far, the majority of which will buy it. It also has most of the people who love Uncharted and Naughty Dog's other games interested.

The fact that the PS4 is getting announced will have almost no baring on the sales as people will not actually have a PS4 on hand and if there is backwards compatibly then there would be no reason to not buy it.

I don't know how your reply got an agree. I'm sure someone either missed the disagree button or you found a way to agree with yourself. I say this because I find it hard to believe that there is someone else as moronic as you.

1896d ago
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LOGICWINS1896d ago

It will have an effect on initial sales, but it should do fine long term.

yesmynameissumo1896d ago

I disagree. If anything, it puts a larger spotlight on the PlayStation brand during E3. Just saying "The Last of Us" and "PS4" makes me happy enough to not care.

smashcrashbash1896d ago

That is stupid .The console isn't even out as yet and people won't want to buy it the first day.How will it put a dent in sales especially if Sony decides to lower the price of the PS3 in the wake of the PS4? If they sell more PS3s that means more game sales

LOGICWINS1896d ago

Because people are going to want to save every dime they have for whatever is announced on the 20th. $60 isn't easy to come by for many people. Many who want a PS4 will start SAVING now.

LOGICWINS1896d ago

Btw, you urself said not to long ago that you had to choose between Bioshock, Rising, and Ascension(implying you didnt have the funds to aimply buy all of them). This supports my argument. Many will start saving right after Sony's conference ends.

Walker1896d ago

The Last of Us is GOTY, Nothing can stop it .

WeAreLegion1896d ago

I would agree...but I think Beyond has a shot, too, as far as my GOTY is concerned.

j-blaze1896d ago

agreed, if VersusXIII didn't release this year, then yes, Beyond is the only ps3 exclusive left that deserve GOTY imo, the game look stunning and it's made by Quantic Dream they never disappoint

DigitalRaptor1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Why j-blaze? What do we know about Beyond that makes it GOTY worthy? There's tons of detail out there that can back up why The Last of Us has a good chance at stealing GOTY left, right and centre. Why not Ni no Kuni? We know you haven't played it, but it's a ridiculously good JRPG that has been garnering praise from everywhere. Beyond will probably be great, but what do we know to prove that it's GOTY material?

So then, you say it "look stunning". Why the focus on graphics when you say creativity and story is most important? You say that gameplay in TLoU is "tediously slow" yet the gameplay in Heavy Rain matches that description, yet you loved it. Beyond looks more open, but it's the same style. So why is the gameplay in TLoU any different? Because it's Naughty Dog, you hate them and will NEVER see what is great as long as they are around to develop games. Kojima sees it and he is one of gaming's greatest visionaries. Double standards and blind hatred are two very easy things to spot in a troll.

And you think that you don't deserve to be marked down as "trolling", haha!

Sandmano1896d ago

I was thinkg it might but Im getting it regardless of the ps4 is revealed on the 20th, people will still play games between now and the ps4's release you know?

smashcrashbash1896d ago

Exactly. What are you going to stop playing the PS3 between now and until the PS4 comes out? Even then I am certain with gamers being so cautious that half the people are not going to buy it on the first day.I am not going to give up on Last of Us and GOW Ascension just because I want a PS4. Besides people want the PS4 so badly then just do what I did. Buy games until the new system comes out then sell the system and it will look even more attractive to buyers. Don't you think a PS3 with some of the latest games would be more attractive to a buyer. And the PS4 is going anywhere.I am certain people can count their pennies until they can afford it.Added to that unless Sony comes up with a can't miss killer first line up for their system, I think the PS3 and it's line up will still look attractive at least until at least next December.After all the PS2's sales didn't exactly drop down to nothing the moment the PS3 was announced.

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